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Baron Christopher Hanson

Baron Christopher Hanson is the principal and lead strategist at RedBaron Advisors in Charleston, S.C., and Palm Beach, Fla. A former rugby player, Harvard graduate, and expert on workplace and small-business turnarounds, Hanson has written for Harvard Business Review and SmartBrief considerably. He can be reached for consulting roles and speaking gigs via e-mail or over Twitter @RBC_ThinkTank.

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How will your team huddle up, plan levels of constituent value, avoid costly pitfalls and ultimately rise above direct competitors?

Profit is more realistically discovered by delegating "–B" and "–C" activities, tasks that detract from owner/present, owner/managed contribution margins.

Social media will not set appointments, draft quotations or close business deals for us. Business people must get out from behind computer desks to develop real-life personal relationships.

Hiring slowly via a rigorous process should be your mantra for any level of employment going forward, especially internships.

Here are five ways to deliberately reach out and revive old school voice-to-voice, handwriting-to-handwriting, and face-to-face interactions in today's business world.

Using the time before work to be healthy, the time during work to be über-productive, and the time after work to plan and enjoy oneself are critical to thriving and surviving in today's optimum performance workplaces.