Why slacking off can be good for employees

Employees who feel they don't have enough time, support or resources are more likely to make mistakes, write Kelly Monahan, Mark Cotteleer and Jen Fisher of Deloitte Services. To combat this, leaders must allow people to build in periods of downtime so they can recharge their batteries and ultimately improve their performance.

College leaders aim to curb protests as students return to campus
7/22/2016 InsideHigherEd.com

Several college presidents, including Harris Pastides at the University of South Carolina, are issuing letters to students ahead of the fall semester requesting calm and collaboration on campus in response to racially charged events over the summer. "Come back to campus ready to learn and prepared for conversations to come," Pastides wrote.

PBOC's Zhou pledges to stabilize the yuan

Responding to speculation about a sudden strengthening of the yuan late last week, Zhou Xiaochuan, head of the People's Bank of China, said the central bank is working to maintain the stability of the yuan measured against a basket of currencies. "We are sticking with a managed floating exchange rate system, and that's a policy stance we have been reiterating for years," he said.

Dunkin' hatches a plan to upgrade its egg patty

Dunkin' Donuts will include less water and more eggs in its egg patty in response to increased consumer demand for high-quality ingredients. The new patty will debut in mid-August as part of an ongoing effort to refresh the menu.

Data review shows Mediterranean diet may reduce health risks

Following a Mediterranean diet, without restricting fats, may reduce the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular events, according to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine that analyzed data from dozens of studies. "It turns out that the obesity epidemic in this country is probably more due to our increased consumption of refined grains and added sugar and not so much from our fat consumption," said researcher Hanna Bloomfield of the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

How to get more out of Facebook ads
7/22/2016 Marketing Land

Proving positive return on investment from social media marketing is a challenge, writes Blaise Lucey. He offers five tips to improve ROI, including targeting ads more carefully, choosing the right ad format and using content that features customers.

Survey: Back-to-school shoppers to spend 11% more this year

US families are expected to spend $75.8 billion on back-to-school shopping for kids from kindergarten through college, an 11% jump from last year's spending, according to an NRF survey. "Heading into the second half of the year, we are optimistic that overall economic growth and consumer spending will continue to improve as they did in the first two quarters of the year," NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.

Last VCR-maker throws in the towel
7/22/2016 BBC

Japan's Funai Electric, the last VCR-maker in existence, plans to shut down VCR production in August. The company has had difficulty sourcing parts.

97 new regions found in updated map of human brain

Researchers have updated a map of the brain, identifying 97 new regions, according to a study published in Nature. The new brain map, created using data from the Human Connectome Project, can be used to understand more about how the brain works and could help find causes of such disorders as Alzheimer's disease or schizophrenia.

Ailes resigns from 21st Century Fox
7/22/2016 The Associated PressCNNMoney

21st Century Fox announced Thursday that Roger Ailes has resigned from his role as CEO of Fox News and Fox Business Network following harassment accusations. Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch will take on his role at both networks until a replacement is found.

Microsoft spending billions on data centers in Iowa

Microsoft is already building two data centers in Iowa valued at $2 billion and now plans to invest at least $417.7 million on a third one, according to media reports. The projects are expected to bring additional residential and commercial development.

Elon Musk unveils his "master plan"
7/22/2016 NBC NewsCNBC

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has unveiled his plan for his company: a sweeping vision that will see it fusing with SolarCity; providing car-sharing services; and developing compacts, trucks and buses in addition to its existing electric vehicle lineup. Critics said Musk's plan was "long on exciting visions of the future and short on financial details".

Vacationers, low fuel costs boost Hawaiian Airlines' earnings

In the second quarter, Hawaiian Airlines posted earnings growth of 62.9%, boosted by vacation travel and low fuel costs. Net income for the company hit $79.6 million for the period.

Singaporean spas pamper guests with eateries

Spas and onsens in Singapore are offering guests full meals at in-house eateries. This article details menu choices at several spas.