Restaurant workers to receive expedited paychecks

Many restaurants are struggling to keep workers during the tight labor market and some eateries are testing expedited pay to help support retention. Eight Church's Chicken sites next month will begin paying workers 50% of their day's wages -- the day after a shift -- and may increase that amount, depending on employee response.

Commentary: Blend reading, math to boost both

Teachers can help students build math and reading skills by pointing out similarities in vocabulary in both subjects and encouraging students to persevere when challenged by assignments, writes Texas educator Valentina Gonzalez. Students stronger in one area over the other also can learn to transfer those skills to improve their weaknesses, she writes.

OPEC reportedly considers boosting oil production

OPEC and a group of allies led by Russia will discuss at least two approaches to increasing oil production, sources say. However, OPEC's internal simulations indicate that if production limits are relaxed too quickly, the policy shift could lead to a glut.

Lidl expansion plans include 25 new East Coast stores

Lidl has announced plans for 25 new East Coast locations in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The grocer anticipates having a presence in nine states with more than 100 US stores by the end of 2020.

Expert stresses importance of knowing medical data's limitations

EHR data has drawbacks, and it is important to understand the weaknesses of medical data because "it was not intended for research purposes -- and as much potential as there is there, we have to be careful in how we use it," Google research scientist Kathryn Rough said during a presentation at the DATAx San Francisco conference. Drawbacks such as errors in data processing, issues with upcoding and rule-out diagnoses, transparency of data being reported and mistakes in data entry could affect the usefulness of a medical dataset, Rough noted.

Google required to issue more refunds

Advertisers will soon be receiving refunds from Google for ads purchased on its marketplace that appeared on sites with fraudulent traffic, according to Wall Street Journal reports. Google had repaid advertisers in 2017 as a result of a lawsuit but an additional lawsuit by AdTrader in a California federal court asserted that Google improperly withheld up to $75 million in refunds.

Walmart focuses on tech to catch up with Amazon

Walmart is spending on in-house research and acquiring retail brands and technology startups, all in pursuit of Amazon's e-commerce and advertising businesses. Walmart is not only selling its own products but increasingly partnering with other brands that can sell in stores and on Walmart's website, says founder Marc Lore, who leads Walmart's domestic e-commerce business.

App makes recognizing pandas black and white

Chinese researchers have developed an app to identify wild giant pandas using facial recognition, building the database from at least 10,000 videos and 120,000 photos. The wild population of pandas is under 2,000, and they are difficult to track because they live in secluded areas.

FDA opening call center for access to unapproved cancer drugs

The FDA is opening a call center to handle requests for access to unapproved cancer drugs under the agency's new Project Facilitate pilot program. FDA staff will field requests and connect patients and health care providers with contacts at drug or biotechnology companies, complete request forms, identify institutional review boards, and follow up with health care providers to ensure summary reports are submitted.

Charter's revenue rises 5.1% in Q1

Charter Communications netted 428,000 broadband customers in the first quarter along with 176,000 new wireless lines while growing revenue by 5.1% compared to the period a year ago. The company reported gains in small and medium-size business video subscribers although overall it shed 145,000 video customers.

The Notre Dame conundrum: Restore or replace?

Those working to repair Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral have a tough decision to make: restore the medieval elements of the structure or replace them with modern materials and design. Barry Bergdoll, professor of art history at Columbia University, examines both sides of the question.

Musk: Solar tile production will ramp up slowly

Elon Musk on Wednesday said that Tesla's Solar Roof tiles will be manufactured at a slower rate to ensure they last as long as expected. Musk's comment came as his company reported a reduction in solar installations.

UPS delivers life-saving "gift" packages

In 2018, UPS delivered 5.2 billion packages and documents, and some of those deliveries included human organs and tissues. UPS made its first successful live organ delivery in 2016 -- a "gift" package with a kidney for a woman in South Carolina. "When I see them [UPS] in the store and all I just look at them and smile. You know, in the truck and it's UPS -- they delivered my kidney," said Sharon Cauthen.

Advice for dealing with jet lag

Fighting jet lag starts by minimizing the possibility by being rested before a trip, limiting alcohol and caffeine and drinking plenty of water. Movement, minimizing blue light from screens and getting out in the sun also can help.