Uber sees future for food-delivery drones

Uber Technologies is looking to unleash a fleet of food-delivery drones that could operate commercially as soon as 2021, according to a job posting by the company. Uber is seeking an executive who will "enable safe, legal, efficient and scalable flight operations."

District uses STEM to teach 21st-century skills

A Pennsylvania school district has begun a weekly elementary-school science, technology, engineering and math class to boost 21st-century skills, such as collaboration, flexibility and technology literacy. Fifth-graders recently used their problem-solving skills to design a lighting system to help a fictional character explore a tomb in Egypt.

Fiat Chrysler to sell Magneti Marelli in $7.1B deal

Japan's Calsonic Kansei has agreed to buy Fiat Chrysler's Magneti Marelli auto-parts business for $7.1 billion. The deal likely will close in the first half of 2019.

Jews helped bring fish and chips to UK

The now-classic British dish of fish and chips got its start from Jews fleeing Portugal after 1496, who brought along their tradition of frying lightly floured white fish on Fridays to prepare for the Sabbath. While it's unclear who popularized the pairing with fried potatoes, one theory points to a Jewish immigrant named Joseph Malins who opened a London fish and chips shop in the 1860s.

Report examines how much successful cyberattacks cost health care orgs

An average health care organization spends about $6.5 million on endpoint attacks annually, meaning the health care industry spends $1.6 billion on such attacks each year, driven by the loss of IT, theft of information assets and loss of end-user productivity, according to a report conducted by Ponemon Institute for security company Barkly. Based on a survey of 660 IT and security professionals, researchers found that 56% of health care organizations suffered an endpoint attack in the previous year, compared with 64% of organizations across industries.

Huge, Capri Sun say #SitTogether to stop bullying

Capri Sun and nonprofit No Bully have united on a campaign from Huge that centers on a "Together Table," which highlights the exclusion and bullying that can occur during school lunchtimes when students don't have a safe, welcoming table to join. A spot is running across YouTube and social and consumers are encouraged to use the hashtag #SitTogether to show their commitment to putting a stop to bullying.

David's Bridal defers loan payment, but vows business as usual

David's Bridal deferred an interest payment on a $270 million loan, raising concerns among analysts that the retailer that provides dresses for more than 30% of US brides could file bankruptcy. The privately held retailer reassured customers that it has the cash to continue operating and stressed that it's business as usual for brides-to-be.

Experts tell governments to have Plan B in place in case of hacks

Government agencies should be prepared to manage activities using old-school techniques such as pen and paper and typewriters so a cyberattack doesn't totally shut down operations, experts say. Agencies that had practiced for a cyberattack were able to continue providing public services despite not having access to computerized records or information.

Valsartan prices double after recall

The cost of two valsartan dosages, used to treat high blood pressure, increased more than any other drug in the US last month after pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals pulled valsartan the US market following discovery of a probable carcinogen. Prices more than doubled over August rates.

Hulu may offer smaller TV bundle sans cable networks

Hulu CEO Randy Freer recently said that the service may offer smaller bundles of programming that would include news and sports while limiting cable content to on-demand shows. The move could let Hulu eliminate network carriage fees and attract customers looking for cost-friendly options.

Column: Excellence in safety begins with proper signage

Companies can set a precedent for safety by ensuring everything is properly labeled and the right safety signs are posted before work begins, writes Kelsey Rzepecki of Graphic Products. Signage can include general safety, piping systems, electrical areas, hazardous materials and emergency protocols.

US energy trade balance improves amid export growth

The American energy trade gap has diminished considerably over the past 10 years, with the value of energy imports only about 1.5 times higher than exports in 2017, compared with the 2003-2007 period when imports were running 10 times greater than exports in value, according to the US Census Bureau. Crude oil is still the biggest energy import into the US, while petroleum products represent the primary export at 70% of the total value of 2017's US energy exports.

Basic economy might be bad for fliers, but it's smart strategy

The airline industry is an example of how offering clear pricing tiers, starting with a cheap option that offers little or no perks, sets customer expectations and helps them decide whether to spend more, write Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O'Connell. "By creating a class of service many passengers shun, basic economy appears to have made ordinary service seem less bad," they write.

Every day is Christmas at Tenn. inn

The Inn at Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., has holiday trees and garlands that never come down, and the glockenspiel in the lobby pumps out carols twice a day. The most festive guests can reserve the Santa Suite, complete with St. Nicks and a unique gift delivered overnight.