Gogoro ships battery-powered scooters to Taiwan

Gogoro, which makes battery-powered scooters, is shipping an initial 400-unit production run to customers in Taiwan. The company has also set up kiosks that allow scooter users to swap dead batteries for charged ones. The scooters have a 60-mile range and a top speed of 60 mph.

Mich. boys to bike 1,000 miles for water project in Cambodia

Two high-school students in Michigan are planning a 1,000-mile bike ride to raise $6,000 for a freshwater well for a community in Cambodia. Max Newsome and Alex Hufford plan to cover four of the five Great Lakes during the ride, which starts Aug. 2.

Exchanges challenge banks' dominance in FX trading

Deutsche Boerse is the latest exchange to challenge the dominance of banks in foreign exchange trading by purchasing 360T. Six months ago, BATS Global Markets bought Hotspot FX for $365 million. The moves indicate banks' role in the FX market could be changing as exchanges seek drivers of growth.

Ice cream parlors generate buzz with out-of-the-box flavors

Ice cream parlors are experimenting with flavors ranging from blueberry basil bourbon to foie gras. Unusual flavors cater to consumers with adventurous palates and generate buzz for ice cream shops, said Scott Moloney, owner of Treat Dreams in Ferndale, Mich. "When people come in they will take a picture of it, they'll post it on Instagram," he said.

Report: Health costs increase slower than core consumer prices

Health care costs have increased at a slower pace than core consumer prices over the past five years, according to a Goldman Sachs research note. This is the first time that's happened since 1959, and economist Alec Phillips said the trend can be partly attributed to government reductions in Medicare and Medicaid payments and slower wage growth in the health care sector.

Content creators seek options beyond YouTube

Many of the YouTube creators who gathered at VidCon last week are looking to diversify beyond the platform, which takes a 45% cut of ad revenue generated from the content produced. Facebook, Vessel and startups such as FameBit are offering alternatives, while YouTube executive Robert Kyncl says he welcomes the competition. "If YouTube disappeared tomorrow, I want to know that I can go play shows, do podcasts and live without being dependent on one site or one app," says 29-year-old Meghan Tonjes, who has more than 200,000 YouTube followers.

Best Buy will be 1st major retailer to sell Apple Watch

Best Buy will start selling the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport at more than 100 U.S. stores, in an effort to expand the gadget's availability in advance of the upcoming holiday season, Apple announced. Apple Watches are currently available at Apple stores, and the addition of the Best Buy stores will give shoppers more than 300 stores to choose from to purchase Apple Watches.

U.S. military utility systems are vulnerable to cyber threats, GAO says
Military Times

A new Government Accountability Office report says U.S. military installations around the globe are vulnerable to crippling cyber attacks, citing utility control systems that "have very little in the way of security controls and cybersecurity measures in place."

Teva to acquire Allergan's generic business unit

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries will acquire Allergan's generic business unit for about $40.5 billion. The acquisition will strengthen Teva's presence in the generic-drugs market and help with cost reductions. Teva will drop its bid for Mylan, CEO Erez Vigodman said.

AT&T completes DIRECTV buy

AT&T has tapped Chief Strategy Officer John Stankey to run the unit that will incorporate DIRECTV after the $49 billion acquisition closed Friday after more than a year of regulatory reviews, the telecom said. The deal will make AT&T the nation's largest multichannel-TV provider, with 26 million subscribers. Stankey's AT&T Entertainment & Internet Services will oversee the video and broadband businesses.

Inhofe pushes for adoption of DRIVE Act
Tulsa World (Okla.)

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, used the Republicans' weekly address to the nation to promote the DRIVE Act, a six-year transportation package. He said the 33 short-term bills passed by Congress in recent years have forced states to focus on maintenance and not long-term projects. The DRIVE Act "provides the needed long-term funding certainty so that the major construction projects can get off the ground -- projects that aren't possible with short-term extensions," he said.

Companies promise $140B to curb carbon emissions

Major American businesses including General Motors, Apple, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft are pledging at least $140 billion in investments to reduce their carbon emissions. The pledge is part of a White House initiative to secure voluntary private-sector commitments to tackle climate change. "It's significant because they are carbon-intensive, energy-consuming companies making a bottom-up commitment to address climate change," said Kevin Book, managing director at ClearView Energy Partners.

Upgrades bring simulators in line with F-35 capabilities
Military Times

Software upgrades have given Marine pilots in Yuma, Ariz., the ability to fly simulators with identical capabilities to the F-35B. "Some of the best training you can get in a simulator is when it comes to replicating what aircraft will actually fight against in some areas of the world we might go to," said Maj. Christopher Trent.

List: Unusual hotel swimming pools from across the globe
Fox Business

The Tank at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas, Infinity Pool at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands and The Red Pool at Thailand's The Library, Koh Samui, top this list of unusual hotel swimming pools.