GM will struggle to recover damages in Venezuela

GM says it will seek compensation over the Venezuelan government's seizure of company assets last week, but compensation for the losses will be difficult. The government seized a General Motors factory, cars and other assets as anti-government protesters clashed with authorities.

Report: 5% of teachers use VR, AR in lessons

Despite enthusiasm for virtual and augmented reality technology, it has yet to catch on in K-12 classrooms, according to a report from Project Tomorrow. Researchers found about 5% of classrooms are using such technology, with the rate slightly higher among in high schools.

Mnuchin vows tax overhaul by year-end

The Trump administration is confident an overhaul of US tax law will be finished by year-end, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says. "Whether health care gets done or doesn't get done, we're going to get tax reform done," he said.

Meijer readies to expand into Mich.'s Upper Peninsula
4/21/2017 Progressive Grocer

Meijer is training employees who will staff its first two stores in Michigan's Upper Peninsula when they open next month. The stores are part of a bigger expansion this year that includes seven new stores in Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Amendment might bring AHCA back to House floor for a vote

An amendment to the American Health Care Act proposed by Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-N.J., would retain the Affordable Care Act's essential health benefits at the federal level but allow states to request approval to replace the EHBs with their own list. States could also let insurers charge higher premiums to people with preexisting conditions if they create high-risk pools for those patients, according to the amendment, which has been billed as a tool for resurrecting the legislation for a vote the White House would like to see happen next week.

KFC's Hochman on the Zinger and a fresh approach

KFC's Kevin Hochman talks about launching the global best-selling Zinger spicy chicken sandwich in the US, and how freshness, flavor, and a transparent food chain are key marketing elements for the brand. He also discusses how reinvigorating advertising around the Colonel has resulted in a 45% lift in brand consideration.

Target's top innovation exec to step down next month

Target Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer Casey Carl will step down from the retailer in May, as the company focuses more on its core business and less on experimental projects without the promise of profitability in the near term. CEO Brian Cornell promoted Carl to the new post shortly after taking the reins at the company in 2014.

Samsung introduces new HDR format
4/21/2017 CNET

Samsung, the only TV-maker that doesn't support Dolby Vision, has released a competing high dynamic range format, HDR10+, which is currently only compatible with Samsung's 2017 HDR TVs. Amazon has signed on to make HDR10+ available on Prime Video before the end of 2017.

Biosimilar patent case to proceed in US Supreme Court
4/21/2017 Regulatory Focus

The US Supreme Court will hold a hearing on the biosimilar patent case Amgen v. Sandoz next week to decide whether companies must exchange patent and manufacturing information before FDA approval and whether manufacturers must wait an extra six months after FDA approval before they can market new biosimilars. A final decision is expected by July.

NCTA, ACA praise FCC proposal to ease next-gen TV deployment
4/21/2017 Broadcasting & Cable

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted on a proposal that would make it easier to deploy next-gen TV networks. The proposal, which is being praised by groups including the NCTA: The Internet & Television Association and the American Cable Association, would ease some of the IP transition regulations, and it questions whether the FCC should be able to pre-empt local laws that are barriers to deployment.

Trump to order national security study of steel imports
4/21/2017 CNBC

President Trump may be looking to invoke restrictions on imported steel as he prepares to order an investigation into whether such imports are compromising national security. One US steel company official has cited possible problems with imports of highly specialized steel alloys used in such applications as the armor plating on ships.

Starbucks turns to wind, solar to power storefronts
4/21/2017 GeekWire

Starbucks has invested in a 260-acre solar farm in North Carolina, which will be used to provide electricity to power 600 of the company's stores throughout the East Coast. "For a company like Starbucks and some of the tech companies that use a lot of energy, to be able to source their needs in a positive way is a win-win," said Starbucks Energy and Resource Manager Patrick Leonard.

AIA welcomes Trump support for Ex-Im; other business groups quiet
4/21/2017 The Hill

While most businesses that support the Export-Import Bank are silent on President Donald Trump's pick to helm the agency, the Aerospace Industries Association says it is ready to work with Congress and the Trump administration to get the US Export-Import Bank back on track. "The aerospace and defense industry is grateful for President Trump's support to level the playing field for US companies against foreign government export financing and let American products compete on their merits," said David Melcher, AIA president and CEO.

Business councils help Marriott keep culture consistent
4/21/2017 Global Times (China)

Marriott's use of business councils provides a framework for consistency in service and culture across owned and franchised properties worldwide, including 268 in China. "At Marriott we believe in our philosophy that states, 'How we do business is as important as the business we do,'" Marriott's Angela Pan said.