Is Your Sales Organization Fit to Win?

Behavioral analytics is quickly becoming a new tool in the sales department toolbox. This discipline looks beyond how sales reps perform to study why they behave the way they do. "[T]he behavioral analytics lens reveals important, sometimes counterintuitive nuances that can make the difference between a good salesperson and a top performer," writes Natalie McCullough.

Study reveals pros, cons of later school start times
2/8/2016 T.H.E. Journal

A New York high school with a later start time reported fewer tardy students and improved discipline, but no improvement in grades or physical and mental health, according to a study in the journal Sleep. Researchers also found the later start time did not necessarily mean students slept more.

Market strategists begin to sour on US stock outlook
2/8/2016 Bloomberg

For the first time since the Iraq war in 2003, stock strategists have reduced their average estimates for the US S&P 500 Index in the early weeks of a new year. Strategists are normally upbeat early in the year, but the first weeks of 2016 have seen such disturbing developments in the oil market, interest rates and China that confidence has been shaken.

Researchers say Explorers Club dinner in 1951 wasn't mammoth, sloth

The meat eaten during an infamous Explorers Club dinner in 1951 wasn't ancient mammoth or ground sloth, according to findings published in PLOS ONE. Researchers used DNA analysis to examine a sample from that dinner that had been preserved for a member who couldn't attend. Testing revealed that the meat came from a turtle.

ADHD tied to higher obesity risk in females, study finds
2/5/2016 Medical News Today

Female patients diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder during childhood had a twofold increased likelihood of developing obesity in childhood and adulthood than those who didn't have ADHD, according to a study in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Researchers assessed 1,001 individuals with and without childhood ADHD, all born between 1976 and 1982, and found no association between obesity and stimulant treatment among those with the disorder.

Adidas ups its game on Snapchat

Adidas is launching its own Snapchat channel to give users an in-depth look at the world of soccer. The brand is seeking greater data and insights from the platform. "Data is key. If we spend on Snapchat, we want to make sure it's highly targeted so we are relevant and efficient in our communication," Adidas' Dan Bulteel said.

Target rolls out carts for shoppers with special needs

Most Target stores will have at least one cart with a special seat for shoppers whose medical conditions keep them from being able to sit in regular shopping cart seats, the retailer said. The carts, called Caroline's Carts, are designed to give parents of children with special needs an alternative to shopping with both a cart and a stroller. Other retailers including Cub Foods and Hy-Vee have added the carts at some stores.

Tech firms tap superstars for Super Bowl 50 commercials
2/8/2016 Network World

Several tech companies showed up to Super Bowl 50 on Sunday with commercials to take advantage of the game's massive audience. Amazon tapped Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino to star in its ad, T-Mobile turned to rapper Drake, Wix came up with a "Kung Fu Panda" commercial, and Squarespace used comedians Key and Peele to get its message across.

Narus Biotechnologies purchased by Cofactor Genomics

San Francisco-based Narus Biotechnologies, a startup developing neurological disease biomarkers for use in RNA-based diagnostics, will be bought by St. Louis-based Cofactor Genomics for undisclosed terms. The acquisition is expected to boost Cofactor's RNA testing abilities and support its development of RNA-based diagnostics for neurodegenerative disease and cancer.

BlackBerry will shed 200 jobs as transition continues

BlackBerry confirmed Friday that it will eliminate roughly 200 jobs at its Ontario headquarters and in Florida. The company is in the midst of transforming itself from a hardware company into a mobile security and software services provider for businesses.

Renderings: 5,577-foot tower planned in Japan

Next Tokyo is a concept that would create a cluster of man-made islands in Japan's Tokyo Bay. Its focal point would be a 5,577-foot tower that would become the world's tallest, able to house 55,000 people. Next Tokyo's goal is to mitigate the effects of climate change and help protect the city from flooding.

Markey: Export of natural gas from New England is misguided

Federal regulators have made a mistake in their decision to allow almost a billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to be exported from New England, according to Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass. He said allowing gas to be transported by pipeline through the region for export won't benefit residents but will simply treat New England as a production highway.

Photos: A brief history of airline food
2/8/2016 Business Insider

Richard Foss, author of a book about airline food, said cooking technology allows a variety of foods to be served on aircraft. "Food in the Air and Space: The Surprising History of Food and Drink in the Skies" looks back at decades of in-flight dining.

How to assess, meet the Airbnb challenge

The sharing economy represented by HomeAway and Airbnb has grown from fringe to mainstream, but its competitive effect on the hotel business is still to be measured, columnist Bryan Wroten says. Noting that the rental demographic has extended beyond millennials, he counsels traditional hoteliers to be flexible.