Is Amazon finally stepping up on sustainability?
2/5/2016 The Guardian (London)

Amazon has been quietly building a sustainability "dream team," most recently with the addition of global supply chain expert Dara O'Rourke. That suggests the company could be rethinking its hands-off approach to CSR issues, writes Marc Gunther. "There's certainly plenty to do. For years, Amazon has been mostly absent from the corporate responsibility conversation," he notes.

Colleges turn to outside arbitrators on sexual assault cases
2/5/2016 Education Dive

Some colleges and universities, in an effort to comply with federal regulations for handling campus sexual assault cases, are turning to outside arbitrators to conduct hearings and make recommendations. The move comes after some higher education leaders, such as University of California President Janet Napolitano, argued that schools are not internally prepared to handle the complaints.

EU will moderate Basel capital rules, Hill says

The EU plans to deviate from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's bank capital rules, easing requirements for smaller banks and encouraging investment, said Jonathan Hill, financial-services commissioner for the EU. "I'd like to take a more proportionate approach to smaller banks and take a close look at whether it really makes sense to have the same compliance requirements for all banks and all business models," Hill said. European Banking Authority Chairman Andrea Enria also said capital requirements and reporting standards that govern major banks shouldn't be applied to small banks.

Climate change is bad news for lobsters, clams
2/5/2016 Carbon Brief (U.K.)

Some of America's best-known seafood, including Maine lobster and New England clams, might struggle to survive in the face of rising global temperatures and increasing ocean acidification, research suggests. Scallops, salmon and sturgeon were also found to be extremely vulnerable to the shifting climate.

ADHD tied to higher obesity risk in females, study finds
2/5/2016 Medical News Today

Female patients diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder during childhood had a twofold increased likelihood of developing obesity in childhood and adulthood than those who didn't have ADHD, according to a study in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Researchers assessed 1,001 individuals with and without childhood ADHD, all born between 1976 and 1982, and found no association between obesity and stimulant treatment among those with the disorder.

Brands go digital to hype up Super Bowl ads
2/5/2016 Bloomberg

YouTube users spent 840 million minutes watching Super Bowl ads last year, making digital an important way to promote Game Day campaigns and use pre- and post-event hype. Taco Bell has released online ads to encourage rumors about a new product it plans to unveil in its Super Bowl spot.

Target rolls out carts for shoppers with special needs

Most Target stores will have at least one cart with a special seat for shoppers whose medical conditions keep them from being able to sit in regular shopping cart seats, the retailer said. The carts, called Caroline's Carts, are designed to give parents of children with special needs an alternative to shopping with both a cart and a stroller. Other retailers including Cub Foods and Hy-Vee have added the carts at some stores.

BQ's Ubuntu M10 tablet can double as a desktop
2/5/2016 CNET

BQ has unveiled what it claims is the first Ubuntu tablet, a 10-inch device that can connect to a secondary monitor via HDMI port or hook up to a mouse and keyboard over Bluetooth to transform into a desktop. The Wi-Fi tablet features 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM and is expected to go on sale in March through BQ's online store.

Congress urged to act quickly on national biotech food labeling policy

The food industry is urging Congress to create a national labeling policy to prevent the enforcement of a mandatory biotech food labeling standard set to go into effect in Vermont in July. Critics and supporters of mandatory biotech food labeling have failed to come to an agreement after two rounds of talks organized by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Congress wants a bipartisan compromise to be reached before summer.

Marshmallow brings LTE, speaker support in Android Wear update
2/5/2016 Ars Technica

Google will offer another Android 6.0 upgrade for Android Wear devices over the next two weeks, following its ill-fated launch on an LG Watch in November. The upgrade adds support for 4G service, as well as for speakers and voice-activated messaging.

Urban Engines software predicts when congestion will occur

Google-backed startup Urban Engines says it has developed software that will not only tell users where there is traffic congestion on their route, but also predict when it is likely to occur. "Our world is constantly changing with variances every second. The best route and time for getting from one end of a city to another is not static, so the best business decisions shouldn’t be either," the firm said.

Report: Okla. wind farms have paid $134M in ad valorem taxes since 2004
2/5/2016 CleanTechnica

Oklahoma's wind farms have generated about $134 million in ad valorem taxes since 2004, according to Oklahoma State University. The report said that tax revenue from wind companies provides rural communities with economic benefits, improved schools and energy independence. "Having these turbines in rural areas really makes an impact on those county budgets," said professor Shannon Ferrell. Oklahoma sources about 17% of its total electricity from wind.

Southwest CEO asks customers to support efforts to reform ATC system

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly calls on customers to join efforts in supporting a plan to transform the air traffic control system. "We need your help in urging Congress to modernize our skies, and deliver the transformational ATC reform that our customers deserve," Kelly writes. "I am asking you to please take a moment of your time and visit to learn more about ATC reform. ... I am absolutely confident that the voice of our loyal customers can prevail in this challenge and together we can help modernize our skies!"

Bear Dance Ritual an exclusive treat at Utah resort
2/5/2016 Haute Living online

The St. Regis Deer Valley resort in Park City, Utah, features the 14,000-square-foot Remede Spa, where guests can enjoy exclusive treatments like the Bear Dance Ritual, a two-hour treatment for the face and body designed to honor local Native American tribes.