What led to the demise of Toys R Us?

Toys R Us was doomed because of about $5 billion in debt that prohibited the chain from investing in its properties for years and improving the customer experience, writes Chris Isidore. Toys R Us also fell behind in how its stores looked and felt, as well as how it managed online sales.

Wis. students use library time to explore STEM

A Madison, Wis., elementary school's students are spending some of their library time to engage in making with Innovation Stations, in which they explore science, technology, engineering and math. Members of a middle school's FIRST LEGO League made a presentation about robotics and led the younger students in STEM activities.

BoE sets higher capital requirement for stress test

The Bank of England is setting a higher bar for capital at major banks for this year's stress test. The higher standard is based on "additional costs [systemic banks'] failure would impose on the wider economy," the central bank says.

Recent moves show online grocery trend picking up steam
ABC News

Retailers are rushing to grow their abilities to deliver groceries via online orders, as recent moves by Walmart, Kroger and others show. Such moves could accelerate the trend into a $100 billion segment by 2022, three years faster than was anticipated, according to a report from Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen.

Undiagnosed genetic diseases detected by EHR data mining technique

Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers created an EHR data mining technique to detect undiagnosed genetic diseases, according to a study published in the journal Science. Researchers applied phenotype risk scores to almost 22,000 genotyped patients and found a correlation between rare genetic variants and severe outcomes including organ transplants in 16 patients, and 18 ties between rare genetic variants and phenotypes consistent with Mendelian diseases.

Facebook boosts retail ad tool offerings

Facebook is rolling out improvements to three tools designed to boost physical and mobile retail sales: Tabs for Canvas, dynamic ad product categories and store sales optimization. Tabs for Canvas enables the personalization of Collection ads; Sephora trialed it and experienced a 32% increase in return on investment, Facebook reports.

Auction date set for Canada's Toys R Us stores

Toys R Us has heard from several potential buyers for the chain's Canadian operations, and an auction for its 82 stores there has been set for March 29, according to documents filed in US Bankruptcy Court. If there's a winning buyer, the deal would close by April 16.

Google Assistant launches new features

Google Assistant has added four new features in the past few weeks: location-based reminders, scheduling via Routines, business card scanning, and plant and animal identification through Lens. The Lens feature uses artificial intelligence to give information on a variety of subjects via photo recognition.

Latest lawsuits against opioid makers have good chance of success, expert says
ABC News

Opioid-drug makers were able to inject an element of doubt into plaintiffs' claims in early lawsuits, but the argument that patients were to blame for abuse and addiction might not hold up against current lawsuits brought by state attorneys general, says Rebecca Haffajee, a lawyer and professor of public health at the University of Michigan.

Broadband groups look to help defend FCC's net neutrality rollback

Broadband trade groups are showing their support for the Federal Communications Commission's decision to roll back net neutrality regulations, with NCTA-The Internet & Television Association, CTIA and USTelecom filing motions to intervene in the FCC's case to defend its rollback decision. Twelve lawsuits aiming at overturning the FCC's rollback have been consolidated into one and will be heard in the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Facebook expands scope of data center already under construction

Facebook is constructing a two-building data center in Nebraska, and it announced Monday it will add four more buildings to the project beginning in May. The $1 billion project has 1,000 construction workers at the site, and work is expected to be completed in 2023.

Offshore drilling platforms to face longer safety inspections
The Hill

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement on Monday unveiled plans to increase the safety inspection time for offshore drilling platforms in a move that is expected to streamline inspections while reducing the taxpayer burden by almost $20 million over 3.5 years. Under the new plan, BSEE inspectors will also get access to electronic records onshore for the first time.

Column: Southwest Airlines succeeds with low prices, excellent service

Columnist Shep Hyken credits Southwest Airlines' 45 consecutive years of profitability to its focus on low prices and excellent customer service. Southwest co-founder Herb Kelleher believed in putting employees first, Hyken writes, which led to happy workers, good service, repeat customers and higher profits.

Translating device helps guests at Miami hotel

A hand-held device named Emilia helps guests at Miami's El Paseo Hotel overcome language barriers. Luis Soto, the hotel's general manager, says nearly a third of the hotel's customers are international travelers.