Pinterest reportedly eyes $12B valuation in IPO

Pinterest has filed confidentially with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering that would provide a valuation of $12 billion or more, sources say. The company reportedly is aiming for a listing in late June.

Colleges look to support students' basic needs

Some colleges are taking steps to address students' needs outside of the classroom, panelists said at a conference for community-college leaders hosted by the nonprofit Achieving the Dream. Amarillo College in Texas polled its students to determine their needs and found that housing, transportation, utilities, child care and legal services were among the challenges they faced.

SEC might let "test-the-waters" procedure cover more issuers

The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed allowing a wider range of companies to use the "test-the-waters" process, which lets prospective stock issuers discuss offerings with likely investors before bringing a deal to market. The process bars companies with more than $1 billion in yearly revenue.

Froot Loops doughnuts return at Carl's Jr., Hardee's
USA Today

Kellogg's Froot Loops Mini Donuts will be back on the menu at Hardee's and Carl's Jr. next week for a limited time. The sweet treats, which come in five flavors corresponding to their colors, sold out in weeks after debuting last August.

Young women may be at growing risk of heart attack

A study published in the journal Circulation showed rising incidence of heart attack and related hospital admissions among young women ages 35 to 54. The study examined data from communities in four US states, finding an increase in the portion of overall heart attack-related admissions involving young adults from 1995 to 2014.

How to blend social, brand experience perfectly

Experiential activations and social media are the perfect advertising partners, and brands should use social to create buzz about events by using teasers, employing influencers, running competitions and sharing content before, during and after the experience, writes Scott Cullather. Incorporate new, immersive technologies as authentically as possible to encourage attendees to share their own content, he recommends.

Dell's public again as it expands beyond hardware

Dell Technologies returned to the public markets in December after a yearslong effort to move from hardware to hybrid cloud and edge computing. Dell is betting that it can manage companies' dual need for in-house and cloud data storage, writes Loren Steffy.

Burnout can weaken security, amplify staff shortages

The mental health pressures of being solely responsible for protecting a firm's network from a cyberattack can be brutally taxing, leading to burnout as well as less attentiveness on the job. Employers can ease the burden by ramping up training, spreading responsibilities so they don't fall on one person and calling in reinforcements as needed to keep employees refreshed and better able to spot suspicious activity.

States move to require co-prescribing naloxone with opioids

More states are requiring physicians to prescribe or at least offer prescriptions for naloxone when prescribing opioids for patients at a high risk of overdosing. The FDA is considering if it should recommend naloxone co-prescribing nationally.

House GOP introduces 3 bills for net neutrality

House Energy and Commerce Committee GOP members have introduced the Open Internet Act of 2019, which involves three bills that would prevent throttling, blocking and paid prioritization, and they are asking their Democratic colleagues to consider it a starting point for working toward a bipartisan net neutrality resolution. The bill has not received a favorable response from Democrats or net neutrality activists, because it lacks a general conduct standard and fails to apply Title II to internet access.

Ohio governor to pitch gas tax increase

Ohio's state gas tax has stayed at 28 cents per gallon since 2005, but that could change if lawmakers accept Gov. Mike DeWine's proposal for an 18-cent-per-gallon increase. The administration believes inflation has eroded the current gas tax and transportation revenue is flat, but the proposal could be met with reluctance from Republicans opposed to raising taxes.

Drilling plan in Fla. Everglades raises water contamination concerns

The Florida 1st District Court of Appeal's decision earlier this month ordering the state to allow Kanter Real Estate to drill in the Everglades has unsettled some experts and government officials, who fear the project threatens the water supply as well as the area's fragile ecosystem. Since 1988, not a single oil well field has been developed in Florida, which produces a tiny fraction of what states such as Texas and North Dakota bring to the surface annually.

NASA officially says goodbye to Mars rover

Opportunity, one of NASA's Mars rovers, has been silent since June, and after sending one last call to the robot Tuesday with no response, NASA says Opportunity is dead. The rover had been working on Mars since 2004, even though its original mission was intended to last three months.

United to add 1,600 premium seats

United Airlines plans to add more than 1,600 United Polaris and United First seats on 250 of its aircraft. The carrier will debut the first of 21 reconfigured Boeing 767-300ER aircraft in the next few weeks.