Review uncovers IBM's tactics to oust older workers

IBM violated age-discrimination laws by cutting more than 20,000 US employees over age 40 in the past five years and replacing many of them with younger, less experienced workers, a ProPublica review found. The review -- which included confidential planning documents -- revealed a strategy aimed at forcing older workers into lower-paid positions and preventing high performers from being rehired for other positions in the company.

Tips to get faculty support for tech changes

College officials should avoid using jargon such as "disruptive" or "innovate" when talking to faculty to get their support for technology initiatives, industry and higher-education leaders say. A "roadshow" approach, which includes conversations with department heads to learn their needs, has been successful for Paul Jurasin of California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo.

SEC: Court decision won't shape agency's fiduciary rule draft

The Securities and Exchange Commission is pressing ahead with its own draft of a fiduciary rule, Chairman Jay Clayton told an industry conference. He indicated that the recent appeals court decision to vacate the Labor Department's version would have little effect on the SEC's draft.

Amazon looks to increase delivery operations via Whole Foods stores

Amazon is seeking larger retail spaces for its Whole Foods Market locations in an effort to create more urban distribution centers and expand its delivery operations, according to sources. The company is also looking to convert parking spaces at existing locations into loading stalls for delivery contractors, sources said.

Report: Largest data breach in Feb. exposed 135K patient records

The Protenus Breach Barometer report said 348,889 patient records were affected by 39 cybersecurity incidents last month, with the single largest data breach at St. Peter's Surgery & Endoscopy Center in Albany, N.Y., affecting 135,000 patient records. Forty-one percent of the total incidents were caused by insiders, while 33% were attributed to hacking, the report found.

Instagram tweaks algorithm to prioritize newer content

Instagram has updated its algorithm to bring newer content to the top of feeds. The company is also testing a "New Posts" feature, which will allow users to manage the refreshing of content within feeds instead of that happening automatically.

Amazon wins patent for reactive delivery drone

Amazon has won approval for a patent on a drone that can recognize and respond to human gestures like waving arms and shouting. Depending on the person's action, the delivery drone could release the package, abort the delivery, ask a question or change its path to avoid a crash.

August Smart Locks gain HomePod compatibility

August's second- and third-generation smart locks, August Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Pro, now work with Apple's HomePod. Users of August Smart Locks will be able to access and control the locks with Apple's voice assistant, Siri.

"Right-to-try" legislation gains House approval
The Hill

House lawmakers voted Wednesday to approve a bill that would let terminally ill patients request access to experimental drugs that are under consideration by the FDA and have undergone early-stage clinical trials. The "right-to-try" legislation now heads to the Senate, which unanimously passed a different version of the bill last year.

Entertainment Studios head acquires Weather Channel

Entrepreneur and Entertainment Studios head Byron Allen has purchased Weather Group in a $300 million deal. Allen's Allen Media will now own properties such as The Weather Channel and streaming service Local Now.

Congress keeps water restoration funding despite Trump's efforts
ABC News

The Trump administration has been trying to kill federal funding for certain water restoration efforts, but congressional leaders included about $450 million in the budget for them. Among the saved programs are those fighting the Asian carp invasion in the Great Lakes and helping clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

US added nearly 6.3 GW of new installed wind capacity in 2017, says EIA

Nearly 6.3 gigawatts of new installed wind capacity came online in the US in 2017, expanding the energy source to account for 6.3% of total net generation in the country, according to the Energy Information Administration. The report added that total net generation in the US declined 1.5% in 2017 due to weakened demand.

Southwest Airlines executives discuss innovation

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly and CFO Tammy Romo joined CNBC's Brian Sullivan to discuss the airline's innovation, investments in technology and what they look for when they fly on Southwest. "I think everybody who knows Southwest Airlines here probably thinks, 'Yeah, that's a pretty good culture there.' So you wouldn't want to lose that," Kelly said.

Spa at Mexico's Casa Velas hotel unlocks healing power of the avocado

The spa at Casa Velas hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is featuring a range of treatments using avocados, including "an exfoliation with avocado skin, avocado body wrap with natural yogurt, and an avocado moisturizing hair treatment." The treatments are part of the hotel's celebration of avocados, running through the end of the month.