Newton says Time's Up campaign has shunned her

Actress Thandie Newton says she has been excluded from the Time's Up movement in Hollywood, despite sharing her story of sexual abuse years ago, because she isn't "hot enough." Newton had detailed abuse from a director and had warned of a need to prepare children for danger.

Communities invest in teacher housing

Communities nationwide -- such as in San Francisco, Indianapolis and Miami-Dade County -- are working to provide affordable housing for teachers. Principal Ross Pippin says educators who live near the schools where they work are more connected to those communities and the schools' success.

Macron, Merkel try to persuade Trump not to scrap Iran nuclear deal

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet separately with President Donald Trump this week to try to persuade him to keep the US in an agreement that limits Iran's nuclear program. European diplomats in Washington and US officials say chances of persuading Trump to support the accord before a critical May 12 deadline are low.

Auntie Anne's decks out fans in pretzel-themed garb

Auntie Anne's has launched a line of clothing, home goods and accessories called For the Love of Pretzels, with pretzel-themed original designs. The collection includes T-shirts, sneakers, blankets and throw pillows, and profits will go to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

EHR usability issues may lead to patient harm, group says

EHR usability issues that may harm patients include auto-refresh mix-ups, incomplete laboratory results, alert fatigue, unclear default settings and inadequately tested customization, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. The organization recommends conducting safety testing during development and after an EHR system's implementation and enlisting stakeholders from throughout the industry to form a health IT safety collaborative.

Advertisers are starting to understand Amazon's ad potential

Amazon has been ramping up its ad products and services, and more interest from advertisers is pushing up costs, such as a 128% year-over-year rise in the price of headline search ads, per Merkle. Industry executives share their thoughts on the appeal of the platform, with eMarketer's Monica Peart explaining, "Amazon almost seems like they're not advertising. To the consumer, it's, 'Oh, I searched for this, and you're trying to be helpful by showing me other options.' "

RealReal's Earth Day campaign melds luxury, sustainability

Luxury fashion resale site the RealReal teamed with Stella McCartney on a campaign to stress that upscale style can be compatible with sustainable practices. The campaign, which launched for Earth Day, includes a promotion that will offer customers $100 off a new Stella McCartney purchase when they sell a used piece from the designer.

Xbox One allowing more classic games to be played on console

Microsoft's Xbox One is increasing from 21 to 32 the number of original Xbox games that are compatible with the current Xbox One. By adding software-based backward compatibility to enable users to play games from several console generations back, Microsoft is generating new interest in forgotten games and increasing sales, writer Jeremy Horwitz argues.

Senate health panel to consider opioid abuse, OTC drug safety bills

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions is scheduled to vote today on several health care-related bills, including the Opioid Crisis Response Act, a bipartisan bill that includes measures to restrict the number of painkillers physicians can prescribe, direct research toward finding nonaddictive painkillers and prevent illegal drug trafficking. Another bill up for consideration is the Over-the-Counter Drug Safety, Innovation, and Reform Act, which would revise how over-the-counter medications are regulated and allow the FDA to collect user fees on them.

YouTube now available on Cox's Contour platform

Cox users can now easily tune in to YouTube content directly through the company's X1-based Contour platform. Subscribers can access the content through Contour's user interface and voice remote and can search the app via that remote; streamed videos will count against users' 1-terabyte data caps, the company confirmed.

PennDOT begins asphalt recycling program in rural areas

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will have an active asphalt recycling program in rural areas of the state during the construction season. The agency is planning to work on upward of 600 miles of roads and at least 80 bridges.

Higher oil prices may not hurt US economy
The Hill

Although currently high global oil prices may see even more spikes in the future, the impact on the US economy will be mixed due to the country's status as the world's top oil producer. While higher prices at the pump may affect consumer spending, price increases also help support US economic growth, writes Brenda Shaffer.

Short evacuation affects some flights at Calif. airport

Ontario International Airport in California was partially evacuated Monday due to a suspicious device found at the Transportation Security Administration screening area, affecting some flights. Bomb squad personnel determined the item to be a training device and normal airport operations resumed a short time later.

Legoland California opens castle-themed hotel

Legoland California in Carlsbad will open its second onsite hotel, the Castle Hotel, on Friday. Guests of the 250-room property will be greeted by a Lego wizard statue in the lobby, can eat at the Dragon's Den restaurant and sleep in knight-, princess- or wizard-themed rooms.