What to do before going full time with your startup

Before quitting your job to work on your business, figure out how much income you will need each month to survive, writes Andy Ayim. Split your expenses into fixed and variable costs, and look for ways to chip away at the latter, he writes.

Do high-school students need homework?
8/30/2016 U.S. News & World Report

There are three key questions teachers should ask before deciding whether to eliminate homework. Several educators suggest their peers ask themselves where the motivation to eliminate homework is coming from, whether students will receive adequate instruction without it and whether there are benefits to homework for high-schoolers.

Consumer spending up for 4th straight month
8/30/2016 Reuters

Add to hawkish interest-rate comments from the Federal Reserve a fourth month of rising consumer spending. July's 0.3% increase follows June's 0.5% gain, indicating that momentum from the second quarter is extending into the third.

Eco-labels don't guarantee guilt-free seafood
8/30/2016 GreenBiz.com

A Greenpeace report argues that seafood suppliers still have plenty of work to do to ensure sustainable supply chains. Overconsumption and domestic and international labor violations are among the concerns.

CMS proposes ACA changes to mitigate insurer risk
8/30/2016 Business Insider

The CMS has released 14 proposals to address challenges with the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges that have contributed to the enrollment of sicker-than-expected populations. The proposed changes include improving outreach to young adults, adding flexibility for bronze plan offerings, tightening rules for special enrollment periods and accounting for prescription-drug use in assessing patients' health status and risk profiles.

Facebook glitch leaves publishers with data shortage

Publishers are no longer receiving data from Facebook's "Graph API" feature due to a technical glitch, and the company has not confirmed when the issue will be fixed. The tool gives information on how users are engaging with content, including the number of shares.

J.Crew to launch a new line at Nordstrom
8/30/2016 Bloomberg

J.Crew will launch a fashion line at Nordstrom on Sept. 12 as part of a push to revive sales by teaming with a department store that shares its standards for customer service and experience, J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler said. Nordstrom already sells fashions from J.Crew's Madewell brand at 76 stores, and the new line will launch at 16 stores and online.

Xbox mails first customer-designed controllers
8/30/2016 CNET

Xbox Design Lab has shipped its first round of customer-designed controllers. Gamers can purchase an $80 controller and choose a color combination from more than 8 million options and can add an engraved name or message for $10 more.

FDA fast-tracks Mallinckrodt's DMD treatment
8/26/2016 eMPR.com

Mallinckrodt's Synacthen Depot, or tetracosactide, has received fast-track status from the FDA as a treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The drug, a long-acting depot formulation of a synthetic 24 amino acid melanocortin receptor agonist, is being assessed in an early-stage trial.

Report: Red tape ties up Google X "moonshot" projects
8/30/2016 Recode

Google's highly publicized "moonshot" plans, including its Project Loon balloon broadband program, have hit a snag due to internal politics and bureaucracy, states a report quoting former employees of the "Google X" experimental program. These sources said the company's Alphabet restructuring has made it more difficult to get projects out of the lab.

EPA concerned about sewer overflows in Houston

Houston has about 840 sewer overflows a year and is negotiating with the Environmental Protection Agency over which and how many improvements to make. Repairing and upgrading pipes, maintaining the system and educating the public on clog-avoidance could cost $5 billion.

US renewables have generated record-breaking power all year, says EIA
8/29/2016 Utility Dive

Renewables from non-hydro sources, such as wind and solar, have generated a record-breaking amount of the US energy mix in every month so far this year, according to the Energy Information Administration. The report said non-hydro renewables generated at least 10% of the nation's total electricity needs in both March and April.

Southwest discusses Pittsburgh growth strategy

This year, Southwest capped 11 years of steady growth, becoming the primary carrier out of Pittsburgh International Airport. The airline added flights to Los Angeles this month, and CEO Gary Kelly said he expects continued growth in the years ahead.

Going green improves bottom line for hoteliers

Hotels are finding myriad ways to reduce environmental impact and save money in the process. Charities benefit as well, from donations such as old equipment and proceeds from recycling.