Marissa Mayer's latest pregnancy reignites work-life balance discussion
USA Today

Many are looking to Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, to establish a new norm for work-life balance following her announcement that she is expecting twins in December. Her 2012 return to work after two weeks of maternity leave received mixed reviews, and Mayer says she has similar plans for this leave. "That gives a clear message to her employees that only work matters," said Elaine Eisenman, dean of executive education at Babson College.

Educator: Collaborate with peers for a schoolwide reading culture

English and social studies teachers have worked to build a reading culture at educator Jessica Keigan's school. Keigan writes in this blog post about the principles found in a book by Kelly Gallagher, implementing choice reading time, teachers' collaborative planning and helping students choose books.

Banks see Apple as biggest nonbank threat, survey finds

Bankers have welcomed Apple Pay as an alternative payment provider, but Apple represents the biggest threat to the industry among nonbank companies, according to a survey of banking executives. Some banks are urging regulators to broaden their oversight to include nonbank companies that provide financial services.

Dollar Tree moves forward with Family Dollar integration

Dollar Tree said it's on track for a 100-day plan to convert 150 Family Dollar stores to Dollar Tree locations and integrate Family Dollar stores into the business by the end of October. The retailer, which grew to about 13,800 stores with the July acquisition of Family Dollar's 8,274 locations, will also install freezers and coolers at 159 stores as it expands its frozen and refrigerated offerings. Dollar Tree plans to divest 330 stores by the end of the year.

People with chronic illnesses may have trouble using health IT

Patients with multiple chronic illnesses, which often include those who are low-income and elderly, may have more trouble using health IT devices, such as blood glucose monitoring tools or diet and exercise applications, researchers wrote in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The study team said health IT developers should create technology that reduces the inconvenience and burden to patients and should try to reach out to people who may not be technologically sophisticated.

How Apple gets away with shunning social media

Apple breaks the rules for social media marketing, forgoing official Facebook and Twitter accounts in favor of smaller, product-specific handles focused on services such as Apple Music and the App Store, Matt Kapko writes. That works only because Apple is so effective at managing the mainstream media and its own fan base, experts say. "Apple would be a terrible example to follow [on social] for most brands," says David Berkowitz of MRY.

Neiman Marcus highlights designers with Truly NM line
Haute Living online

Neiman Marcus has teamed with more than 50 of the top design houses in the world to create Truly NM. The curated collection features exclusive fashions, footwear and accessories from brands including Christian Louboutin, Prada, Valentino and Donna Karan.

Smart trash can sucks up dust, sends reminders
USA Today

Makers of a sensor-packed garbage can named Bruno say their receptacle can vacuum up dust when it is swept in its direction and send reminders via a smartphone application when it's trash day or time to stock up on trash bags. The "smartcan" is available for preorder starting at $129.

Novartis partners with Amgen on Alzheimer's disease treatment

Novartis and Amgen agreed to collaborate on the development of BACE inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Under the terms of the deal, Novartis will receive undisclosed upfront and milestone fees. Research and development costs will initially be covered by Novartis, and then the costs and profits will be shared equally between the firms.

CBS will stream a pair of NFL games live to mobile devices

CBS Sports will stream a pair of regular-season games live to mobile devices as the network takes aim at the expanding audience of mobile viewers. The live games will feature the New York Jets versus the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 4 and the Carolina Panthers versus the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

Commentary: P3s can help solve infrastructure problems

Two University of Denver professors argue that public-private partnerships can help solve the nation's infrastructure problems. They point to Boston's Big Dig and Denver International Airport as two public infrastructure projects that went massively over budget. On the other hand, a P3 interstate-widening project in Colorado was completed on budget. However, "to avoid disastrous outcomes, responsible parties must utilize risk analysis and risk management techniques and planners must recognize the need for rapid adaptation and avoid lock-in to a rigid plan," the authors write.

Report: R.I. is home to almost 10,000 clean energy jobs

The clean energy industry has created almost 10,000 jobs in Rhode Island, according to the state Office of Energy Resources and the Executive Office of Commerce. The industry has added 613 positions in the past year, said the report. Many of those jobs are in energy efficiency, about 11% are in renewables, like wind and solar. An offshore wind farm from Deepwater Wind and other potential offshore development will likely create even more jobs, said state Energy Commissioner Marion Gold.

Hotels need to enable mobile control of entire guest experience

Hotels must fill "mobile white space" to meet guests' desire to manage their stay from their mobile devices. This means going beyond smartphone room keys to give the guests mobile applications that control everything from check-in to room service.

3 top Paris spas
Luxury Travel Advisor

This article provides detailed descriptions of three top Paris spas: Hotel Molitor's Spa by Clarins, Le Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris Spa My Blend by Clarins and the Spa at The Peninsula Paris. Recommendations for treatments and therapists are included.