Storytelling: Make the customer the hero

Product demonstrations should focus on telling a compelling story instead of simply providing a tour of the product's features and benefits, writes Sean McPheat. Make your prospect the hero of the story and your product the "magic sword" for solving a specific difficult problem, McPheat recommends.

Canada school to offer Michif language instruction

Students at Saskatoon, Canada, elementary school will learn Michif, the indigenous language of the Métis people. Students are expected to receive 100 minutes of weekly instruction in the language, which is a mixture of Cree and French dialects, amid an effort to preserve the language and "a specific worldview, cultural knowledge including religion, spirituality, oral traditions, harvesting strategies and healing techniques," said Samson LaMontagne, who helps teach Métis culture in the school division.

Trump trade policies a big worry for manufacturers

A survey by the National Association of Manufacturers finds 56% of manufacturers identify trade policies from the Trump administration as one of their biggest challenges. About 31% of respondents deem the economy one of their biggest challenges.

Sam's Club partners with Instacart on alcohol delivery

Walmart subsidiary Sam's Club announced the launch of same-day alcohol delivery through Instacart. The service is now offered in 12 states and a total of 215 stores, with plans for expansion, and members can order from the in-house Member's Mark brand as well as major alcohol brands.

Report: Health care leaders overrate their data privacy policies

A report by Integris Software finds that health care executives place too much confidence in their data privacy maturity in light of the actual effectiveness of their policies. Seventy percent of respondents expressed strong confidence in their management of sensitive data, despite 50% saying their personal data inventory is updated only once a year, at most. The researchers noted that a majority of respondents implement data security measures for regulatory compliance rather than to build a comprehensive data protection strategy.

Facebook content board aims for independent oversight

The key aspect of Facebook's planned content oversight board -- which is expected to review controversial decisions made by content moderators, provide public explanations for decisions and suggest policy changes -- is that it will be an independent body. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to form the board, which is expected to have 40 people on it who are appointed by the company, seven months ago.

Ford completes upgrades at Chicago plants

Ford completed $1 billion in upgrades at its two Chicago plants, including new body and paint shops, a revamped cafeteria and break room, and improved parking security. The latest Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator and Police Interceptor Utility vehicles will be produced at the plants, where 500 jobs were added.

Hackers said to control 12+ carrier networks

A security company contends that hackers have accessed and taken control of the networks of more than a dozen mobile carriers over four continents outside North America and gained access to sensitive data about their subscribers. Cybereason says the attackers, who have infiltrated the carriers over the past seven years, could potentially crash the networks at any time.

Partial hold on trial of AbbVie's multiple myeloma drug lifted by FDA

The partial hold imposed by the FDA in AbbVie's late-stage clinical trial for Venclexta/Venclyxto, or venetoclax, in combination with dexamethasone versus Celgene's Pomalyst, or pomalidomide, plus dexamethasone, in patients with translocation abnormality-positive relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma, has been lifted. AbbVie has made amendments to its trial protocol, including new measures on risk mitigation.

AT&T's direct-to-consumer play hinges on volume

AT&T will compete for streaming video customers by dipping into its huge library of content to provide more programming choices to consumers, said John Stankey, the CEO of AT&T's WarnerMedia arm who is charged with consolidating the telecom's various media pieces. Toward that end, AT&T put WarnerMedia Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt in charge of Otter Media, the company's collection of digital services.

North American roofing market to approach $48B in 6 years, report says

By 2025, the roofing market in the US and Canada will be worth $47.5 billion, up from $29.9 billion in 2017, an Allied Market Research report finds. Roofing membrane will likely continue to be the largest segment of the market, although metal roofing will gain ground.

US oil sees largest gain of the year amid US-Iran tensions

US oil prices posted their best performance since December 2016, with West Texas Intermediate for August delivery surging 9.4% last week to settle at $57.43 per barrel on Friday, after President Donald Trump canceled a military strike on Iran. Daniel Yergin, vice-chairman at IHS Markit, says that "the market is poised between where it was before, which was just gloom," and "the possibility that demand will spike up because there will be some kind of settlement with China."

UPS named a FreightWaves Shipper of Choice

FreightWaves' first Shipper of Choice Awards recognized UPS for its commitment to efficiency and productivity. Winners were selected based on factors including flexibility, efficiency and providing driver-friendly facilities. UPS sales Vice President David Meyer attributed the award to "strong commitment to providing customers with reliable service, time-saving technology and a robust portfolio of logistics solutions."

China's City of Flowers is perfect for nature travelers

Guangzhou, China -- formerly called Canton -- is not what you'd expect from China's third largest city and one of the fastest growing locations for travelers. The City of Flowers is home to the flora of Litchi Bay Park, Shamian Island and Yuntai Garden -- China's biggest landscaped garden -- while sustainable transportation and other features provide a nod to a different kind of green lifestyle.