Domino's partners with self-driving startup Nuro

The self-driving car startup Nuro said it has formed a partnership with Domino's Pizza to deliver pizzas in several Texas markets.

Tracing the birthplace of written Spanish

La Rioja, Spain, is believed to be where the written Spanish language originated, according to this article. The history of the language is explored by experts including, professor Jairo Javier García Sánchez, of the University of Alcalá, who traces the language to common, colloquial Latin.

EU: US, China drive protectionism to new heights

Protectionism worldwide hit a record high in 2018 as the US and China increased trade restrictions, according to a European Commission report. Twenty-three countries outside the EU added 45 barriers.

Local produce stars in new ShopRite campaign

ShopRite is hoping to boost produce sales while educating shoppers about health and wellness through a new marketing campaign that highlights its locally grown offerings. As part of the campaign, more than 100 in-store dietitians will lead community-based workshops, demonstrations and social media video efforts.

Health system eliminates unnecessary alerts to reduce physician burnout

Banner Health is taking steps to avoid physician burnout by improving its EHR system to remove unnecessary alerts that were disrupting workflow. Alerts are helpful, "but if health systems don't have programs in place that constantly assess and reassess whether those alerts are functioning the way they're supposed to, providers can start to experience alert fatigue," said Marjorie Bessel, M.D., chief clinical officer at Banner.

Google, Facebook reap rewards from GDPR

Media buyers and advertising tech firms are focusing their digital ad spend on trusted platforms such as Facebook and Google to ensure compliance with the yet-to-be-finalized General Data Protection Regulation and avoid potential fines, according to a Wall Street Journal report. "GDPR has tended to hand power to the big platforms because they have the ability to collect and process the data," says WPP CEO Mark Read, adding it has "entrenched the interests of the incumbent, and made it harder for smaller ad-tech companies, who ironically tend to be European."

Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress and fashion designer, has died at 95

Gloria Vanderbilt, the heiress whose very public childhood traumas inspired her to build a productive and fulfilling adult life, has died at 95. Vanderbilt, the mother of CNN's Anderson Cooper, was an artist who launched a fashion brand with designer jeans in the 1970s and expanded it into a diverse company, which was acquired by Jones Apparel Group in 2002 for $138 million.

Qualcomm, Intel seeking lift of Huawei sales ban

Qualcomm, Intel and other US chip manufacturers are reportedly lobbying the US government to lift restrictions that ban sales to the world's largest telecommunications equipment company, Huawei. The US prohibited sales to Huawei because of what it said were national security issues.

Pfizer acquisition suggests more deals on the horizon

Pfizer announced Monday that it plans to purchase oncology drug manufacturer Array BioPharma for $11.4 billion, and the news sent shares of other companies in the cancer therapeutics space higher. The move indicates more deals will be forthcoming, according to Jefferies strategist Jared Holz.

AT&T's direct-to-consumer play hinges on volume

AT&T will compete for streaming video customers by dipping into its huge library of content to provide more programming choices to consumers, said John Stankey, the CEO of AT&T's WarnerMedia arm who is charged with consolidating the telecom's various media pieces. Toward that end, AT&T put WarnerMedia Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt in charge of Otter Media, the company's collection of digital services.

North American roofing market to approach $48B in 6 years, report says

By 2025, the roofing market in the US and Canada will be worth $47.5 billion, up from $29.9 billion in 2017, an Allied Market Research report finds. Roofing membrane will likely continue to be the largest segment of the market, although metal roofing will gain ground.

Musk: Solar tile production will ramp up slowly

Elon Musk on Wednesday said that Tesla's Solar Roof tiles will be manufactured at a slower rate to ensure they last as long as expected. Musk's comment came as his company reported a reduction in solar installations.

Boeing 737 Max problems result in more flight cancellations

Southwest Airlines is cancelling flights involving its 34 Boeing 737 Max planes for the rest of the summer travel season. The airline said it is eliminating the flights in advance to avoid last minute cancellations and passenger inconvenience.

Missed connections less likely with United's new, automated tool

United Airlines is launching its ConnectionSaver tool that will use algorithms to determine from passenger flight information and other relevant data which connections are likely to be missed and then automatically hold the connecting flight if enough cushion exists in that flight's schedule. ConnectionSaver will text customers their next gate number, directions and time to reach the gate.