Learn to control your emotions

Your fight-or-flight reflexes kick in when you're faced with high-pressure work situations, but you can calm yourself, listen to the other person and give a response that isn't an outburst, writes Dan McCarthy. "Learn to use your emotions as a tool and not let your emotions control you," McCarthy advises.

Why colleges must help low-income students graduate
The Hechinger Report

Colleges and universities have "a moral obligation" to help low-income students successfully navigate school and graduate, says Kevin Kruger, president of NASPA, a member organization for student affairs professionals. In this Q&A, Kruger says institutions will soon have to make hard choices to find the money necessary to implement large-scale programs to help such students.

Central bankers worldwide descend on Wyo.

Central bankers from Europe, the UK, Japan, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Canada, India, Brazil, the US and many other nations are meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyo., to discuss monetary-policy issues. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer is set to speak Saturday and is expected to offer insight into when the central bank will increase interest rates. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney also is scheduled to speak Saturday.

New Dollar General prototype puts a focus on fresh

Dollar General will roll out a new store prototype that offers quicker checkout and a larger focus on fresh foods and health and beauty, CEO Todd Vasos said Wednesday. Starting next year, the new format will be incorporated into new stores and remodels, he said.

Report shows declining demand for wearable devices in 2015

An Argus Insights report revealed that the demand for smart glasses, sensor-enabled systems and other wearable devices has declined in the first six months of the year. According to the report, consumer demand reached its peak this year in January but has slowed down as consumers begin to look for tools that can perform multiple tasks.

BuzzFeed's unprecedented takeover of Internet media

BuzzFeed generated almost 2 billion views across video platforms last month, marking a continuation of its success since launching nearly a decade ago. The publisher excels at taking advantage of social platforms, building a community of advocates for its content and collaborating with brands, Carla Marshall writes.

How Apple picks the next crop of retail employees

Apple Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts focuses on attitude, ambitions and emotional makeup when interviewing prospective new hires. "By the time they have reached my office, I think it is pretty safe to say they are incredibly smart in their field. I want to make sure they are culturally compatible," she writes.

Fitbit, Apple lead wearables market

Apple sold 3.6 million Apple Watches last quarter, IDC reports, ranking the company second in the market behind Fitbit, which shipped 4.4 million devices. "Consumers expect their wearables to do more than simply count steps, just as they expect to do more than just make phone calls with their handsets," Argus Insights CEO John Feland said.

Food companies asked to submit pathogens detected during plant inspections

The FDA is asking US food companies for samples of pathogens that have been detected at their facilities during inspections to support its efforts of sequencing the genomes of food pathogens, such as salmonella and listeria, that are commonly found in sick patients. The agency hopes that sequenced genomes, which will be stored at a National Institutes of Health database, will help experts link patients with an outbreak and identify outbreak sources.

Apple Pay may expand to small businesses with new card reader

Apple and North American Bancard have forged a partnership that come September will enable smaller retailers to buy a $40 PayAnywhere card reader that plugs into iPhones and iPads and works with Apple Pay as well as other mobile-payment systems that support near-field communication technology.

Fukushima disaster forces new look at steel-plate composite construction
Power Engineering

The disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan has forced plant designers to look at the construction of nuclear power plants from both a safety and sustainability aspect. Bechtel's Sanjeev Malushte and Purdue University civil engineering professor Amit Varma explore some options that could accomplish that, including increasing the resiliency of reinforced concrete, incorporating seismic isolation methods and using steel-plate composite construction.

Offshore transformer could cut connection costs by 40%

Siemens has developed a transformer module for offshore turbines that could reduce grid connection costs by up to 40%, according to the company. The savings, said Siemens, would make the development of offshore wind farms more affordable overall. The modules can support an output of 250 megawatts and can be linked together for wind farms with a larger transmission capacity.

Buzz Aldrin works with Florida university on plan to colonize Mars
The Guardian (London)

Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin is working with the Florida Institute of Technology on a master plan for humans to colonize Mars. "The Pilgrims on the Mayflower came here to live and stay. They didn't wait around Plymouth Rock for the return trip, and neither will people building up a population and a settlement" on Mars, he said.

Hotels lay claim to 7 famous cocktails
USA Today

This article celebrates seven cocktails created or perfected at hotel bars. The list includes the Sidecar, a concoction of cognac, Cointreau and lemon juice, believed to have been created at the Ritz Paris, and the martini, thought to be invented at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco.