Great customer service is an easy way to increase sales

Companies succeed by decreasing costs or increasing sales, and a focus on customers can increase sales without necessarily adding costs, says "Shark Tank" co-star Daymond John. "Where your success comes from customers is as follows: When you do for the customer everything you can do after you have done what you are supposed to do," he says.

Report: 3 strategies to better prepare students for the workforce

Students would be better prepared for the modern workforce if education and industry leaders could build stronger relationships, according to a recent report. The report's authors outline three factors to support student success: practical curricula, new technologies and education-employer partnerships.

Ex-Im Bank's charter expires, not likely to stay dead long

The charter for the Export-Import Bank has expired, but many experts expect it to be renewed as part of the surface-transportation funding bill expected after the July holiday break. The bank, which will continue to service its loans, previously had received bipartisan support, but that has recently split along tea party lines.

Greek food sellers look to exports as economy worsens

Greek food companies offered samples of their olives, oils, spreads and cheeses at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City this week, as economic turmoil worsened at home. Some got their exporting start with help from EU trade programs, and all were focused on building exports. "There should be a Greek shelf in every supermarket in the U.S. Americans are a very open people, they want to try things from all over," said Trifon Fotiadis, CEO of Arosis.

Calif. governor signs school vaccination bill limiting exemptions

A bill banning exemptions from school vaccinations for personal and religious beliefs, but allowing medical exemptions considered appropriate by the California Department of Public Health, was signed on Tuesday by Gov. Jerry Brown. "The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases," he said. The law will take effect on Jan. 1, 2016.

David Shing: Ads pale to content for millennials

Content marketing appeals to Gen Y more than other advertising, AOL's David Shing says. He talked at Cannes Lions about avenues advertisers should take when targeting millennials, calling them "freaky for video."

How fashion brands can win men's loyalty

Fashion retailers including Gap and J.Crew have a chance to expand their brands by winning over men with personalized service, author and consultant Ken Cook writes. Turn store clerks into style consultants, use tech tools to create customer profiles, educate customers on style rules and reward them and their partners through loyalty programs, he advises.

Olympus Air helps mobile devices become better cameras
The Verge

Olympus is bringing its Air device, which transforms iOS and Android mobile devices into better cameras, to the U.S., starting at $299. The Air had previously been available only in Japan.

AstraZeneca partners with Eolas on smoking cessation therapy in $145M deal

AstraZeneca has agreed to collaborate with Eolas Therapeutics on the development and commercialization of Eolas Orexin-1 Receptor Antagonist, a smoking cessation treatment, in a deal worth $145 million. Under the terms of the agreement, Eolas is entitled to receive an undisclosed upfront payment, milestone fees and sales royalties.

Auto-makers, tech firms fight for control of next-gen connected car
MIT Technology Review

Carmakers are competing with technology companies such as Google and Apple for control of the connected vehicle, states this report, which chronicles the chase for creating a common operating system for the next generation of telematic software. Increasingly, companies are pursuing advanced automotive and computing systems. "We're arguing now you need supercomputing in the car," said Danny Shapiro of chipmaker Nvidia.

Photo: New Zealand project will use 125,000 y3 of concrete
Stuff (New Zealand)

The last of 24,000 prefabricated concrete segments are being placed to line the tunnels of Waterview Connection in New Zealand. Each segment weighs about 11.6 tons, is about 6.6 feet wide and 46 feet in diameter. The project will use nearly 125,000 cubic yards of concrete.

U.K. offshore wind industry launches SPARTA project (U.K.)

The U.K.'s 10 offshore wind operators, the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and The Crown Estate have completed the system performance, availability and reliability trend analysis project. SPARTA is a database that lets offshore wind operators share performance and maintenance information to cut costs and improve performance. "SPARTA is a great example of how the offshore wind industry is maturing by learning from best practice elsewhere," said Huub den Rooijen, head of offshore wind at The Crown Estate.

Airbus E-Fan could solve many problems with flight
AOPA Online

Pilot and blogger Amy Laboda says she was most impressed by the demonstration of the Airbus E-Fan at this year's airshow in Paris, France. The two-seat electric trainer features an innovative cockpit configuration and noise and emissions are nonexistent. "The two-seat technology demonstrator proves that electric flight can solve some of Europe’s pressing issues with flight training, and perhaps one day, with commercial flight," she writes.

NYC's world status attracts hotel investors

New York's status as the U.S.'s largest city and a major gateway is attracting hotel investment, even if returns are less than stellar. "There are reasons other than favorable returns for brands and owners to have a New York presence," said professor Bjorn Hanson of the NYU School of Professional Studies. "So they invest at low rates of return -- or negative returns, in some cases -- and the result is higher prices and lower rates of return overall.”