Lego's sales decline signals a change coming

Lego is replacing its CEO and looking to simplify operations after seeing its first revenue decline in 13 years. David Robertson, professor at The Wharton School, believes slower growth is to be expected in a more digital world and that the company can benefit from more competitive pricing.

How to create excitement around STEM lessons

Connecting science, technology, engineering and math lessons to the real world is a great way to excite students, asserts Kenneth Huff, a middle-school science teacher in New York and a 2017 STEM Teacher Ambassador. Huff shares ideas in this article, including how he presents his class with a science "phenomena" -- such as why water balloons break only sometimes -- and asks students to provide explanations.

How much will the Fed shrink its balance sheet?

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is widely expected to announce this week the start of passive unwinding of the central bank's $4.5 trillion portfolio, but how much the balance sheet will shrink remains unknown. The Fed's liabilities have increased, so the balance sheet must remain larger than the 2008 level, which was less than $900 billion.

Lidl plans further expansion in Texas

German discount grocer Lidl has purchased land in the San Antonio, Texas, market that indicates the retailer will expand in an area where rival H-E-B has plans to open a new store in November, according to property records. Lidl's San Antonio expansion would add to its presence in the state, which also includes planned stores in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.

WHO issues plan to increase physical activity worldwide

The World Health Organization's draft Global Action Plan on Physical Activity for 2018 to 2030 focuses on policies and multidisciplinary approaches to promoting physical activity around the world. The plan was developed after slow progress was seen meeting a 2013 World Health Assembly goal to reduce physical inactivity by 10% by 2025.

Twitter joins Facebook, Google in stopping hate-targeted ads

Twitter has rectified the "bug" on its site that enabled advertisers to target users based on their racist or otherwise offensive tweets or handles. The move comes as Facebook and Google were also revealed to have let advertisers target users based on hate content, and both have since introduced their own measures to fix the issue.

High-tech solutions face barriers to last-mile delivery

It's unlikely that drones and self-driving cars will deliver last-mile packages soon, due in part to the inflexibility of fixed infrastructure. Key solutions to help reduce emissions, a major concern for cities, include urban warehouses, electric vehicles and load sharing, according to a report from McKinsey.

Analysis: Equifax recovery could be one of the expensive in history

While the full scale of the effects of the Equifax data breach won't be seen for months or possibly years, researchers estimate that recovery could cost billions of dollars and be the most expensive ever seen. Legal expenses, fines and fees could all contribute to these costs, as could expenses incurred from insurance rate hikes and damage to the company's reputation.

FDA approves Neos' ADHD drug

The FDA granted approval to Neos Therapeutics' Adzenys ER, which is indicated to treat patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Viacom CEO: US will soon have a sports-free skinny bundle

Viacom CEO Bob Bakish at a conference Wednesday said he is "highly confident" that a sports-free skinny bundle will launch in the US this year, but he did not confirm reports that Viacom has teamed up with other programmers to create such a bundle. Bakish did confirm that the company is establishing a unit that will focus on direct-to-consumer programming; he also noted that talks with virtual multichannel video programming distributors remain ongoing.

Wildfire prevention efforts stymied as funds go to fighting fires

A particularly active wildfire season is straining resources across the West, leading to a harder look at preventive measures such as controlled burns and forest thinning. One problem, however, is that funding funneled into suppression efforts once fires start subtracts from budgets for needed efforts to prevent fires in the first place.

Texas fuel storage facilities get relief from some EPA rules

The Environmental Protection Agency has suspended several rules for gasoline storage facilities and bulk fuel terminals, including tank tightness and registration standards under the Clean Air Act and rules on gasoline storage tank emissions. "Under EPA's no action assurance letters, the facilities must continue to exercise good air pollution control practices and comply with all other federal, state and local environmental laws," the agency said.

American Airlines to build $100M maintenance center in Brazil

Brazil has approved American Airlines' plan to build a $100 million maintenance center at Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport. The approval allows the airline to use the space for up to 40 years.

Amtrak's new campaign shows advantages of train travel
The Hill

Amtrak's "Break the Travel Quo" campaign courts travelers with online ads and videos highlighting the pluses of traveling by train. Amtrak doesn't charge baggage fees, offers comfortable seating with no middle seats, and allows passengers to talk on their cellphones and move about at will.