Zoom, Pinterest start fast on first day of IPO

Teleconferencing software startup Zoom zoomed out of the Nasdaq starting gate today on the first day of its initial public offering with an 80% gain from its initial share price. Meanwhile, on the New York Stock Exchange, social media company Pinterest saw its IPO shares rise 25%.

How high-school psychology classes can boost SEL

High-school psychology classes can help students understand their own motivations, especially if they are dealing with mental health challenges, writes teacher Heather Tracy. Studying individual and social psychology can help students improve their social and emotional skills and make them more empathetic, she writes.

Pinterest, Zoom pricing shows high demand for IPOs

Shares of Pinterest and Zoom priced above suggested ranges ahead of initial public offerings this week in response to strong demand. The enthusiastic reception suggests this could be a big year for the IPO market.

Kroger debuts autonomous-vehicle delivery in Houston

Kroger has rolled out a self-driving grocery delivery service at one of its stores in Houston. The company will expand the service later this year with eventual plans to launch it citywide.

ONC ranks EHRs according to hospitals' data use for clinical practice

The ONC said in a report that hospitals that use Cerner, Epic and Meditech EHR systems used their EHR data the most to inform clinical practice. The ONC used data from the American Hospital Association's IT surveys in its analysis.

Study: Consumers turn to social to search and buy

Interest in using platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to search and purchase products is up 38% from a year ago, according to a Bazaarvoice study. Retailers are catching onto consumer preferences and are looking for ways to blend social media and e-commerce, writes Hilary George-Parkin.

Product customization is becoming standard

Shampoo, sports drinks and skin care are among the products where manufacturers are looking to customize offerings down to the individual user. Gatorade plans to roll out a system where a patch gathers information on people's "hydration needs" and creates a custom formula that can be ordered online.

Ransomware forces Weather Channel off the air

Viewers of The Weather Channel were unable to learn early Thursday whether to expect rain or shine when a ransomware attack temporarily took the channel off the air. The station restored service through backup programs, and the FBI is investigating the event.

Azar announces $350M study to fight opioid crisis

HHS Secretary Alex Azar said a new study in Kentucky, Ohio, Massachusetts and New York communities seeks to identify the best ways to address the opioid crisis at the local level and to reduce opioid overdose deaths by 40% over three years in those communities. The study will be funded with $350 million in research grants.

Jury awards Qualcomm $31.6M in Apple spat

A jury in a US federal court in San Diego ruled that Apple violated three Qualcomm patents in the iPhone 7, 8 and X and awarded Qualcomm $31.6 million in damages. The fight isn't over though since the companies are due back in a San Diego court April 15 in what is expected to be a much more intense face-off over patent licenses and royalties.

Pelosi wants infrastructure bill in ballpark of $2T

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., hope to obtain support from President Donald Trump for an infrastructure bill in the coming weeks. Pelosi would like the bill to provide up at least $1 trillion, but ideally closer to $2 trillion, while Schumer is calling for "real money, ... real labor and environmental protections" to be on the table.

Chevron to acquire Anadarko

Chevron will purchase Anadarko Petroleum for $33 billion in cash and stock, or a price of $65 per share. The deal "really plays to our strengths in shale, deepwater and natural gas," Chevron CEO Michael Wirth says.

TSA reminds travelers Real ID takes effect next year

The Transportation Security Administration is increasing signage at US airports to remind travelers the Real ID Act goes into effect on Oct. 1, 2020. "TSA is doing everything we can to prepare our partners and the traveling public for the Real ID deadline next year," TSA chief David Pekoske said.

Forbes recognizes Southwest Airlines as a top US employer

Forbes has released its 2019 list of the top large US employers, and Southwest Airlines is second only to grocery chain Trader Joe's. Forbes used data from employee surveys to compile the list.