6 ways smaller businesses can capitalize on the holidays
11/25/2015 PC Magazine

Running social media contests and promoting holiday sales on the Internet are simple ways that small and medium-size businesses can cash in on the holidays, writes Rob Marvin. Holiday-themed e-mails and free gift offers can also draw potential customers. Other advertising methods can include pay-per-click ads and holiday kickoff events, Marvin writes.

Will N.Y. shift gears on test scores, teacher evaluations?

New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo could be poised to reverse course on the role students' test scores play in teachers' evaluations. Cuomo at one time pushed for test scores to count for as much as 50% of teachers' evaluations. Now, some say he is considering supporting a reduction -- or eliminating the use of test scores altogether.

CFTC aims to avoid disruption with automated-trading rules

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is seeking feedback on proposed rules governing automated trading. The proposal includes "common sense risk controls that I believe recognize the benefits that automated trading has brought to the markets, while seeking to protect against the possibility of breakdown and disruption that can come with it," Chairman Timothy Massad said.

Talking turkey with Honest and Abe
11/25/2015 National Public Radio

Two turkeys named Honest and Abe will be pardoned by President Barack Obama today, as part of a tradition that's also a carefully staged lobbying event run by the National Turkey Federation. This year's turkeys have been picked for their personalities, says Foster Farms Manager Joe Hedden. "We want to present the president with a well-mannered and socially skilled turkey that's going to act right on the big day," he says.

Rubio budget plan undermines Obama's health care reform
11/25/2015 The HillAmerican Thinker

A 2014 budget measure inspired by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., could leave President Barack Obama's health care reforms on the rocks, by making it impossible for the administration to fund critical "risk corridors" that shield insurers from initial losses. Rubio's measure blocked officials from dipping into Medicare funding or other resources to top up its risk-corridor fund, leaving the administration without the cash needed to keep paying insurers. "I think this is one of the most effective things they've done so far in terms of trying to undermine the Affordable Care Act," says health care law expert Tim Jost.

CP+B uses hipster to say Stove Top Stuffing is not just for Thanksgiving
11/25/2015 Adweek

CP+B is telling consumers it's OK to eat Stove Top Stuffing all year, with a push called the "The Artisinal Hipster Pilgrim." A series of spots show the bearded, bespectacled character teaching a variety of people how stuffing can be incorporated into everyday life, not just saved for Thanksgiving.

Small mall merchants may have to open on Thanksgiving

Retailers in malls throughout the US will open on Thanksgiving whether they want to or not, pressured by the decisions of mall owners and anchor department stores that have chosen to open on the holiday. At many malls, merchants face fines if they buck orders to open.

Bigger is better for TV shoppers this holiday season

Retailers report a growing demand for television screens that are 60 to 65 inches or bigger. Stores are now stocking a larger range of 4K sets as consumer interest grows. "It was not that long ago that we used to say that anything over 40 inches is large," said Shawn Dubravac, senior director of research at the Consumer Technology Association. "Today the average screen size is about 47 inches, up from 29 inches not too many years ago."

Shire to renew buyout bid for Baxalta, source says
11/25/2015 Reuters

A new takeover bid for Baxalta is reportedly being prepared by Shire. A source said the potential cash-and-share takeover plan is not yet final and could fail. The acquisition would make Shire a leading rare disease specialist with sales revenue of about $20 billion in 2020.

Carriers discount aggressively to kick off the holidays
11/25/2015 Wireless WeekeWeek

The nation's top carriers and some smaller ones have disclosed their holiday weekend deals -- some of which include "Cyber Monday." They include deep discounts on new phones and tablets, strong incentives to switch carriers, free data buckets and giveaways of products apart from mobile devices.

Gov. Malloy wants $100B over 20 years for transportation infrastructure

The rail infrastructure in Connecticut is aging and uses less than all its tracks because of frequent repairs. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wants to modernize the rail system and spend $100 billion over the next 20 years on the state's transportation infrastructure, including reconfiguring the railroad tracks in a way that could potentially quadruple service.

Speak out to help secure a global climate deal
11/24/2015 The Huffington Post

Cementing a meaningful climate deal at the Paris talks will require leadership from national and local politicians, as well as strong support from activists and the business community, writes former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "The more that people from different perspectives speak out, the better our chances are of achieving an ambitious global agreement in Paris," he writes.

Cash infusion breathes new life into CSeries
11/25/2015 Bloomberg

Bombardier has a much-improved liquidity position after a massive cash infusion from investors in Quebec. The company says it could deliver more than 250 CSeries aircraft by 2020.

It's not necessarily easy going green

The growing sustainability movement is favored by most hotel guests, but varying tolerance for resulting inconvenience must be taken into account. Reduced or slowed heating and cooling capacity may be more acceptable to a resort hotel guest than a business traveler in urban lodgings, for example. As real estate, though, green structures enjoy high desirability.