5 qualities of leaders who use emotions effectively

One of the biggest reasons new leaders struggle is a lack of emotional intelligence, writes Naphtali Hoff, echoing the sentiments of Philadelphia Eagles CEO Jeffrey Lurie. Hoff explains psychologist Daniel Goleman's five qualities of emotional intelligence and says leaders can learn to be more self-aware and more attuned to the emotions of others. "And since emotions have a ripple effect, leaders must uphold their responsibility to maintain a productive environment," Hoff writes.

Does federal budget proposal include enough money for ed-tech?
2/11/2016 T.H.E. Journal

President Barack Obama's proposed budget for fiscal year 2017 includes $500 million for new grants to support technology usage by schools and other activities specified in the Every Student Succeeds Act. However, the International Society for Technology in Education says that more money is needed to properly fund training and technology for schools.

Banks turn down bets against subprime auto loans
2/11/2016 Bloomberg

Hedge funds are eager to short securities backed by subprime auto loans, but few banks are willing to make such transactions. Banks say new laws make such deals difficult. They also worry that their reputations would be tarnished if they participated in the deals.

How Starbucks made the shift to ethical sourcing
2/11/2016 GreenBiz.com

Starbucks' $70 million ethical-sourcing campaign has paid dividends and helped the company achieve 99% ethical sourcing, thanks to clear goals and priorities, writes Margo Mosher. "By leveraging existing prioritization and goal-setting tools, companies can focus on integrating the most important issues into their business strategies," Mosher explains.

Study: Lower patient-to-nurse ratios linked to better survival

A study in the British Medical Journal found that a patient-to-nurse ratio of no more than six patients per nurse is associated with 20% lower patient mortality than when each nurse is responsible for at least 10 patients. Findings also show a 17% reduction in mortality with lower patient-to-nurse ratios in surgical wards.

Twitter campaign gives Penguins a new post-goal song
2/11/2016 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A bartender's Twitter and YouTube campaign to have the Pittsburgh Penguins use "Party Hard" by Andrew W.K. as a theme song has paid off, with the team adopting the song for post-goal celebrations. The campaign drew 33 million impressions.

Target to shoot live music video during Grammy Awards

Gwen Stefani will film a four-minute music video and Target commercial live on a Los Angeles soundstage during the Grammy Awards next week. The retailer, which last year debuted a live performance/commercial by Imagine Dragons during the music awards show, is billing the new effort as "the first music video ever created on live television."

Immersit aims to augment home movie watching
2/11/2016 TechCrunch

A Kickstarter campaign is underway for Immersit's bases, which move and vibrate. They go under the legs of a chair or couch to make the furniture vibrate and move up and down and side to side to augment the experience of watching a movie at home. The company claims its kit can recognize what movie is playing and add motion accordingly.

New specialty drug division created by Pfizer
2/10/2016 PMLive.com (U.K.)

Pfizer said it will establish a new division by integrating Allergan's ophthalmology and aesthetics products to its consumer health product line upon the completion of its $160 billion purchase of Allergan. The new global specialty and consumer brand division will operate under Pfizer's innovative products unit. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the second half of this year.

LightSquared becomes Ligado

LightSquared has a new identity -- Ligado Networks -- and plenty of spectrum, but the company has yet to win regulatory approval to deploy those frequencies. CEO Doug Smith said Ligado, which recently emerged from bankruptcy, is considering its business options. "Our plan is to build a business here and to put the spectrum to use," Smith said.

P3 being used to build new city hall in Long Beach, Calif.

Long Beach, Calif., is using a public-private partnership to build a new $530 million city hall, port headquarters, library and park. The project includes two 11-story buildings, and the city will pay for the projects over 40 years. A $390 million courthouse in Long Beach was also built using P3.

We need to scrub the atmosphere, not just slow emissions
2/11/2016 Nature (free content)

Meeting the world's Paris climate goals will prove tricky if countries focus solely on reducing their emissions and not on actively cleaning the atmosphere, writes Phil Williamson. "[T]he unwelcome truth is that, unless a lot more effort is made to cut emissions, significant CO2 removal will need to begin around 2020," he warns.

American Airlines to offer service to Curacao

American Airlines plans to debut service between Charlotte, N.C., and the Caribbean island of Curacao. The carrier will deploy Airbus A319 aircraft for the weekly route.

Review: American VIP service makes travel "effortless"

American Airlines offers a concierge service, Five Star Service, that can be purchased as an amenity. Chris Chamberlin tested the service in Los Angeles and New York, and concluded that "American Airlines' VIP service makes travelling as effortless as possible for seriously high flyers -- on departure, at least."