Senator's daughter faces heat over EpiPen price gouging

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch, daughter of Sen. Joe Manchin, is facing blowback and calls for congressional investigations over a 400% price hike for the company's lifesaving EpiPen medication, which is depended upon by children with serious allergies. The controversy comes a year and a half after Mylan pulled off a tax-avoiding corporate inversion, a practice that Manchin himself has denounced.

How to use journal assignments to connect with students
8/24/2016 Chalkbeat

Having students complete simple journal entries in the first days of school can help teachers build relationships with them, former teacher Peter Huidekoper Jr. writes in this blog post. He explains the importance of teacher-student connection -- especially after a summer of traumatic events -- and offers sample writing topics.

8 of Fed's 12 regional banks pressed for discount-rate hike
8/24/2016 BloombergReuters

When the Federal Reserve met in July, eight of the 12 regional banks voted to raise the discount rate, the interest rate the central bank charges for loans to commercial banks, from 1% to 1.25%, minutes show. While the Fed left the rate at 1%, the vote marks the first time that a majority of the regional banks favored raising the discount rate since the central bank raised the benchmark federal funds rate in December.

Meijer connects with college students through Meijer Mania

Meijer will host about 40,000 college students during its Meijer Mania events, which bus students from nearby campuses to stores to introduce them to the retail brand. The events, which will be held through early September, include DJs, photo booths, samples, coupons and contests.

Study: Millions of Americans exposed to harmful chemicals in water
8/24/2016 HealthDay News

At least 6 million Americans are exposed to levels of polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl chemicals in drinking water that are higher than recommended for safety, which could raise the risk of health problems, according to a study in Environmental Science & Technology Letters. Researchers said the chemicals are found in products used as part of daily life or in manufacturing, and while some have been phased out, they still remain in the environment.

KFC's chicken-scented sunscreen is a publicity hit
8/24/2016 Digiday

KFC successfully executed a publicity stunt this week by advertising chicken-scented sunscreen and giving out 3,000 bottles of the stuff, including some to media outlets. The campaign generated more than 11,000 social media mentions and about 100 news articles within a day.

Judge to weigh in on Aeropostale's future this week

A bankruptcy court judge will rule this week on a dispute between Aeropostale and major creditor Sycamore Partners, and his decision could determine whether the teen fashion retailer has a future. Sycamore is pushing to liquidate the chain, while Aeropostale and some of its junior creditors want to find a way to save the retailer.

Cybersecurity perceptions drive consumer shopping behavior
8/24/2016 FedScoop

Stores that don't adequately secure their customer data will feel it in their bottom line, per a KPMG survey that found that consumers react to retail breaches by taking their business elsewhere. Nearly 20% of survey respondents said they would not shop at a retailer that had been hit by a breach.

FDA fast-tracks treatment for Alzheimer's from AstraZeneca, Lilly

The FDA has granted fast-track designation to Eli Lilly and Co. and AstraZeneca's AZD3293, an early Alzheimer's disease treatment that inhibits an enzyme involved in the accumulation of beta-amyloid, which causes the disease. The results of a Phase II/III study on the drug are expected by August 2019, and a second late-stage study will begin this quarter.

Starz brings in Glover Park as registered lobbyist for diversity
8/24/2016 Multichannel News

Starz has brought in Glover Park Group as a registered lobbyist for diversity issues ahead of the Federal Communications Commission's potential Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding diversity. Starz will be using Glover Park to bring attention to its shows "Power" and "Survivor's Remorse," both of which are geared toward the African-American market.

Declining aquifers raising concerns

Increasing demands for water across the country coupled with drought have stressed the country's groundwater system, which supplies half the country's drinking water. This article explores the causes of aquifers that are drying up and the problems that result.

Surveys show food shoppers care about sustainability
8/24/2016 Sustainable Brands

A series of recent surveys and polls suggest that consumers are making sustainability and ethical production a priority when making food-buying decisions. "Consumers expect businesses and government to take action to ensure the fairness and long-term sustainability of food production," says Globescan's Abbie Curtis.

Pa. to spend $8.8 million on safety upgrades to 23 airports

Pennsylvania will invest $8.8 million to upgrade 23 airports statewide, including $5.4 million in grants via the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program. "Hundreds of thousands of jobs are supported by aviation in Pennsylvania, and these investments will help them operate safely, expand to meet demands or attract more growth," said Gov. Tom Wolf.

Allergy-easing massage features eucalyptus
8/24/2016 Salon Today

The Ocean Pearl Spa at California's Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa offers a eucalyptus sinus and allergy relief massage designed to ease symptoms of seasonal allergies. The treatment features Kneipp eucalyptus oil and includes a combination of eucalyptus aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, marma point facial therapy, reflexology and heat therapy.