Why buyers should be treated like co-pilots

By treating prospects as co-pilots, representatives can handle the unexpected turbulence that often arises during the sales process, writes Rick Cheatham. Have your sales reps monitor interactions for signs of hesitation and address them using the information they've received by asking intelligent questions.

Colleges change IT systems to retain students

Nearly three-quarters of colleges and universities say they've shifted their organizational structures to focus on retaining students and helping them graduate, according to research by Unit4, a provider of higher-ed student management systems. The study found that 62% of institutions had revamped their student portals and other self-service apps to improve how students use these interfaces.

Brexit deal could materialize in next 3 weeks

UK and EU negotiators over the next three weeks are working on a plan to resolve the most difficult aspects of Britain's departure from the EU. However, a variety of contentious issues remain, including how much the UK will pay the EU when it leaves.

Taking an in-depth look at the Lidl-ALDI rivalry

German discount grocer Lidl opened its first store in New Jersey last week, as the retailer ramps up competition in the U.S. with rival German discounter ALDI. The retailers each boast global store counts of more than 10,000 locations, and ALDI has set sights on operating 2,200 U.S. stores within the next five years.

OIG to review Medicaid payments for telemedicine, telehealth services

To ensure that Medicaid complies with telehealth and telemedicine reimbursement requirements, the HHS Office of Inspector General will audit payments made by the program for these services and plans to release a report in 2019. The review will be conducted by the Office of Audit Services.

Why marketers are growing more excited about podcasts

The Interactive Advertising Bureau released a guide for advertisers about podcasts in August, a sign that the format should be taken seriously, and industry execs share their thoughts on the potential of branded storytelling. "There's a shift with money leaving TV and radio. For the next three to five years, it's like the new ground floor of podcasting," says Seth Greene, CEO of Market Domination LLC.

Surcharge pricing from UPS has retailers looking for other options

UPS is charging more for deliveries made between Nov. 19 and Dec. 3 and from mid-December through Christmas. Retailers are dealing with this by turning to other delivery options and offering "no hurry shipping" options to consumers.

Democrats push to spend $400M to secure elections

House Democrats on the independent election security task force are floating the idea of using $400 million left over from the 2002 Help America Vote Act to help bolster election security. The funds could be used to replace outdated voting machines, the group wrote in a letter to the House Appropriations Committee.

3 supplement companies settle charges of false advertisement

Florida-based Cyber Business Technology, NextGen Nutritionals and Strictly Health settled Federal Trade Commission false advertising charges, in which they were said to be marketing and selling dietary supplements with claims of curing a variety of conditions and achieving high levels of weight loss. The five dietary supplements with false claims include BioMazing HCG Full-Potency Weight-Loss Drops, VascuVite, Hoodoba, Immune Strong and Fucoidan Force.

RFD-TV embraces rural America

Family-owned RFD-TV appeals to senior citizens and rural viewers by airing agriculture-focused content, variety series and reruns of family-friendly content, such as the series "Hee Haw." Founder Patrick Gottsch says the network's goal is to "reconnect city with country."

Private investment flows into public water systems
CBS News

Bluefield Research says private companies in the US invested or have plans for $2 billion in water projects during the first half of 2017 and expects that trend will continue. Some people are skeptical that private investment is the best solution for the nation's aging water systems.

4,000 solar panels help Falcons' stadium win LEED Platinum status

The new stadium for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons is being billed as the "most sustainable sports venue in the world." The stadium uses 47% less water than standard structures and has LED lighting, 4,000 solar panels and EV charging stations -- features that helped lead to its LEED Platinum certification.

TSA finds 3,733 guns so far in 2017, setting a new record

Transportation Security Administration officers screening passengers nationwide have found a new record 3,733 guns so far this year, more than the 3,391 found in all of 2016.

Success for men's spas requires different amenities, goals

Men who go to spas want to be entertained, experts note. Hotel spas that offer beer, more food options, sports on TV and more thermal options will do well.