With new focus, Foursquare heads toward profitability
3/28/2017 Entrepreneur magazine

Foursquare generated buzz as a consumer app letting people check into locations throughout the day, but finding a sustainable business model has taken a bit longer. The company is moving closer to profitability, driven by a revenue model that focuses on monetizing its data and reaching out to enterprise customers.

Senators seek FAFSA guidance for students
3/28/2017 The Hill

Several US senators are asking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to provide guidance to help students complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid paperwork after an online data-retrieval tool from the IRS was taken down for security reasons. The lawmakers also asked the department to consider allowing applicants to submit signed copies of tax returns to fulfill FAFSA requirements.

How the small investor is driving the stock market
3/28/2017 Bloomberg

Hedge funds and corporate investors are increasingly turning away from equities, leaving small, retail investors to drive the market, according to this analysis. That has experts wondering whether the bull market is sustainable.

Schnucks makes warehouse deals in supply chain shift

Schnuck Markets has chosen Penske Logistics to operate a 915,000-square-foot fresh food warehouse in Missouri and reached an agreement with union workers at another warehouse in the state. The moves are part of the retailer's transition to a new structure in the supply chain.

Improved glycemic control tied to virtual glucose management, study finds

Researchers noted a 36% drop in hypoglycemic readings and a 39% reduction in the daily number of inpatients with two or more blood glucose values of 12.5 mmol/L or greater in the year following implementation of virtual glucose management services, according to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Researchers conducted a 36-month cross-sectional study involving adult inpatients who underwent point-of-care blood glucose testing and used the virtual service, which includes automated reports along with clinician review and notes that are incorporated into the EMRs.

The value of using multiple marketing messages
3/28/2017 Tomasz Tunguz blog

Early in Box's history, the company's website emphasized the practical benefits of its product while CEO Aaron Levie focused on his large-scale vision when presenting at conferences. The anecdote illustrates the value of segmenting your customer base and helping your audience understand where your product is headed, writes venture capitalist Tomasz Tunguz.

Ford works with supply chain on sustainability

Ford Motor is encouraging its suppliers to "green" their efforts using 350 best practices and tools the automaker also uses. Over the next five years, its supply chain may save 550 million gallons of water and reduce carbon emissions by 500,000 metric tons.

Samsung to bring refurbished Note7s to market
3/28/2017 Reuters

Samsung has announced plans to sell refurbished Galaxy Note7 phones. The company also intends to sell many components in the Note7 devices, including camera modules and chips, and recover such metals as copper, silver and nickel.

Tesaro's ovarian cancer drug gets FDA nod
3/28/2017 Pharmacy Times online

Tesaro's Zejula, or niraparib, has received FDA approval as a maintenance treatment for adults with recurrent epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer whose tumors have shrunk completely or in part because of platinum-based chemotherapy. The approval was based on a clinical study in which Zejula showed higher median progression-free survival of patients with BRCA mutation compared with placebo.

House votes today on elimination of FCC privacy regulations
3/28/2017 The Hill

The House will vote today on eliminating a Federal Communications Commission privacy policy that affects internet service providers. The bill, which is widely expected to pass, would nullify rules that require broadband providers to obtain permission to use or share consumer data.

How protecting the Texas coast could also improve recreation
3/28/2017 Texas Architect Magazine

Storm surges in Galveston Bay, Texas, threaten economic and ecological disaster, but it's possible that a coastal-protection effort could also create parkland and offer residential recreation opportunities, Renee Reder writes. "Considering the risk of a disaster in the bay without any action, it is equally important to understand what a proposal for the bay could produce for the community," Reder writes.

Iowa governor: Trump will keep wind energy PTC in place

President Donald Trump will likely maintain the wind energy Production Tax Credit, especially with Energy Secretary Rick Perry in his Cabinet, said Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. "I think that President Trump recognizes how important renewable energy was to his victory here in Iowa and the heartland," he said.

Hawaiian, pilots reach deal; includes 45% pay raise
3/28/2017 Air Transport World

Hawaiian Airlines' 670 pilots have ratified a new five-year labor deal with the airline. The new contract includes pay increases of up to 45%.

St. Lucia's BodyHoliday offers fun and good health
3/28/2017 Forbes

BodyHoliday, on the island of St. Lucia, is a wellness resort that offers fitness classes led by world-renowned athletes, healthful foods and spa treatments. Spa lovers looking to indulge can enjoy sumptuous meals, wines and an array of fun activities.