Authenticity means you can have multiple communication styles
3/23/2017 Fast Company online

Women don't need to adopt all the communication styles of men or use only one style, but it's clear that they face higher expectations, or what Andrea Kramer and Alton Harris call the "Goldilocks dilemma." "Because workplaces are so suffused with gender bias, women need to have both a forceful, decisive style and an inclusive style -- and probably many others -- at the ready," they write.

Schools create road map to college

Students who hope to be the first in their families to attend college can struggle with the complex process of getting admitted. Some high schools provide college prep teachers and guidance counselors, who help students manage their psychological and administrative barriers to higher education.

Research: Bitcoin fraud rising this month

The number of bitcoin-related scams promoted online has increased significantly in March, according to security firm ZeroFox. The company said it had identified bitcoin fraud on 8,742 social media posts linked to 3,618 unique URLs over a three-week period.

Wegmans details N.J. expansion, sets sights on NYC

Wegmans Food Markets will open stores in northern New Jersey in July and September as it continues construction of a store in Brooklyn, N.Y., which is expected to open next year and will be Wegmans' first location in New York City. The new stores are part of a bigger expansion for the retailer, which will add about 10 more stores in the six states where it currently operates and in North Carolina, a new market for Wegmans.

AAP, others urge FDA to prohibit all flavored tobacco products

The FDA should ban all candy- and fruit-flavored tobacco products, and Congress should oppose legislation reducing FDA oversight on e-cigarettes and cigars, according to a joint report from the American Academy of Pediatrics and four other health care organizations. "Eliminating all flavored tobacco products is a critical step in preventing tobacco companies from addicting another generation of kids and reversing our nation's progress in the fight against tobacco," the groups wrote.

YouTube ad-placement tightening comes with scale obstacles

The decision by big brands such as Johnson & Johnson and AT&T to pull their ads from YouTube due to the recent controversy over ad placement near extremist or otherwise offensive content has prompted site owner Google to commit to developing stronger measures to protect advertisers. Industry observers say the task is challenging, as it "is complicated by the very scale and diversity that has made the network so attractive to marketers," writes Jack Nicas.

DHL will deliver AmazonFresh in Germany

DHL, the package delivery service of Deutsche Post, will begin delivery of AmazonFresh, Amazon's fresh-food delivery service. With a high density of food stores, Germany's grocery e-commerce remains slow, even as the country remains Amazon's second-largest market.

Google struggles to ensure timely Android security patching
3/24/2017 CIO.comTechCrunch

Google has yet to find a way to encourage consistent security-patch updates for Android devices, given the profusion of device-makers that use the operating system. The company has been working with manufacturers and reports progress but says there is "still a lot of work to do."

Rare skin cancer drug from Merck, Pfizer wins FDA nod
3/24/2017 Reuters

Pfizer and Merck KGaA's Bavencio, or avelumab, has received FDA approval as a treatment for patients at least 12 years old with metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma.

Tech companies scramble to scoop up NFL streaming rights
3/24/2017 Recode

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon have all submitted proposals to gain the rights to stream the NFL's Thursday night games, sources say. The NFL could make a decision on streaming rights as early as next month.

Lawsuit could derail Calif. high-speed rail project

California is set to sell a portion of $10 billion in bonds to fund construction of the high-speed rail project next month, but a federal judge has ordered a hearing on a preliminary injunction the day before the sale. The suit alleges that a bill adopted last year by the state changes the scope of funding for the voter-approved bond sale, making it illegal.

Trump administration approves Keystone XL permit
3/24/2017 The Associated PressReuters

The State Department approved a construction permit for TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline project on Friday after being first proposed in 2008. TransCanada still needs to secure approvals from states, where it might encounter legal hurdles.

4 guns found at Chicago airport so far this month

Transportation Security Administration officers screening passengers at Chicago Midway International Airport have found four guns so far this month. In the latest discovery, on Wednesday, the traveler with a gun was arrested by Chicago police.

Independent hotels draw families via space, programming

Independent hotels are following the lead of the big chains and adopting family-oriented strategies of their own. Offerings range from educational excursions to laid-back public spaces where kids can get together.