JBS case sends message to employers: Preserve evidence

Employers are reminded to preserve evidence in light of a federal judge's decision to sanction meat processor JBS USA for not showing requested documentation in a lawsuit concerning religious accommodations. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said the employer did not reasonably accommodate Muslim workers' prayer breaks; JBS USA said doing so would lower production but did not provide supporting evidence.

Study considers benefits of full course load

An analysis of national data from the Education Advisory Board found that college students who take 15 credit hours per semester had a retention rate of 90%, versus 81% for students taking fewer credit hours. The data also showed that low-income students who worked during the semester also performed better academically by taking a full course load.

Commentary: Help could be on the way for dollar, stocks

Rough recent times for stock markets and the US dollar have provided a stark contrast to the rest of the economy, which has performed well, writes Boris Schlossberg. However, the departure of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon could mean that President Donald Trump will shift his attention to tax reform, helping stocks and the dollar in the process.

Kroger tests delivery in hometown market

Kroger is teaming with vendor The Grocery Runners to test a home delivery service for grocery shoppers in its home market of Cincinnati. The service, which includes a fee for users, is among several delivery tests the retailer has participated in as Kroger works to find its best fit for a grocery delivery model.

Study: Secure messaging use tied to improved diabetes management

Diabetes patients who used secure messaging for medical advice in addition to routine visits to care providers showed better diabetes management, compared with those who did not use secure messaging, according to a study in Diabetes Care. Researchers evaluated diabetes patients enrolled in an outpatient health care organization's online portal from 2011 to 2014 and found that given visit frequency, nonusers of secure messaging had a lower likelihood of meeting an HbA1C target of less than 8% than those who used secure messaging.

Brands buzz about the plight of bees

General Mills, Whole Foods and Lowe's recently used their brands to highlight the common cause of declining bee populations, writes Cone Communications' Sophie Komornicki.

FedEx same-day service to hit Austin, Texas

FedEx has announced it will launch a same-day delivery service in Austin, Texas, that will be available seven days per week. The SameDay City service includes an app that allows customers to track their packages and receive an estimated time of delivery.

Fujitsu to offer mobile operations for sale

Fujitsu will reportedly put its mobile operations on the block, with bidding to take place as early as September. The company would end the development and manufacturing of phones, but would still maintain the brand.

Insys settles deceptive opioid-marketing lawsuit for $4.45M

Insys Therapeutics agreed to a $4.45 million settlement to resolve a lawsuit filed by the Illinois attorney general's office that accused the company of illegally marketing its fentanyl-based cancer pain drug Subsys for off-label uses to high-volume opioid prescribers.

Niche streaming services aim to stand apart from Netflix

Smaller streaming services are setting themselves apart from Netflix by focusing on specialized content. While Walt Disney is the latest to announce plans for its own streaming platform, services such as Shudder, Crunchyroll and MUBI are already competing with major players including Netflix and Hulu, because "[f]ans feel they can go deeper in contrast to a big service," PwC's Christopher Vollmer says.

Use of drones expected to increase in the building industry

The use of drones in the construction industry is in the early stages, but one report says that market will grow to 126,000 in use by 2020. Some companies use drones for topographical mapping, and experts says they could become fully autonomous in the future and be part of daily operations at job sites.

Home Depot plans stores powered by rooftop solar

Some of Home Depot's big box stores in California, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York will have solar energy systems from either GE or Tesla as the company expands its clean energy efforts. Home Depot's solar investment will increase its renewables footprint to over 130 megawatts -- nearing its 135 MW goal set for 2020.

Trump plan keeps troops in Afghanistan, focuses on ending terrorism

President Donald Trump announced the new strategy for the ongoing war in Afghanistan on Monday, focusing on "killing terrorists" rather than nation-building. Trump will keep troops in Afghanistan without relying on "arbitrary timetables" and has approved the addition of 4,000 troops to the country.

Special flight, cruise chase solar eclipse

Alaska Airlines helped passengers get a one-of-a-kind view by hosting a three-hour flight that chased the solar eclipse. Royal Caribbean offered the Total Eclipse Cruise, which featured Bonnie Tyler singing her hit song "Total Eclipse of the Heart."