Don't get trapped in the "cultural chasm"

Employee satisfaction tends to drop after a startup has been around for three or four years, and this "cultural chasm" is especially prevalent at fast-growing companies, research shows. One reason for this is that founders overlook the need to put a solid cultural infrastructure in place and fail to convey a sense of transparency, write TinyPULSE CEO David Niu and HubSpot revenue chief Mark Roberge.

DeVos visits Fla. community college

Calling community colleges "a tremendous on-ramp" for students, US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says she's considering full-year federal financial aid for students and a stronger focus on programs that are working. DeVos last week toured Valencia College in Florida and heard about dual-enrollment programs from state education leaders.

PIMCO to pay Gross $81M to settle lawsuit

PIMCO co-founder Bill Gross has accepted an $81 million settlement after a dispute with the firm from which he was ousted in 2014. His lawsuit against PIMCO, which had assets under management of $1.5 trillion at the end of 2016, appears to have ended amicably, and the firm has promised to open a Founders Room at its office to honor Gross and other founders.

Meijer to open 2 Ind. supercenters in May
3/27/2017 Progressive Grocer

Meijer will add two new supercenters in the Indianapolis market in May as part of a bigger plan to open seven new stores in Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan this year. The retailer operates 15 stores in the Indianapolis area, many of which are new or updated stores.

Study links HIE use to reduced length of ED stay

A HealthlinkNY study said the average length of stay at emergency departments decreased by about two hours after New York implemented a health information exchange across 13 counties. Researchers evaluated about 46,000 patient visits from July 2012 through January 2014 and found a 4.5% reduction in ED readmissions within 30 days and a 12% drop in patients' likelihood of being treated by multiple physicians.

Smirnoff, 72andSunny poke fun of craft competition

Smirnoff has enlisted the help of social media star and model Chrissy Teigen to strike back at "fake crafty" competitors with its latest ad from 72andSunny. The brand intends to leverage Teigen's 4.8 million Twitter fans to advance the message that Smirnoff is quality vodka at a reasonable price through a series of social media videos and ad spots.

Amazon's drones make first drop in US

An Amazon drone made its first successful package delivery in the US by carrying sunscreen to attendees at an Amazon-hosted convention in Palm Springs, Calif. The company is still awaiting Federal Aviation Administration approval to expand its program.

Elon Musk: Will AI be our downfall?
3/27/2017 Vanity Fair online

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has repeatedly sounded the alarm on the potential dangers of artificial intelligence and its capacity to harm the human race. Musk, along with Y Combinator President Sam Altman, started OpenAI, a nonprofit focused on making AI safer.

DuPont-Dow merger gains EU antitrust approval
3/27/2017 Reuters

A $130 billion merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical received conditional European Union antitrust approval today. DuPont agreed to sell assets including portions of its global pesticides business and Dow agreed to sell manufacturing plants in the US and Spain to secure the approval.

Whom will Trump pick to fill FCC's vacant seats?
3/27/2017 The Hill

President Donald Trump has two empty seats on the Federal Communications Commission to fill, and FCC watchers believe former Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel will be selected to fill the Democratic seat. Top potential picks for the Republican spot are said to be Michelle Connolly, Roslyn Layton, Ben Moncrief and Patricia Paoletta.

China flags rising sea level
3/28/2017 (China)

China cites changing weather patterns and El Nino and La Nina events for record-high sea levels last year. The rising waters are said to raise the risk of storm tides, floods and coastal erosion, as well as seawater encroachment.

AWEA joins coalition to encourage US transmission buildout

The American Wind Energy Association, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and other trade groups and corporations have joined a coalition led by former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman James Hoecker to advocate new transmission infrastructure projects, saying "the obstacles to expanding and modernizing our grid are mainly related to policies and regulatory practices, not a shortage of taxpayer dollars." AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan added, "Recognizing transmission as essential infrastructure is another way Congress and the administration can keep promises of advancing all forms of energy while growing US energy independence."

Southwest executive: Don't raise taxes on our customers

Southwest Airlines executive Bob Montgomery testified before the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security, saying an airport tax hike on passengers will drive away customers, especially those connecting to small and rural communities. "I have never seen an airport with a construction need that has not been addressed due to a lack of funding," Montgomery said. He added that while airports want more money, they haven't demonstrated a need for it: "There's an old Texas saying: Never ask a barber if you need a haircut."

Making hotel parking palatable: Firm puts tech to work
3/27/2017 Hotel Business

High-tech license plate recognition systems that allow quick passage for prepaid guests are among ways one company is helping hoteliers ease the pain of parking. In business in more than 100 countries, Sentry Control Systems is developing a cloud-based approach to parking analytics.