Why companies want military veterans for cybersecurity
5/23/2017 CSO

Companies such as PwC and IBM are beefing up cybersecurity by recruiting military veterans with experience in intelligence gathering and communication. These individuals have character, discipline and skills to police internet activity, says Proficio President Tim McElwee.

Teen: Living life without filters
5/23/2017 KQED

It takes courage to buck the pressures of social media and post real, unaltered images of oneself online, teenager Sarah Kendrick writes in this commentary. Kendrick urges her peers to ditch image-editing tools and embrace the beauty of their imperfect, natural selves.

Huntsman, Clariant sign $14B merger deal
5/23/2017 Reuters

US chemical company Huntsman and Swiss competitor Clariant have agreed to merge, creating an entity with a market value of about $14 billion.

Lowes Foods to expand in S.C.

Lowes Foods will open a new store in Lexington, S.C., this week, with another new store to follow there this summer. The move is part of Lowes' bigger expansion in South Carolina, which also includes a new store in a former Bi-Lo location in Columbia and two additional stores in Summerville and Mount Pleasant.

Report: 49% of health care groups experienced file-sharing data breach
5/23/2017 Health IT Security

A report from the Ponemon Institute and Metalogix found that in the past two years, 49% of about 1,400 health care organizations surveyed have experienced one or more confirmed file-sharing data breaches. Fifty-eight percent of respondents reported that their organization does not do enough to see that users of Microsoft SharePoint handle confidential or sensitive data appropriately, and 79% questioned existing tools' ability to safeguard sensitive data from a targeted breach or unintentional exposure, the report found.

Digital habits of Gen Z: YouTube is essential
5/23/2017 Adweek

Half of people ages 13 to 20 say they "can't live" without YouTube, nearly all use it, and males are 24% more likely than females to say the platform is essential, per Defy Media. Two-thirds of the 1,500 Gen Z people surveyed use YouTube to watch how-to videos, and 24% use it to get recommendations about products.

Why Amazon is making its Seattle neighborhood bananas

Amazon created a Community Banana Stand in its Seattle neighborhood two years ago to give out free bananas to the public and has since added a second stand. The online retail giant has given more than 1.7 million to its employees and area residents, and restaurants in the area have seen their sales of bananas fall as patrons pick them up from Amazon for free.

Sony CEO predicts big returns on changes
5/23/2017 BloombergThe Japan Times

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has cut costs, ended costly product lines, and focused on research and development in his five years at Sony's helm, and he expects that his efforts will pay off this year. Sony could report its highest annual operating profit in nearly two decades.

Dow-DuPont merger to close by Sept. 1

Dow Chemical and DuPont's planned $130 billion merger is on track and will likely close between Aug. 1 and Sept. 1, according to the companies. They said they are working with regulators in the rest of the relevant jurisdictions to get clearances for the merger.

Viacom CEO talks flagship updates, entertainment package
5/23/2017 The Hollywood Reporter

Viacom is revamping some of its flagship brands to bring in more viewers, with moves including a shift to make MTV more cheerful and upbeat with shows such as "Prom Proposal" and "My Super Sweet 16" and bringing higher-quality content to Paramount Network, says CEO Bob Bakish. Also, the company is in discussions to provide an affordable entertainment package that will run $10 to $20 per month.

Trump decreases funding request for border wall

The Trump administrated presented its proposed fiscal 2018 that includes $1.6 billion for the wall between Mexico and the US. At one point, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said the 2017 and 2018 budget would allot $4.1 billion for the wall, and the White House said the decrease was partially due to a compromise reached with Democrats on a budget extension.

Volvo envisions future with electric vehicles
5/23/2017 GreenBiz

Volvo plans to launch its first fully electric passenger car in China in 2019 and has developed an electric bus being used in Sweden. The company announced last week that will soon stop making diesel cars.

Meteors likely leaving bits of metal in Mars' atmosphere
5/23/2017 Space

Meteors may be leaving behind bits of metal in the Martian sky as they fly through the planet's atmosphere, according to a study published online in Nature Geoscience. Researchers analyzed data collected over two years by NASA's MAVEN space probe.

Hotels embrace technology to stay competitive
5/23/2017 Hospitality Net

With guests coming to expect the convenience of automated, intuitive systems, it behooves hoteliers to embrace technology. Hilton, for example, is testing the potential of a robotic concierge to automate some guest services.