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Case study

hand2mind approached the SmartStudio team for its help creating a piece of content that went beyond providing facts and stats – hand2mind wanted to actually help teachers implement the Science of Reading.

  • 1 Learn all you can

    Seek out credible articles, webinars, and podcasts to gradually educate yourself on the Science of Reading.

  • 2 Take a look at your benchmark assessments

    Do your current resources allow you to base your instruction on what your students need?

  • 3 Evaluate your curriculum and secure resources

    Do you have everything you need for a Science of Reading-aligned curriculum?

  • 4 Get creative with your schedule

    Set up schedules devoting up to 3.5 hours per week for core instruction and intervention for literacy.

  • 5 Help teachers help their students

    To properly roll out and teach the Science of Reading, teachers must have access to training, coaching, support, modeling, and other resources, such as hand2mind’s Science of Reading materials for educators.


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Kanoe Namahoe
Director Of Content, Education, HR & Business Services

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Director Of Content, Food & Travel

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Director Of Content, Health Care

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Director Of Content, Media, Tech, Telecom & Retail

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Director Of Content, AV Technology Group

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Director Of Content, Finance

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Custom Content Editor

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Assc Director Of Content, Food & Travel

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Assc Director Of Content, Infrastructure, Energy, Financial Services

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Editor, Health Care

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Editor, Media, Tech, Telecom & Retail

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Project Manager

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Project Coordinator

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Group Art Director, B2B

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Director of Content Delivery

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Head of SmartStudio

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Senior Events Manager

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Event Marketing Manager

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Virtual Event Moderator

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Video Production Manager

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Senior Webinar Moderator

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Webinar Coordinator

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Webinar Coordinator

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Senior Webinar Coordinator

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Senior Webinar Moderator

Keith Ward
Webinar Moderator

“The two papers we have done with SmartBrief have become 'industry standards' and real go-to documents for sharing with educators. I would work with them again ... and in fact, I am doing so at this moment!”


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