Don't let people bail on tasks
3/29/2017 Leadership Freak blog

Leaders need to do all they can to avoid "reverse delegation," or the situation where a task they've assigned comes back to them, writes Dan Rockwell. He offers 12 things to say to reduce the chances of this happening.

Game puts students' science skills to the test
3/29/2017 National Public Radio

High-school students in some schools are playing March Mammal Madness, a game created by an evolutionary biologist at Arizona State University. Students use science skills and information gleaned from tweets to predict which animals will win fictional battles.

Taxpayer ROI varies across states

WalletHub has ranked states based on taxpayers' return on investment, noting someone's choice of state for residence is an investment decision. The list balances taxation against quality of government services, examining education, health, safety, the economy, infrastructure and pollution.

New Kroger site gets personal with stories, discussion
3/29/2017 Progressive Grocer

Kroger has created a new website for associates and customers to share stories about the retailer and discuss the changing food industry. The site features written content, photos and videos on topics such as the retailer's longest-tenured associate, 79-year-old Larry Arnold, who recently retired after working for Kroger for 63 years.

Report outlines goals to reduce threat of hepatitis B, C by 2030
3/29/2017 HealthDay News

A report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends enhanced methods of screening, treatment and prevention to help eliminate hepatitis B and C as a public health concern in the US by the year 2030 and save almost 90,000 lives. The report says a coordinated federal effort is needed, such as expansion of needle exchanges, free access to the hepatitis B vaccine and unrestricted treatment for patients with hepatitis C.

How the YouTube ad boycott could affect advertising
3/29/2017 Advertising Age

Traditional publishers such as Conde Nast and Hearst could benefit from the YouTube ad boycott, as they can cite quality content and audiences to advertisers seeking safer ground. Third-party measurement firms also may see more business as brands seek more transparency, and brands may turn more to agencies to ensure that their ads don't appear in the wrong place.

Coach could be close to buying Kate Spade
3/29/2017 Glossy

Coach is reportedly nearing a deal to acquire Kate Spade & Company, which said last month it would explore options including a sale. Coach has reversed sales declines with a focus on millennials, and it could help lead a similar revival for the Kate Spade brand, retail analyst Jessica Ramirez said.

Women's wearables take a more holistic health approach

Wearable devices that help female consumers manage their health and offer a bit of style are becoming a popular segment for tech companies. Bellabeat, a maker of wearable health-tracking pendants, and Omsignal, a wearable brand that puts women first, are just two of the companies looking to take wearable tech beyond the "boys' club" and just counting steps to a more holistic approach to monitoring women's health.

Roche gains FDA approval for multiple sclerosis drug
3/29/2017 Reuters

Roche Holding's injectable Ocrevus, or ocrelizumab, has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for the primary progressive form of multiple sclerosis. The approval was based on a clinical study that showed patients being treated with Ocrevus were 47% more likely to have no disease progression than patients taking a placebo.

House votes today on elimination of FCC privacy regulations
3/28/2017 The Hill

The House will vote today on eliminating a Federal Communications Commission privacy policy that affects internet service providers. The bill, which is widely expected to pass, would nullify rules that require broadband providers to obtain permission to use or share consumer data.

Leaks close Air Force Academy chapel

The Cadet Chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado will close for as long as four years to undergo a $68 million renovation. Workers will remove the iconic aluminum skin and stained glass to install a flashing system.

Trump orders rollback of CPP

As expected, President Donald Trump on Tuesday afternoon signed an executive order calling for the rollback of Obama-era regulations, including the Clean Power Plan. The action lifts restrictions on the oil, natural gas and coal industries.

JetBlue, Boston Red Sox partnership to remain through 2030

JetBlue and the Boston Red Sox have extended their relationship through 2030, marking the commitment by giving away 43,000 co-branded hats to students at 104 Boston public schools. JetBlue is the largest airline in Boston and the official airline of the Red Sox.

Saltana Cave spa in Conn. offer healing relaxation

Anna Pogoda, owner of the Saltana Cave, a spa in Ridgefield, Conn., was inspired to open a salt cave after visits to one in Poland helped her daughter's asthma improve. The salt cave features 12,000 pounds of mineral-rich Himalayan salt and attracts those suffering from skin and respiratory conditions.