Trump urges GM, UAW to start negotiating now

President Donald Trump urged General Motors and the United Auto Workers to start talks immediately instead of waiting until the fall regarding the closure of an Ohio plant. Trump tweeted that he wants GM to instead close a plant in another country and bring jobs back to the US.

Report offers higher-ed policy recommendations

The Higher Education Committee of 50 -- a group made up of higher education and college officials -- issued a report recommending dozens of issues for Congress to address when reauthorizing the Higher Education Act. These recommendations include simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid process and terminating higher-education tax credits in favor of reallocating funds toward Pell Grants.

Analyst finds S&P 500 bullish after brief weakness

The S&P 500 has returned to bullishness after short-lived weakness, technical analyst David Settle writes. Volatility continues to decline, and sectors including crude oil, emerging markets and technology have performed well, while the health care sector shows signs of revival, Settle writes.

How KFC keeps Colonel Sanders alive with marketing

Mementos of KFC founder Colonel Sanders are omnipresent in the company's Louisville, Ky., offices, feeding the brand's recent attention-getting marketing campaigns, which have included putting Sanders' likeness on a bearskin rug. "Everything we do here kind of goes back to our founder, Colonel Sanders, who was this feisty, do-whatever-he-could-to-sell-fried-chicken" type of person, marketing chief Andrea Zahumensky said.

CMS seeks comments on improving EHR adoption in post-acute care sector

CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced last month that the agency is asking for comments on how to improve the post-acute care sector's adoption of EHRs and how it can provide incentives for the adoption of interoperable health IT systems. "The post-acute setting is really fragmented, so (the CMS) really has to provide some of these incentives or support for the super small and extremely localized home health care agencies that are out there," said Intrepid USA CEO John Kunysz.

Report: Snapchat moving into games, adding shows

Snapchat reportedly plans to reveal a mobile game platform, dubbed "Project Cognac," next month at its summit for content and developer partners in Los Angeles, where original shows are also expected to be unveiled. The gaming platform may generate additional revenue for Snap with in-app purchases or advertising.

Anthropologie enters plus-size fashion market
CBS News

Anthropologie has launched its first plus-size fashion line, a collection of more than 120 styles called APlus. The line, currently available online and at 10 of Anthropologie's 226 stores, offers sizes from 16W to 26W and will expand to more stores later this year, the company said.

Foldables to see slow US rollout
The Verge

While many device-makers are creating foldable phones, few of those phones will be available in the US in the beginning, except for Samsung's Galaxy Fold. Trade restrictions in China complicate the availability of new phones, as many of the most innovative designs come from companies there.

Gottlieb: Drug R&D slow to act on FDA modernization efforts

Outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb chided drug developers and clinical research organizations for failing to take advantage of changes the agency has made to modernize the drug development and approval process and make it more efficient. "We appreciate that scientific and technical complexity is a real and ongoing challenge, but industry and academia also need to invest in and leverage these approaches and develop new incentives that reward collaboration and data sharing across the clinical research enterprise," Gottlieb said.

Jury awards Qualcomm $31.6M in Apple spat

A jury in a US federal court in San Diego ruled that Apple violated three Qualcomm patents in the iPhone 7, 8 and X and awarded Qualcomm $31.6 million in damages. The fight isn't over though since the companies are due back in a San Diego court April 15 in what is expected to be a much more intense face-off over patent licenses and royalties.

Commerce Dept. reports 1.3% construction spending rise in Jan.

US construction spending increased 1.3% in January, the largest gain since last April's 1.7% jump, the Commerce Department reported. While residential construction declined for the sixth consecutive month, nonresidential construction spending was up 0.8%, and government construction rose 4.9%.

Pompeo to oil industry: Let's advance US ideals, interests

Speaking at CERAWeek in Houston, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on the oil and natural gas industry to assist the US in using its energy riches to reduce the geopolitical influence of China, Russia and Iran, as well as promote American values such as free trade and democracy. "The more we can spread the US model of free enterprise, of the rule of law ... the more successful the US will be," Pompeo said.

Alaska Airlines uses technology to enhance the travel experience

Alaska Airlines has a history of using technology to enhance the passenger experience, from being the first to implement kiosks and mobile check-in to offering inflight Wi-Fi and virtual reality experiences. "We know that our travelers care very much about technology, so we're looking at ways to be creative," said Annabel Chang, vice president for the Bay Area at Alaska Airlines.

Social media users see the beauty in clean ingredients

Social media users are looking for beauty products that are hydrating, long-lasting and free of parabens and cruelty, according to Cherry Pick, which tracks social media engagement. Consumers are also searching for skin and lip products with vitamins and peptides.