Inclusivity lessons from "Hidden Figures"

"Hidden Figures," a film about three African-American female mathematicians integral to the 1960s space race, is a perfect example of how deep prejudice interferes with talent recognition and progress, writes Terence Brake of TMA World. Brake urges employers to see the film and to normalize inclusivity, as prejudice appears to sneak back into the mainstream.

How to launch makerspaces
2/21/2017 SmartBrief/Education

Three educators during a panel discussion at TCEA 2017 offered tips to help school leaders start meaningful maker programs. This blog post outlines their ideas and a list of free resources.

Hensarling revising Financial CHOICE Act
2/21/2017 HousingWire

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, is drafting revisions to the Financial CHOICE Act that would significantly alter the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's functions. Hensarling recently referred to the structure of the CFPB as "a tyranny."

Kroger turns to tech to merge in-store, online shopping

Kroger strives to create an in-store shopping experience that is similar to online shopping, tapping technology including infrared sensors, data algorithms, personalized mobile apps and e-commerce offerings including in-store pickup and delivery in an effort to make wait times shorter and foster an interactive shopping trip, according to CIO Chris Hjelm. Next up, the nation's largest supermarket will test smart shelves that can sense where shoppers are walking and send relevant offers to their mobile devices.

Study ties breastfeeding to lower metabolic syndrome risk

A Korean study in the Journal of Women's Health found breastfeeding for at least 12 months over a woman's lifetime was associated with a lower risk of metabolic syndrome, compared with breastfeeding for less than 12 months. The findings were based on more than 4,700 women ages 19 to 50 years.

Taco Bell's CMO on its bold marketing strategy
2/21/2017 Chief Marketer

Taco Bell marketing chief Marisa Thalberg explains how the brand is attracting a cult-like following via a Super Bowl campaign poking fun at fads, celebrating local heroes, selling branded products at a new store on the Las Vegas Strip and encouraging couples to enter a competition to become the first people to be married at the restaurant. "It's not yesterday's Taco Bell for sure," Thalberg says.

Wal-Mart sees growth from purchase

Wal-Mart is reporting 29% growth in online sales in the fourth quarter, the third straight quarter the retail giant is seeing double-digit growth. Wal-Mart's $3.3 billion acquisition of in 2016 is helping Wal-Mart to take on online seller Amazon.

Study: Mobile video viewership continues to rise
2/21/2017 MediaPost Communications

Sixty-seven percent of consumers watch video on their mobile phones, while 57% tune in to mobile video daily, an AOL Advertising study has found. The study also found that shorter video content was more likely to be watched, with just 31% of respondents watching videos exceeding 20 minutes every day.

FDA issues warning about dog foods containing pentobarbital
2/21/2017 Food Poisoning Bulletin

The FDA warned pet owners not to feed their pets certain Evanger's and Against the Grain dog foods because the agency is still investigating the companies after the euthanasia drug pentobarbital was found in unopened dog food cans and in the stomach contents of one dog that died after consuming the food. The FDA hasn't released an official summary of its ongoing investigation yet, but there is preliminary evidence of other manufacturing and food-sourcing violations.

Sen. Thune: What's next for tech policies

Congress' input will be important in considering the future of net neutrality and changing overreaching regulations, Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said in a recent interview. Thune also said he favors broadband privacy rules created in 2016, and he spoke about advancing 5G with the Mobile Now Act.

Aging dams create major challenges for engineers
2/21/2017 The Washington Times

A $1 billion project to upgrade the spillway at Folsom Dam and the recent disaster at the Oroville Dam spillway demonstrate opposite ends of the dam-maintenance spectrum and the challenges engineers face with older dams. Experts says the problem has only increased as the climate changes.

Analysis: Strong US wind industry is creating job stability

The US wind industry has become a stable energy source in the US, supported by federal mechanisms, such as the wind energy Production Tax Credit, according to this analysis. Observers say the industry's stability is feeding the demand for wind energy technicians because more employers are feeling confident enough to make long-term employment decisions.

JetBlue unveils special "Blueprint" livery
2/21/2017 Airline Geeks

JetBlue is marking its 17th year in business with a new special livery dubbed "Blueprint" on an Embraer 190 passenger jet. Other special liveries currently in service with JetBlue include Vets in Blue, FDNY and "What's Old is Blue Again."

Commentary: Walls give way in future hotel design
2/21/2017 Building Design

Tomorrow's hotel will be a non-hotel, adapted to the family and social life of guests and blended into the surrounding community, a top member of the design group Gensler writes. Claire Richmond describes the company's winning submission in the prestigious Sleep 2016 competition.