Intel age discrimination suit remains unresolved

Intel fired 17,000 workers from 2015 to 2017, and an investigation by The Oregonian found Intel workers over 40 were more than twice as likely to be fired as their younger counterparts and those older than 60 were eight times more likely to be terminated than workers younger than 30. Complaints filed to federal regulators in 2015 sparked a US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigation, but to date, there has been no resolution in the matter.

High-schoolers in France learn Arabic, Hebrew

Students at a high school in France are studying Arabic and Hebrew as part of Parler en Paix, an initiative that uses language and culture to strengthen ties among the Jewish and Muslim communities. The effort to teach students the language of the other community seeks to build connections and change perceptions about relations between the two groups

Goldman Sachs tries to reinvent itself

Goldman Sachs' revenue and profit centers have eroded, in part because of regulation and electronic trading, and the task of restructuring and rejuvenating the company falls to CEO David Solomon. He's implementing the company's first multiyear strategic plan and emphasizing financial and bureaucratic efficiency, while Goldman has also relaxed its office culture, starting with the dress code.

Kroger, Walgreens join forces on purchasing alliance

Walgreens Boots Alliance and Kroger are hoping to cut costs in their supply chains with the launch of the Retail Procurement Alliance. The companies aim to open the group purchasing effort to other retailers, and Kroger and Walgreens will also explore opportunities for manufacturing goods for each other.

Patients tell researchers what they want in an EHR interface

Scientists at Imperial College London assembled a group of 48 patients and members of the public to design a patient-centered EHR interface. The prototype, described in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, includes an interactive medical history timeline, infographics, and colors and shapes that represent disease severity and status, and researchers plan to compare the patient-designed interface with those currently being used.

How 5G will affect marketing in 2020

Fifth-generation wireless technology is moving past the launch phase and its inherent speed will open new doors for marketers in 2020, writes Indrajeet Deshpande. He predicts 5G technology will enable brands to tap the potential of high-resolution videos, tailor more content for smartphones, run more "personalized, contextual, and location-based ads" and test immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality.

GameStop feels the effects of online gaming

Online gaming is taking a toll on GameStop, which reported a larger-than-expected third-quarter decline. The drop is primarily due to "the unprecedented decline in new hardware sales" as many of the current gaming systems become obsolete, CEO George Sherman said.

A 5G explainer: Where it is and who can get it

5G has arrived, but before upgrading, consumers should be aware of the tiers of frequencies being deployed by the four major carriers, writes Rob Pegoraro. He details what each carrier offers, and he explains the differences between millimeter-wave frequencies, which deliver fast speeds but with a limited radius; midband 5G, which offers more radius at a slower speed; and 5G, which operates on the same frequencies as 4G.

$465M award in Okla. opioid case is appealed by J&J

Johnson & Johnson is appealing a $465 million award imposed after an Oklahoma judge held that the company's marketing of opioids violated the state's public nuisance laws. The state also expects to appeal the award, which it says would fund only one year of its opioid-remediation efforts.

Altice will put margins, profits ahead of volume for mobile

Altice USA will avoid spending large amounts of operating capital to drive massive sign-ups for its new mobile service and concentrate instead on improving margins and profits, CEO Dexter Goei says. The service, which Altice launched in September at $20 a month for Optimum and Suddenlink subscribers, is still ramping up many of its features, Goei adds.

List: The world's top 50 "construction mega cities"

Dubai, London and New York City top GlobalData's list of 50 "construction mega cities" with the highest investment value in their project pipelines. Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, San Francisco and Boston also are on the list.

Students protest for climate action

High school students have inspired throngs of activists and ordinary citizens worldwide to join the Global Climate Strike today to demand action on climate change from their national leaders. Over a million students were excused from school in New York City to participate in strike protests, while similar demonstrations are occurring in major cities all over the world.

FedEx, UPS top cargo carriers for on-time deliveries

FedEx and UPS ranked the highest among parcel carriers for on-time deliveries during the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, which marked the beginning of the industry's busiest season of the year, delivering 98.6% and 98.5% of its packages on schedule, respectively.

Marriott's future: Biophilic design, ultra-personalized experiences

Marriott is looking forward to the near future when artificial intelligence will allow changing, personalized experiences with ease for each and every guest, says company's Tina Edmundson, who notes that the keen interest of Bonvoy loyalty customers in sharing their preferences is helping. She also foresees a greater emphasis on "biophilic design" -- exemplified in West Hollywood's latest Edition hotel, whose facade is bathed in plants.