California employers receive CalSavers notices

Some employers in California received notices this week about CalSavers, California's state-sponsored retirement program. The auto-IRA program is available to employers, with five or more employees, who don't already offer retirement benefits, plus individuals who are self-employed or working in the gig economy.

Colleges seek new business models to survive

Colleges and universities are increasingly using mergers and acquisitions to shore up their finances and streamline their offerings amid declining enrollment numbers while others are partnering with businesses to beef up workforce training. "You have to be thinking beyond the current business model, whoever you are," said Stephen Spinelli Jr., president of Babson College.

Land O'Lakes CEO: Agtech is the future of farm survival
CBS News

With chronically depressed commodity prices, tariffs and bad weather hurting farmers, the solution is found in agtech, Land O'Lakes CEO Beth Ford says during a "60 Minutes" interview, citing examples such as artificial intelligence technology coordinating with satellite imagery to determine cost-efficient planting strategies. "We use all of the things that probably other businesses use but that people are unfamiliar with in terms of utilization in agriculture," says Ford.

Walmart US CEO stepping down

Walmart US CEO Greg Foran announced plans Thursday to leave the company to take over as CEO of Air New Zealand. Sam's Club CEO John Furner -- who worked his way up from a Walmart hourly associate in 1993 to his current role in 2017 -- will take over for Foran shortly after the new year.

Machine learning system analyzes tumors faster than human boards

A cloud-based machine learning tumor analysis system was significantly faster than conventional tumor boards in making treatment decisions based on biomarkers in a study involving 1,725 patients, researchers reported in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. The virtual molecular tumor board, which ranks treatment options and notes applicable clinical trials within a two-hour drive, could make specialized care available to more patients.

Gen Z's top video viewing channel is YouTube

Piper Jaffray reports that 37% of teens' daily video viewing is via YouTube, followed by Netflix at 35% and Hulu trailing at 7%. The study also shows that the preferred social platform for teens is Instagram (85%), followed by Snapchat (81%) and Twitter (40%).

Best Buy promises loyalty members Black Friday price matching

Best Buy will offer a Black Friday price-match guarantee on its high-end Magnolia electronics for the first time this year. The guarantee will be offered to members of Best Buy's loyalty program on items including home theater systems and TVs that sell for as much as $4,500.

Google Maps improves services for users with visual impairments
The Verge

Google Maps has improved its voice navigation for those with visual impairments. The iOS and Android apps in the US and Japan now offer warnings of busy crosswalks, reminders that the user is on the right path and updates on how far away the next turn is.

FDA guidance would let drugmakers avoid rebate payments

Draft FDA guidance being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget would provide pharmaceutical firms a legal loophole to avoid paying rebates to health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers. The agency would also allow manufacturers to obtain national drug codes for imported medications, though they would have to ensure that the imported products are identical to those manufactured for the US market.

ESPN head sees tech giants vying for NFL rights

Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are likely to jump into the bidding for National Football League TV rights that expire in 2021 and 2022, ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said, though he expressed confidence his network would retain an NFL deal. Pitaro also pointed to the success of ESPN+, a premium streaming service with more than 2 million subscribers.

Contractors may request financing details, experts say

Contractors and subcontractors can take steps to verify that owners are on secure financial footing before agreeing to projects. Many construction contracts allow contractors to ask for "reasonable evidence" of financing, legal experts say.

Students protest for climate action

High school students have inspired throngs of activists and ordinary citizens worldwide to join the Global Climate Strike today to demand action on climate change from their national leaders. Over a million students were excused from school in New York City to participate in strike protests, while similar demonstrations are occurring in major cities all over the world.

TSA seizes two guns in three days at Boston Logan

Transportation Security Administration agents seized two firearms in separate incidents over three days at Boston Logan International Airport, bringing the number of guns seized this year to 14. One person was charged, and another with an expired concealed carry license partly cleared.

What guests would really like in hotel rooms

Former New York Times Travel Editor Steve Bailey wants hotels to know what guests really would like to see. Hooks and roomy counters in bathrooms, a second luggage rack and a list of TV channels are among his eight thoughtful suggestions.