Eliminate these behaviors to improve sales

It's important to eliminate any reluctance your sales team has to reach out to prospects over the phone, especially when it seems like deals have stalled, writes Mareo McCracken. Also, the mistaken belief that simply having a good product will lead customers to buy must be discarded, because even top products must be connected to the needs of your customers.

5 strategies for addressing school tragedies

Emphasizing the steps schools are taking to keep students safe in the wake of a tragedy such as the recent Florida school shooting can help relieve anxiety and fear, asserts Melissa Reeves, former president of the National Association of School Psychologists. Other strategies include tuning in and letting students guide the conversation.

Goldman expects increase in cost of servicing US debt

Goldman Sachs analysts expect the cost of servicing US debt to surge because of higher bond yields and increased borrowing amid a growing economy. "In the past, as the economy strengthens and the debt burden increases, Congress has responded by raising taxes and cutting spending," the analysts wrote, noting the opposite is true.

Gelson's to reopen 3 remodeled Calif. stores

Gelson's is reopening three remodeled stores in the Southern California market this month, two of which boast smaller footprints. "We want Gelson's to be a unique place where people can try exciting food concepts, have a drink in a social setting, and feel like a new culinary discovery is just around every corner," said Gelson's President and CEO Rob McDougall.

Study: Exercise may protect brain from effects of stress

Some types of exercise, including running, could protect the brain and reduce the effects that chronic stress can have on memory, according to a study in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. The study in mice found exercise improved long-term potentiation, or the formation and strengthening of synapses, which is tied to memory formation.

Most loved brands: Perdue Chicken wins social, Disney World wins offline

Perdue Chicken, CVS and Hampton Inn are the top three most loved brands on social, and Walt Disney World, Wegmans and Febreze are the most loved among people having conversations in the real world, per Engagement Labs. The study tracked four brand performance drivers -- brand sharing, the volume of conversations, positive sentiment and influence.

Creating a blueprint for supply chain innovation is key

Innovation in the supply chain is necessary and only occurs when the right thinking and plan are in place, says Kristi Montgomery of Kenco. She says several steps have to happen within the organization prior to innovation occurring, including breaking down silos and looking beyond costs.

Alexa to take center stage during New York Toy Fair

The New York Toy Fair is expected to feature Amazon Alexa-enabled devices such as Mattel's "Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment." Mattel Chief Technology Officer Sven Gerjets believes voice-assisted technology is the future of toys, saying, "We know that more than one in five parents of connected children own a voice-controlled internet-connected smart speaker. Nearly all parents who have a smart speaker feel comfortable with their child using it."

Federal judge reverses $2.54B patent verdict for Gilead's hepatitis C drugs

Gilead has won a reversal on a ruling for its patent suit with Merck regarding its hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni after US District Judge Leonard Stark of Delaware decided Merck's patent was invalid and didn't fulfill a requirement disclosing how the treatment can be made without undue experimentation. Stark's ruling overturned a jury verdict that had required Gilead Sciences to pay Merck a record $2.54 billion for the patent infringement.

Comcast to test wireless services on 3.5 GHz band

Comcast will be testing fixed and mobile wireless services using the 3.5 GHz CBRS band in Philadelphia, the home of its headquarters. The company will use three types of radio transmitters and three types of mobile devices and handsets during the trials.

Many unsure how tied Trump is to a gas-tax increase
The Hill

President Donald Trump has expressed support for raising the gas tax, but opponents and supporters are uncertain about his conviction, given his ability to "flip positions on a dime." Many in the business community support an increase, but many conservatives oppose it.

Largest offshore oil, gas lease sale scheduled for March
The Hill

The largest oil and natural gas lease auction in US history is scheduled to take place on March 21, the Interior Department announced Friday. The auction will involve 77.3 million acres offshore Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

JetBlue, N.Y. Botanical Garden join on Caribbean conservation

JetBlue Airways is working with the New York Botanical Garden to develop a Caribbean consortium to address conservation and commerce in the region. "JetBlue wants to protect the region's natural beauty, which in turn protects progress and our business," said Sophia Mendelsohn, head of sustainability at JetBlue.

Detroit sees wave of hotel development

Siren Hotel, the Shinola Hotel and the Element Detroit Hotel are all slated to open in Detroit this year. A new project near Little Caesars Arena would bring 100 rooms to an eight-story building in the city's Cass Corridor.