Great customer service is an easy way to increase sales

Companies succeed by decreasing costs or increasing sales, and a focus on customers can increase sales without necessarily adding costs, says "Shark Tank" co-star Daymond John. "Where your success comes from customers is as follows: When you do for the customer everything you can do after you have done what you are supposed to do," he says.

How to help students develop a growth mindset
The Atlantic online

Telling children they are smart at a young age -- instead of praising their effort -- actually may have negative effects later in life, some education experts say. "When we give kids the message that mistakes are good, that successful people make mistakes, it can change their entire trajectory," Jo Boaler, professor of mathematics education at Stanford University, said at a recent conference.

Ex-Im Bank's charter expires, not likely to stay dead long

The charter for the Export-Import Bank has expired, but many experts expect it to be renewed as part of the surface-transportation funding bill expected after the July holiday break. The bank, which will continue to service its loans, previously had received bipartisan support, but that has recently split along tea party lines.

Wegmans on track to open 1st urban store in Boston

Wegmans said it is committed to opening its first urban location in Boston's Fenway neighborhood by 2018, anchoring a $500 million mixed-use development project that will also include additional retail space, apartments, offices and parking. The city's Redevelopment Authority approved 75,000 square feet of grocery space for the new Wegmans location.

Drug, device makers paid providers nearly $6.5B last year

Drug and device makers paid $6.49 billion in 2014 to 607,000 physicians and over 1,100 teaching hospitals, according to the latest CMS Open Payments report. Unethical relationships are inappropriate, the American Medical Association said, but the organization stressed that relationships between manufacturers and providers have potential to educate clinicians and improve patient care.

Apple uses video clip to debut Apple Music

Apple has departed from mainstream marketing to launch Apple Music on social media, using a 15-second video featuring Pharrell Williams and other celebrities to spread the word via Instagram and Twitter. The only hint about who is behind the video is its mention of @applemusic.

Survey: Mobile shoppers go to Amazon first
MediaPost Communications

Smartphone users go to Google most often when they're in search of information, but 45% turn first to Amazon when shopping on their mobile devices, according to a survey by Mizuho Securities. Shopping is eighth on the list of activities people are doing on their smartphones -- texting, e-mailing and searching are the top three, the survey found.

LG's hexagon battery aims to improve smartwatch life
Digital Trends

A hexagonal battery developed through LG's Free Form Battery program could boost battery life in future smartwatches by up to four hours, the company claims. "We are going to take the top position in the small-battery field in 2018," said Kwon Young Soo, president of LG Chem's battery business department.

AstraZeneca partners with Eolas on smoking cessation therapy in $145M deal

AstraZeneca has agreed to collaborate with Eolas Therapeutics on the development and commercialization of Eolas Orexin-1 Receptor Antagonist, a smoking cessation treatment, in a deal worth $145 million. Under the terms of the agreement, Eolas is entitled to receive an undisclosed upfront payment, milestone fees and sales royalties.

Auto-makers, tech firms fight for control of next-gen connected car
MIT Technology Review

Carmakers are competing with technology companies such as Google and Apple for control of the connected vehicle, states this report, which chronicles the chase for creating a common operating system for the next generation of telematic software. Increasingly, companies are pursuing advanced automotive and computing systems. "We're arguing now you need supercomputing in the car," said Danny Shapiro of chipmaker Nvidia.

Video: Apple headquarters taking shape

The so-called spaceship building that will be Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., has started to rise, and so too are its $160 million auditorium, a parking structure and other parts of the campus. Another drone video shows the latest construction progress. Despite a change in the general contractor, the project appears to be on schedule to be completed next year.

Canada's climate efforts make case for U.S. approving Keystone XL, exec says
The HillReuters

Canada's pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70% by 2050 and the Alberta government's proposed increase in the province's carbon tax give reasons for the U.S. to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, TransCanada Executive Vice President and General Counsel Kristine Delkus wrote in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry this week. She noted that realizing these efforts would confirm the project's limited environmental impact.

Columnist questions seizure of air traveler's cash

Columnist Christopher Ingraham expresses concerns about the seizure of $75,000 found in a routine passenger screening at Richmond International Airport in Virginia. Federal agents confiscated the cash found in a traveler's carry-on bag but did not charge the passenger with a crime. "This is all legal under the laws governing civil asset forfeiture," notes Ingraham.

Praise, criticism for departing Caesars CEO

Outgoing Caesars Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman received plenty of praise as well as criticism during his tenure. Loveman has been known to write personal notes to the families of top executives, extolling the virtues of his employees or thanking families for their support of key team members. However, some people, such as Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman Tony Alamo, have said Loveman provided "absentee supervision."