CEO Neumann pulls $700M out of WeWork with IPO on horizon

Through a combination of stock sales and loans secured by his equity in the company, WeWork CEO Adam Neumann has pulled more than $700 million out the company. The startup expects to launch an initial public offering late this year or toward the beginning of 2020, sources said.

Opinion: ASCD leads efforts to educate whole child

Since ASCD first introduced its initiative on whole-child learning 12 years ago, the concept has grown and now is central to most conversations about education, write David Griffith and Sean Slade of ASCD. In this commentary, they discuss the future of educating students to be "knowledgeable, emotionally and physically healthy, civically inspired, engaged in the arts" and prepared for the world beyond the classroom.

Mnuchin: Consensus reached on key parts of budget deal

Negotiators have agreed on core aspects of a deal to raise the US debt limit and to establish a $1.3 trillion level for agency budgets, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says. The debt-limit increase would cover two years, he says.

Albertsons sees success with subscription delivery trial

Albertsons began testing a delivery subscription service in March across several of its markets. About 12 stores now offer the service, and the company plans to bring it to more locations after positive results in both Phoenix and Southern California.

The opioid crisis, mapped

Newly published Drug Enforcement Administration data tracks 380 million transactions from 2006 through 2012 and three-quarters of total shipments of oxycodone and hydrocodone pills to US pharmacies, shedding light on the scope and distribution of opioid use amid a rising epidemic of abuse. For example, the data show that six companies accounted for distribution of 75% of the pills, three companies manufactured 88% of them and some counties were more heavily affected than others.

Report: Paid search, social top digital ad spend

Digital advertisers are spending the majority of their budgets on paid search, paid social, display, YouTube and mobile/in-app ads, respectively, and are prioritizing brand awareness and enhancing customer experience, according to Marin Software's May/June survey of digital marketing decision-makers. Google, YouTube and Amazon topped the list of trusted publishers, and while 60% plan to increase Amazon budgets, many cite its campaign management and reporting tools as a hindrance.

DHL to provide near-exact delivery time details to consumers

Deutsche Post DHL Group CEO Frank Appel recently told a German newspaper that the company will start informing consumers of precise delivery times via email ahead of delivery and follow up initial communications with a second notice 15 minutes prior to package arrival, based on data gleaned from delivery van GPS tracking. DHL has been testing the service and plans to roll it out by 2020.

Election hacking would be federal crime under Senate-passed bill

The Senate has unanimously passed legislation that would make it a federal crime to hack an election system. The bipartisan bill came in response to a Justice Department report that under current law, it would be difficult to prosecute someone for hacking voting machines.

Updated model list of essential medicines released by WHO

The World Health Organization has released an updated model list of essential medicines, which now includes 12 new treatments for diseases such as leukemia, melanoma, multiple myeloma, and prostate and lung cancers. The revised list, which is recommended internationally for public health systems, now contains 460 products due to the addition of 23 medicines for children and 28 for adults, and also includes new uses for 26 products already included in the list.

Superyacht rentals take excursions up a notch

Luxury hotel concierges will have no trouble putting their negotiating skills to the test when booking water excursions for guests, thanks to travel company Yotha, which offers Airbnb-style options in "the rarefied world of floating palaces," Peter Allen writes. A weeklong excursion on the French Riviera can cost about $187,000.

Infrastructure policy debate wanes on Capitol Hill

Marcia Hale, president of Building America's Future, predicts Congress will not reauthorize the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act before a fall 2020 deadline. But while a comprehensive infrastructure bill might not gain traction directly on Capitol Hill during the upcoming general election cycle, Hale says it could be a sticking point for candidates.

EPA: Air pollution decreases six categories

Six criteria used to measure pollutants in the air decreased from 2016 to 2018, per a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, and the agency attributes these changes to President Donald Trump's administration. Measurements of the six key pollutants, excluding greenhouse gases, decreased by 74% since 1970.

Column: Travelers sometimes need to re-check bags mid-trip

Columnist Josh Ocampo writes to warn airline passengers that they might need to re-check their bags on long or international trips. Passengers who fail to pick up a bag and re-check it to their next destination risk having luggage arrive late, or not at all.

British Airways abruptly stops Cairo flights while passengers at gate

On Saturday passengers at their departure gate in London learned suddenly that British Airways and Lufthansa were unexpectedly canceling flights to Cairo due to an increased risk of air-related terrorist attacks over Egypt. British Airways likely will remain out of Egypt for a week or more as it monitors and assesses the security situation.