What addiction does to the job market

Whether the US can create more jobs might not matter because many of those not seeking employment are battling addiction, are in poor health or are held back by a criminal record, Goldman Sachs economists say. Nearly half of men in prime working age who aren't seeking employment take painkillers daily, according to a study.

How students can learn science through drama

Students in a Utah elementary school work with a theater teacher twice a week to integrate drama and movement into academic lessons across subjects. In one fourth-grade classroom, students used their bodies to act out the science of the water cycle.

Global markets react favorably to Trump speech

President Donald Trump discussed several policy issues in Tuesday's speech to Congress, including health care, comprehensive tax reform, immigration and infrastructure investment. Global stock markets responded positively today, although the speech was widely deemed to be lacking in specifics.

Earth Fare adds items, eliminates GMOs in private label

Earth Fare will add about 200 products to its line of private-label offerings that already includes 500 items, President and CEO Frank Scorpiniti said. The move follows the retailer's removal of GMOs from its private-label offerings.

11 cancers associated with obesity, study finds

A study in The BMJ found an association between obesity and 11 cancers, including multiple myeloma, colon cancer, biliary tract system cancer, breast cancer and kidney cancer. UK researchers evaluated 95 meta-analyses and found that the increase in cancer risk for every 5-kg/m2 increase in body mass index ranged from 9% for rectal cancer in male patients to 56% for biliary tract system cancer.

Home Depot's omnichannel strategy

Take a cue from Home Depot if you seek to optimize media spend and integrate channels so content and teams are in sync. "Multichannel is like having each channel in their own swim lane doing their own thing while omnichannel is one giant pool party. Everyone is understanding and learning, so they can all work better," said Erin Everhart, the brand's senior manager of media strategy.

Mobile location campaign pays off for Urban Outfitters
3/1/2017 Marketing Dive

Urban Outfitters saw a 146% revenue gain and 75% increase in conversions by using mobile location data to determine which messages to deliver to potential customers. The campaign also relied on dynamic audience filters, deep links in apps, emojis in push notifications, promotional campaign pushes and targeted messaging.

Samsung introduces tablets, preps new phone launch
3/1/2017 ReutersReutersTechCrunch

Samsung has unveiled two new tablets to fill the gap before it launches its Galaxy S8 smartphone March 29. The showcasing of the Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Book marked Samsung's first product introductions since battery issues led to the demise of its Note7 smartphones.

Blight-resistant biotech potatoes win EPA, FDA approval
3/1/2017 CBS News

J.R. Simplot has received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency and the FDA to plant and sell its late blight-resistant Russet Burbank, Ranger Russet and Atlantic biotech potatoes. The potatoes contain a gene from an Argentine potato variety with natural resistance to the pathogen and will have the same texture, taste and nutritional qualities as conventional potatoes, according to the company.

Comcast to add YouTube to X1 platform this year

Comcast and Google have announced that a YouTube app will be available nationwide on Comcast's X1 platform this year. The app will feature YouTube's entire catalog and will be searchable through X1's voice commands.

Trump plans to take apart Waters of the United States rule

President Donald Trump signed an executive order directing a review of the Waters of the United States rule. Trump reportedly will give preference to Justice Antonin Scalia's definition of navigable waters as "relatively permanent, standing or flowing bodies of water" rather than the Obama administration's "ephemeral" flows definition.

EIA: US oil output averaged 8.783 million barrels per day in Dec.
3/1/2017 Reuters

US oil companies produced an average of 8.783 million barrels of crude per day in December, a decrease of 91,000 barrels per day from November, according to the Energy Information Administration. North Dakota and Texas production declined 17.6% and 5.8% respectively from a year earlier, while offshore oil production rose 7.7%.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz discusses employees, company successes
3/1/2017 Business Insider

Oscar Munoz talks about how he rebuilt trust within United Airlines' workforce when he took over at United Airlines in 2015. In this interview, Munoz discusses the economics behind the company's basic-economy service, immediate changes he made to boost employee morale and competition in the industry.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail features luxurious spa
3/1/2017 Forbes

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail boasts a relaxing spa that's perfect for apres-ski pampering. Writer Katie Chang indulged in the 75-minute Peak Performance treatment, featuring a salt scrub and a massage with arnica oil.