These 4 outdated strategies ruin your hiring process

Relying on GPA, scripted interview questions and instincts about job candidates hurts employers' search for talented candidates, Come Recommended founder Heather Huhman writes. Huhman details four replacement strategies, including personalized interviews and proper data analysis, to create a diverse hiring pool.

Student designs system for family oyster farm

A student who plans to enroll in Yale University in the fall used welding, carpentry and electrical skills to help design and build an experimental oyster-growing system for his family's business. Mercator Osinski said he learned the skills by watching YouTube videos.

Bitcoin watchers can't rest on weekends, strategist says

Those watching the cryptocurrency market need to be vigilant on weekends, says independent technical strategist Mark Newton, who moved quickly to warn clients last weekend to consider offloading bitcoin when its price fell sharply. Figures show that since December, cryptocurrency volatility has been especially high on weekends.

Walmart plans hybrid Sam's Club in Dallas area

Walmart plans to open a smaller, high-tech version of Sam's Club as a test store in a 32,000-square-foot location in the Dallas area that formerly held a Neighborhood Market. The store will be convenience-focused and offer Scan and Go technology.

Protect your computer from attacks with just a few clicks

Phishing attacks are one of the most common cyberattacks, and many consumers are unaware of one simple trick they can use to bolster their security against them. Changing the Domain Name System of a computer that's automatically set takes just a few clicks and is an easy trick to help safeguard against attacks.

China's 618 fest and what marketers can learn

This month's 18-day 618 e-commerce festival in China is expected to break its $17.6 billion sales record from 2017 -- a figure that is more than three times higher than Black Friday sales in the US last year. Franklin Chu explores what makes the online sales event so successful and what marketers worldwide can learn when it comes to sales preparation, promotion and customer service.

H&M's COS brand weaves cotton scraps into new sweatshirts

UK-based COS, a fashion retail brand owned by H&M, has launched a line of sweatshirts made with leftover cotton scraps. The Repurposed Cotton Project shreds and compacts the scraps before weaving them into the new fabrics that are used in the shirts.

Apple may turn to iPhones for laptop chips

Apple's next laptops may receive a boost from the company's self-designed chips, which are among the fastest mobile processors in the world. In September, Apple introduced the A10X processor, saying it was faster than 80% of Windows notebooks sold in the previous year, and the technology may be used in its future line of laptops.

AMA urges federal government to control increasing prices of insulin

The American Medical Association is urging the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission to monitor market competition and pricing for insulin, which experienced a cost increase from $4.34 to $12.92 per milliliter between 2002 and 2013, because of the negative financial impact the rising cost has on patients. "The AMA also plans to educate physicians and policymakers on ways to tackle this problem, and transparency from manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers is a good place to start," says AMA board member William McDade.

Comcast makes official bid for Fox assets

Comcast on Wednesday made a formal, all-cash, $65 billion bid for 21st Century Fox assets and agreed to pay at least $4 billion in fees if the deal doesn't gain regulatory approval. The new bid could halt Fox's talks with Disney, which previously agreed to acquire the assets for $52.4 billion.

Spokane public works department begins using drone

Lawmakers in Spokane, Wash., adopted a measure that allows the public works department to operate a drone. It will monitor anything from water main breaks to construction projects and could improve safety and project speed.

Oil production from Alaskan refuge may be more than 12 years away

Oil production likely won't begin in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska until after 2030. The Energy Information Administration said companies will need time to acquire leases, look for oil and build infrastructure in the refuge, which may offer 5.7 billion to 16 billion barrels of oil in the coastal plain.

UPS to upgrade avionics on more than half its fleet

UPS is upgrading the avionics systems on 137 Boeing 757 and 767 freighters and 52 Airbus A300s, a process expected to take two and a half years. "This will allow us to be able to configure the aircraft to continue flying at least another 20, perhaps 30 years," says Christian Kast, UPS advanced flight manager.

Marriott exec: Europe offers ample room for brands

Citing growth opportunity in Europe as a key factor, Marriott International's global brand officer Tina Edmundson, at Skift Forum Europe, said the company has no immediate plans to drop its 30 brands.