Senate bill prioritizes America's economic well-being

A bill under consideration in the Senate would require foreign investors to prove proposed deals with US firms are in the best interest of America's economy. The deal comes amid a flurry of international business deals, such as China National Chemical's purchase of Syngenta last year.

Maori language used in thrash metal band's music

A New Zealand thrash metal rock band is among music groups using the Maori language and history in songs. Lewis de Jong, one of a group of teenagers fluent in Maori who make up the band Alien Weaponry, says the music "helps us bring light to some unjust actions in the past."

Senate GOP expected to vote, pass budget resolution today

The Senate will likely vote today on a budget resolution vital to Republicans' success in passing a tax reform bill by year-end. Senate Republicans appear to have enough support to pass the measure, which comes to the floor under reconciliation rules which allow Republicans to pass tax legislation with a simple majority.

Nixon brought Chinese food boom to US

When President Richard Nixon visited China in 1972, the events of the unprecedented trip, including the nightly feasts, were televised for American viewers. This resulted in a Chinese restaurant boom as Americans started trying more authentic Chinese food, including Nixon's favorite, Peking duck.

CDC: 48.3% of US adults have hypertension under control

A CDC report found 48.3% of US adults with hypertension had it under control in 2015-2016 and high blood pressure was more common among non-Hispanic black adults than other race or ethnic groups. Overall, 29% of adults had high blood pressure and the rate of controlled hypertension increased with age.

Pinterest brings search ads to Ads Manager

Pinterest's Ads Manager now includes search ads, which give advertisers the opportunity to target users browsing for specific items via keywords and product categories. Advertisers can also use the platform's Taste Graph to auto-target search ads based on over 5,000 consumer interests.

Freight firms confirm progress in Puerto Rico

Freight companies will likely deliver 9,500 loads of commercial and government relief cargo to Puerto Rico by week's end, about a 40% increase in capacity since Hurricane Maria in September, according to Crowley Maritime. FEMA is working with Crowley to prioritize food and necessary supplies as manufacturers and retailers return commercial shipments to normal levels.

Google launches enhanced protections for Chrome, Gmail

Google has rolled out new features designed to enhance security. Chrome's predictive phishing protection offers warnings about phishing sites in real time, while Gmail's Advanced Protection Program offers an additional layer of email protection for select high-risk users.

FDA approves 2nd CAR-T therapy candidate -- Yescarta by Gilead

Yescarta, or axicabtagene ciloleucel, the second drug in a new class of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy products developed to treat cancer, was approved by the FDA for patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma. The treatment, originally developed by Kite Pharma, was acquired by Gilead Sciences in August, and a single dose is expected to cost $373,000.

Charter CEO touts "superior infrastructure," mobile services

Charter CEO Tom Rutledge at the Cable-Tec Expo talked about the company's "superior infrastructure," which he said will allow the company to deliver higher broadband and Wi-Fi speeds at what he refers to as "6G." Rutledge also discussed Charter's future in mobile services and plans for new bundles.

Drinking water shortage in Puerto Rico creates burgeoning health crisis

About 35% of Puerto Rico households don't have access to safe drinking water one month after Hurricane Maria, and 80% still have no power. Although nonprofits and US government agencies are providing aid, a public health crisis is emerging.

Refurbished electronics find new life on eBay

Revive IT and eWaste Direct have turned to eBay to sell refurbished electronics, diverting e-waste from landfills in the process. "Ultimately, our business is centralized around being a conduit for large businesses to donate their used electronics and utilize them to make an impact in both the environment and the community in a positive way," said Chris Ko, founder and CEO of Revive IT.

United Airlines, AIG ink travel insurance agreement

United Airlines has signed a deal with AIG to offer travel insurance to the airline's customers. The multiyear deal will offer insurance that covers trip cancellation, baggage loss and emergency medical services to its passengers in the US and 15 other countries.

Autumn adds special color to hotel F&B offerings

Fall is making its way onto hotel restaurant menus with special touches ranging from Halloween-themed cocktails to hearty dishes. Seasonal touches also extend to experiences, such as pop-up concerts.