Clinton continues to out-spend Trump in ad buys
8/23/2016 NBC NewsPolitico

Hillary Clinton has spent $64 million more on ads during the general election campaign than Donald Trump -- an advantage that grows to $95 million when ads paid for by outside groups are included.

Why higher-ed IT needs to operate like Amazon
8/23/2016 EdTech magazine online

For a college or university's centralized IT department to remain relevant to the disparate departments across campus, it must operate like Amazon to easily provide what customers want, says Dave Convery, a principal data center architect with CDW. If departments find it hard to work with IT, they may set up a "shadow IT" of their own servers that may not be as efficient.

Microsoft to buy scheduling-tool startup Genee
8/23/2016 TechCrunch

Microsoft will acquire scheduling-tool startup Genee to expand the capabilities of Office 365, its office productivity suite. Genee's co-founders intend to join Microsoft, the company said.

Documents hint at new Amazon drive-up grocery store
8/23/2016 GeekWire

Permits for a retail space in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle indicate Amazon may be opening a drive-up grocery store there under a plan called "Project X." The language in the documents matches a drive-up grocery store planned by the online retailer in San Francisco, and the facility would likely allow shoppers to order groceries online and then pick them up at parking stalls or inside a retail area, according to the documents.

GIS mapping could boost seniors' access to health care, study finds
8/23/2016 Health Data Management

A study in The Gerontologist showed that geographic information systems mapping could help improve access to health care among vulnerable older adults in South Florida. GIS mapping could also help insurers and hospitals boost surveillance of older adults discharged from the hospital into vulnerable areas, said Justin Stoler of the University of Miami.

Hershey's CMO on digital strategy and Amazon

Hershey's marketing chief, Peter Horst, talks about the brand's shift from traditional advertising to digital, how it capitalized on lessons learned from those who moved more quickly to adapt to new technology, and what lies ahead for e-commerce. "[W]e're deep into a working relationship with Amazon," Horst says.

Honest Co. expands into shampoos, other personal-care products
8/23/2016 Fortune

The Honest Co., co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, is expanding beyond baby products and cleaning supplies to focus on beauty products. The company introduced a series of conditioners, hair sprays and shampoos made with ingredients such as algae and coconut juice.

Why building a bot startup is so tough
8/23/2016 Chatbots Magazine

Building a successful business around bot technology can be difficult, as players such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat control important distribution channels, writes Jesus Rodriguez. Moreover, bot technology is hard to monetize, and entering the enterprise market is challenging, he writes.

FDA fast-tracks treatment for Alzheimer's from AstraZeneca, Lilly

The FDA has granted fast-track designation to Eli Lilly and Co. and AstraZeneca's AZD3293, an early Alzheimer's disease treatment that inhibits an enzyme involved in the accumulation of beta-amyloid, which causes the disease. The results of a Phase II/III study on the drug are expected by August 2019, and a second late-stage study will begin this quarter.

TV networks focus on lesser-known superheroes

Networks have been introducing fans to lesser-known heroes and villains from graphic novels and comic books, whereas Hollywood has been focused on bigger names. AMC has received praise for its series "Preacher," while networks such as The CW and Cinemax continue to push series based on DC Comics characters and storylines.

Canada to study impacts of climate change on infrastructure

Transport Canada has started the second phase of a program to monitor the effects of climate change on the roadways in the northern regions. The study will look at permafrost, as 24% of the land in the region is permanently frozen.

Analysis: US may enter period of rapid offshore wind growth

The US is poised for a rapid period of offshore wind development following the launch of Deepwater Wind's Block Island offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island, according to this analysis. Chairman Bryan Martin said it was logical for Deepwater to choose a relatively small project for its first given the challenges faced by the 130-turbine Cape Wind project, adding that the firm's next offshore wind farm will be significantly larger.

Pa. to spend $8.8 million on safety upgrades to 23 airports

Pennsylvania will invest $8.8 million to upgrade 23 airports statewide, including $5.4 million in grants via the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program. "Hundreds of thousands of jobs are supported by aviation in Pennsylvania, and these investments will help them operate safely, expand to meet demands or attract more growth," said Gov. Tom Wolf.

Tablets for hotel guests get Canada company connected

An Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, company is attracting hoteliers with a line of computer tablets that expedite guest access to functions ranging from room service to booking changes. Hotel Communication Network has secured deals with chains in San Francisco and Chicago and has more cities in its sights.