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Laurie Demeritt

Laurie Demeritt is CEO of The Hartman Group, which explores the subtle complexities of how consumers live, shop and use products — and how to apply that understanding in ways that lead to purchase.

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In a market where every half point of market share for a name brand has huge financial consequences, private label has to be analyzed as closely as new premium brands.

The topic of younger consumers influencing our culture is a constant headline these days, in part because of the sheer scope of their numbers, and also for their impact on shopping and consumption.

Today, we find a group of progressive health and wellness consumers who are increasingly influential in redefining food culture.

How Gen Z looks at health and wellness
How Gen Z looks at health and wellness

Gen Z is garnering its own cultural spotlight as it surpasses millennials and boomers. Technology and exercise are important aspects of their culture that marketers will have to consider when engaging them with food products and packaging.