US Forest Service accused of retaliation

Whistleblower Shannon Reed has told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee she thinks she was fired because she reported sexual harassment and assault allegations against former US Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke, who resigned in March. Chief Vicki Christiansen has testified she is working to change a culture of gender discrimination.

Hacking program gives students a cyber edge

With cybersecurity experts at a premium, one Idaho high school is sending students to a nearby university where they are hacking into the computer system to develop ways to protect data by uncovering vulnerabilities. Twelve students from several neighboring schools participated in the immersive program.

Brexit deal at risk as UK ministers resign

UK Prime Minister Teresa May is trying to save a draft Brexit agreement with the EU as officials quit her government. Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and other ministers have resigned over the proposal.

Dallas Sam's Club embraces tech lab role

The Sam's Club Now location in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, one-fourth the size of the usual club retail site, has embraced virtual reality and other technology to make the shopping experience more seamless. In fact, scan-and-go shopping that skips checkout is the only way to buy in the test store.

Report shows continued increase in diabetes, obesity rates in US

The percentage of US adults with diabetes rose from 10.8% in 2008 to 2009 to 11.5% in 2016 to 2017, while obesity rates increased from 26.0% to 28.3%, according to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index. West Virginia had the highest diabetes rate at 17.9%, compared with less than 9% in Alaska, Colorado and Montana.

Burger King debuts web portal for Black Friday

Burger King's new Whopper Shopper site is a Black Friday promotion that features the banners of other brands to fund the cost of consumer's Whopper sandwiches. Through the pay-per-click campaign, every time a consumer clicks on an ad and purchases something, the brand pays Burger King and that money is used to fund sandwich vouchers.

David's Bridal unveils restructuring plan

David's Bridal has negotiated a restructuring deal with lenders that will cut upward of $400 million in debt through a bankruptcy filing, the retailer said Thursday. Lenders will provide about $40 million in financing, and more than 300 David's Bridal stores will operate as usual during the restructuring, the company said.

Xbox One family gets keyboard, mouse support

Xbox is making strides in adding keyword and mouse support to its family of products through its Xbox Insider Program. Keyboard and mouse support could enable ports of PC games and make the Xbox One more appealing to PC gamers.

Multistate salmonella outbreak expands to 246 cases in 25 states

The CDC reports that a salmonella outbreak linked to beef products recalled by JBS Tolleson has expanded to 25 states, with 246 cases reported. States newly associated with the recall include Connecticut, Missouri and Massachusetts.

White House orders reports on national 5G strategy

The White House has issued a memorandum calling for reports and recommendations related to wireless technology, setting in motion a process intended to produce a national 5G connectivity strategy. At the same time, it made a blog post headlined "America Will Win the Global Race to 5G."

NTSB finds design errors in collapsed FIU bridge

The National Transportation Safety Board has discovered design errors that likely explain cracks discovered in a pedestrian bridge before it opened at Florida International University, and while those errors may have led to the March collapse, no conclusion has been reached. Concrete and steel specimens that were tested met minimum requirements.

Energy policy seen potentially shifting as Democrats seize House control

Trump administration efforts to roll back regulations related to oil and natural gas drilling likely will face increased scrutiny after Democrats take control of the House. "We don't see them rolling President Trump, but the pace of deregulation at EPA will probably slow down because officials will be much busier dealing with subpoenas," said Robert McNally, president of consulting firm Rapidan Energy Group.

Basic economy might be bad for fliers, but it's smart strategy

The airline industry is an example of how offering clear pricing tiers, starting with a cheap option that offers little or no perks, sets customer expectations and helps them decide whether to spend more, write Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O'Connell. "By creating a class of service many passengers shun, basic economy appears to have made ordinary service seem less bad," they write.

American to add service between Dallas, Texas, and Monterey, Calif.

American Airlines will on April 2 launch regular seasonal service between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and California's Monterey Regional Airport, which is near the Pebble Beach Golf Links. The airline will also offer the route from Feb. 4 to Feb. 10 to accommodate travelers interested in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.