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Aviation & Aerospace

230,000 Opt-in Subscribers
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Elizabeth Kaufman

Get the latest commercial aviation and defense industry news summarized by SmartBrief. Top stories about airline trends, defense issues and budgets.

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1,140,000 Opt-in Subscribers
18 Email Newsletters

Laura Engel

For executives, managers, entrepreneurs or business owners, read the latest news on leadership and management summarized by SmartBrief.

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925,000 Opt-in Subscribers
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Tom Sikes

From K-12 and higher eduction to the path to the workforce, read the latest news in the education industry summarized by SmartBrief.

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Energy & Chemicals

230,000 Opt-in Subscribers
11 Email Newsletters

Elizabeth Kaufman

From petrochemicals and fracking to shale and nuclear energy, read the latest news in the energy industry summarized by SmartBrief.

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AAF’s Mosaic Center SmartBrief

Highlights of diversity and inclusion news written for advertising professionals.

AdvertisingMarketingMarketing & Advertising

ANA Data and Analytics SmartBrief

Marketing tech, data management, and analytics news to maximize the data-driven marketing strategies for business growth, delivered 3x/week.

AdvertisingDigitalMarketingMarketing & Advertising

Wireless SmartBrief

A weekly insiders guide designed specifically for wireless connectivity professionals and executives.


SmartBrief for Health Care Leaders

Join thousands of health care industry leaders and receive essential stories daily.

News for Providers

Restaurant Innovation SmartBrief

Innovative tech news, industry star spotlights, and more in a weekly brief tailored for restaurant Industry professionals.

Consumer ElectronicsConsumer Packaged Goods

OB-GYN SmartBrief

A weekly brief designed specifically for health care professionals interested in high risk pregnancies.

News for Providers


Hispanic Marketing Council SmartBrief

Hispanic marketing news written for leaders in marketing professional careers, delivered weekly.

AdvertisingDigitalMarketingMarketing & Advertising

Nurse-Midwives SmartBrief

A weekly breakdown of the most important news in women’s health.

News for Providers

NAM Leading Edge SmartBrief

A daily insiders’ guide designed to highlight emerging business issues and trends that impact the manufacturing industry.

Multichannel RetailSpecialty RetailSupply Chain

ASNE SmartBrief

A weekly sea news brief designed specifically for Naval Engineers.



AHIP Health IT SmartBrief

The top stories covering the health and IT industry, tailored for health insurance stakeholders.

Health IT News

AIMA SmartBrief

A daily brief highlighting the alternative investment industry written for investment professionals.

Wealth Management