The audience is not your enemy
2/27/2017 SmartBrief/Leadership

Audiences generally want speakers to succeed, says Jeff Lennard of the National Association of Convenience Stores, so edit your presentation down to something that rewards them with value. This article offers other presentation tips from several executives.

Reading, play replace homework at one school

Research shows homework in elementary school may not boost academic achievement. Educators at a Vermont elementary school are testing a "no homework" policy that instead encourages reading, play and a good night's sleep.

Mnuchin: US to promote America first on global regulations
2/27/2017 Bloomberg

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin met with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and discussed the US role in global financial regulations. "Secretary Mnuchin underscored that he looked forward to working with Governor Carney on international financial regulatory issues and noted that one of the administration's core principles for financial regulation is to promote American interests in international financial regulatory negotiations and meetings," according to a Treasury department statement.

Lidl begins hiring for 800 Va. positions

German discount grocer Lidl will begin the hiring process for 800 workers in Virginia this week, as the retailer prepares to open its first stores in the US this summer. Lidl will hire 4,000 East Coast workers within a year of its US launch, which will start with 20 stores in Virginia and North and South Carolina.

Study looks at rising average life expectancy worldwide
2/22/2017 Reuters

Average life expectancy across the world is expected to increase by 2030, with South Koreans having the highest life expectancy and the US being among developed countries with the lowest, according to a study in The Lancet. UK researchers and the World Health Organization found that men and women in the US are expected to live 79.5 and 83.3 years, respectively.

Groupon's digital, social push seeks out millennials with O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul
2/27/2017 Mobile Marketer

Groupon is wooing younger consumers with a digital campaign from O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul on platforms including Hulu, Crackle and YouTube, alongside social elements on Instagram and Facebook. The push emphasizes the brand's ability to bring daily value and features the tagline "Save Up to $100 a Week on What You Do Every Day."

Carriers focus on dedicated fleets

More truck fleets are focusing on dedicated services where they provide freight-hauling to specific manufacturers or retailers. This provides predictability as trucking companies brace for continued weak demand from shippers.

Yahoo responds to Senate probe of data breaches
2/27/2017 The Hill

Yahoo has sent a letter to the Senate providing details on its 2013 and 2014 breaches and outlining measures the company has taken in response to shore up its defenses and investigate the breaches. The letter states that the company doubled its internal staff and spent $250 million on security initiatives and is putting systems in place to defend against more sophisticated attacks.

CRISPR could produce disease-resistant pigs

Scientists from biotech firm Genus and the University of Edinburgh are developing pigs with potential resistance to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology. "Genome editing offers opportunities to boost food security by reducing waste and losses from infectious diseases, as well as improving animal welfare by reducing the burden of disease," says senior researcher Alan Archibald.

FCC revises net neutrality reporting requirements
2/24/2017 The Hill

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to roll back reporting requirements that fall under net neutrality rules for businesses with 250,000 or fewer subscribers. These broadband providers will get a five-year waiver on enhanced reporting for transparency as part of Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to reverse parts of net neutrality.

Calif. allocates flood funding after Oroville dam incident

After the incident at the Oroville Dam earlier this month, California Gov. Jerry Brown says the state plans to spend $437 million on high-priority flood projects, but not repairs to the spillway at the Oroville Dam, which is the responsibility of several water districts and water contractors.

Trump promises to kick off US energy reform soon
2/27/2017 Platts

The Trump administration is preparing "bold action" to stimulate the growth of the US oil, natural gas and coal industries and will soon reduce regulations targeting fossil fuels, President Donald Trump said on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Analysts expect Trump to overturn regulations designed to limit offshore energy development, curb methane emissions and implement stricter fuel standards.

JetBlue sees room to grow in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
2/24/2017 Barron's (free content)

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is expanding and flights across carriers could grow by 8% this year, according to Morgan Stanley. As the largest airline at the airport, JetBlue will continue to "grow thoughtfully" in the market, a spokesperson said, and is planning to roll out its Mint service in Fort Lauderdale later this year.

Ecology meets luxury at wind-powered Brooklyn hotel
2/24/2017 Observer

Wind provides all of the power and more than half the building materials are reclaimed at the luxurious 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. A host of other green features at the Starwood-owned hotel address growing environmental concerns by guests of upscale properties.