How GoDaddy changed its culture

GoDaddy abandoned the highly sexual and sexist television commercials it was known for and has become one of the top workplaces for women in tech, writes Charles Duhigg. Company officials say they've consciously started to acknowledge and address biases, changing evaluation forms and looking to not only hire more women but give them a voice.

Student-loan forgiveness stalls under Trump

Data revealed by Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois shows that the Trump administration has not approved any applications for student-loan forgiveness from more than 65,000 borrowers -- 15,000 are new requests that came in between Jan. 20 and July 5. US Education Department spokeswoman Liz Hill says they are "working diligently" to approve the applications.

Fed to scale back bond portfolio "relatively soon"

The Federal Reserve said it isn't ready to start reducing the size of its bond portfolio but the process will get underway "relatively soon" if the current rate of moderate economic growth holds up. The central bank's policymaking committee left interest rates unchanged.

ALDI signals possible Ariz. expansion with new facility

Discount grocer ALDI will build a new distribution center in Arizona, signaling the possibility that the retailer will open stores in the market. The company did not confirm future plans for stores in the state, however.

Senate rejects broad ACA repeal legislation

The Senate voted down a measure proposed by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., that would repeal major provisions of the Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate, Medicaid expansion, and tax credits that help people buy health insurance, while giving lawmakers two years to come up with a replacement. The measure is the second GOP health care plan rejected by the Senate this week, and sources say Republican leaders might attempt to pass a "skinny" repeal that would only eliminate a few ACA provisions, including the individual and employer mandates and the medical device tax, if more comprehensive proposals are voted down.

FCB West makes messes fun for Clorox campaign

FCB West's new spot for Clorox features a man wiping down kitchen surfaces, interspersed with shots of the family fun that made it messy in the first place. The campaign includes similarly themed ads for bathroom and classroom cleaning.

Walmart aims to recapture up to $300B in imported goods

Walmart has announced 10 policy plans to boost US manufacturing jobs and recapture as much as $300 billion in imported goods and create 1.5 million jobs in the country. The strategy has many moving pieces, including building vocational schools, creating flexible compliance guidelines for small business, increasing tax deductions that promote manufacturing investment and reducing costs for training workers.

Facebook exec: More thoughtfulness, less showmanship needed in cybersecurity
ABC News

The cybersecurity industry needs to focus on showing "a little more thoughtfulness, a little less showmanship," Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos said after his speech at the Black Hat conference. Stamos also called for more focus on defense and announced a $1 million investment in a contest for defensive security research.

Chipotle execs get second subpoena over food safety

Chipotle executives revealed in an SEC filing they were served with another federal subpoena on July 19 asking for information related to a norovirus outbreak at a Chipotle in Sterling, Va. The subpoena was a follow-up to one issued Jan. 28 asking for "the production of documents and information related to company-wide food safety matters dating back to January 1, 2013."

CNN first network to sign up for Nielsen Out-of-Home Reporting

Turner Broadcasting has partnered with Nielsen to use the company's Out-of-Home Reporting service. CNN will be the first news network to use the service, and Turner Sports is part of the deal too.

Flight to city life spawns more than $75B in projects

City populations could rise to 6.5 billion people by 2050, the UN says. Cities have been adjusting, and more than $75 billion in construction projects are proposed or in the works in cities around the world, including Shanghai, Paris and New York.

Anadarko to bring 3,000 Colo. wells back online by year's end

Anadarko Petroleum said it would restart 3,000 vertical wells in Colorado by the end of the year after conducting inspections and pressure tests. The wells were taken offline following a fatal explosion in Firestone, Colo., caused by a natural gas leak from an Anadarko well.

United Airlines to offer daily Denver-London service

Next spring United Airlines will launch daily nonstop service between Denver International Airport and London's Heathrow Airport. The seasonal service will be offered through the end of October 2018.

Reporting foreign banking information to the IRS

If you have a business bank account in a foreign country, depending on the balance you may have to file Form 8938, Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets, with your federal tax return, Mark Pestronk writes. You may also have to file FinCEN Form 114 with the Treasury Department.