The paradox of wage growth
5/22/2017 Bloomberg

Traditional economic models tell us that wages rise when unemployment is low. Yet, in this time of near-full employment, wages are standing still.

Colleges provide summer aid for foreign students

Institutions such as Ohio University and Ithaca College are among those providing summer housing and other support for international students who are wary of traveling overseas during the summer in case changing federal visa and immigration policies prevent their return. Some universities also are providing food and employment assistance.

Labor's Acosta won't further delay fiduciary rule

US Labor Secretary R. Alexander Acosta says he has "found no principled legal basis" to delay the effective date of his department's fiduciary rule beyond June 9. "Respect for the rule of law leads us to the conclusion that this date cannot be postponed," he said.

Wegmans to enter D.C. market
5/22/2017 Progressive Grocer

Wegmans Food Markets will enter the Washington, D.C., market when the retailer opens its first store there as part of a mixed-use development that will include retail, arts, residential and other space. The store and the development are expected to open in 2021.

Researchers test mHealth app to monitor mobility in older patients
5/22/2017 mHealth Intelligence

Researchers from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, the university's College of Nursing and the Center for Aging in Huntsville found that an mHealth monitoring app may help educate older patients about ways to improve their stability and mobility. The solution involves a smartphone equipped with software that records and uploads movement data to a patient's EHR for physicians to review to determine patterns in mobility.

How Target's top marketer is crafting the message
5/22/2017 Advertising Age

Rick Gomez passed on Columbia Law School to carve out a career in marketing, learning to promote cereal and beverages before signing on at Target in 2013. Gomez is leading the promotion of Target's private-label brands and the retailer's growing investment in digital marketing.

NAFTA changes could redefine supply chains
5/22/2017 Supply Chain Dive

The North American Free Trade Agreement will be renegotiated this year, and is likely to affect supply chains. Edwin Lopez in this article explores how supply chains will change, ultimately to save costs, and the importance of modernization and managing trade partners effectively.

"Destiny 2" improves game storytelling, villain
5/22/2017 Engadget

Activision's "Destiny 2" is expected to feature a more complex villain and better worldbuilding than previous installments. "We're spending a lot of time just trying to make sure that we're telling a story and that we have characters that people want to meet and want to work with," says Luke Smith, director of "Destiny 2."

Dow-DuPont merger to close by Sept. 1

Dow Chemical and DuPont's planned $130 billion merger is on track and will likely close between Aug. 1 and Sept. 1, according to the companies. They said they are working with regulators in the rest of the relevant jurisdictions to get clearances for the merger.

Netflix's Stuber focuses on pushing Netflix as a film studio
5/22/2017 Deadline Hollywood

Netflix's Scott Stuber is aiming to make the company as successful with films as it has been with TV, with plans to push out 40 to 50 films per year. Stuber's experience at Universal Studios working on films such as "The Fast and the Furious" and "The Bourne Identity," as well as his experience building pictures and networking with talent, makes him a good fit for the role, Mike Fleming writes.

List, photos: 12 dams that will blow the engineering mind
5/22/2017 Interesting Engineering

These 12 dams are especially amazing feats of engineering. For example, the Contra Dam in Switzerland, made famous in a James Bond movie, required less concrete due to its narrow design.

Electric co-op, bee company team for sweet enterprise
5/22/2017 Sustainable Brands

Connexus Energy has partnered with Bolton Bees, which has installed 15 beehives at the Minnesota electric cooperative's SolarWise community garden to commercially produce honey. The Connexus pollinator-friendly solar arrays are planted with a biodiverse mix of low-growing and shade-tolerant grasses and flowers.

FAA, NASA consider options for sharing skies with drones

The Federal Aviation Administration is working closely with NASA on how to incorporate drones into US airspace. A team from the FAA and NASA is considering both a portable and a persistent model for unmanned traffic management.

Baltimore hotels use an artful touch to attract travelers
5/19/2017 The Baltimore Sun

Hotels throughout Baltimore are turning to photography collections, fine art and artisan furniture to create an unforgettable arts experience for guests. Embracing fine art is about amenity and identity for hotels and resorts, private art dealer Mark Myers said.