What drives you to be a leader?

Leaders affect individuals and the culture they operate in, and so knowing oneself -- your purpose, passions and boundaries -- is essential to success, Alaina Love writes. "Beyond the question 'Is what we're planning to do legal?' a strong value system will cause you to ask, 'Is this the right thing to do for our business and the promise of our brand?' " she notes.

Why MOOCs are not the gold standard in higher education
EdTech magazine online

MOOCs and other so-called "shotgun" approaches to improving higher education are missing the mark, according to Southern New Hampshire University president Paul LeBlanc during his keynote address at Campus Technology 2015. "How can we make [online offerings] equal to traditionally delivered courses? Actually, the best online courses are superior to traditionally delivered courses. ... We have far better optics into the quality of teaching, of learning," he said.

How CFOs can keep pace with corporate finance's evolution

Change is coming to almost every area of corporate finance, including earnings calls, data privacy and debt financing. Experts discuss issues they see as most important and offer tips for modern CFOs.

SuperValu growth plans could include Save-A-Lot spin-off

SuperValu will consider creating a separate, publicly-traded company for its Save-A-Lot discount grocery banner, in an effort to find more growth opportunities in a competitive industry, the retailer said Tuesday. The Save-A-Lot chain has more than 1,300 stores nationwide, with plans to open 100 more by early 2016.

Stomach-filling balloon gets FDA OK as weight-loss aid

The FDA approved Reshape Medical's inflatable stomach-filling balloon to aid weight loss in obese adults with at least one comorbidity who have been unsuccessful using diet and exercise alone. Data from the company's clinical trials showed people who got the balloon lost about 7% of their total body weight over six months but more than two-thirds gained it back after the device was removed.

Technology taps mobile for large common displays

Large surfaces such as walls, tables or other areas could serve as displays from mobile and connected devices with technology under development at Fujitsu Laboratories. Multiple users could access the system, displaying images on common spaces as well as individual screens.

Clothing, inventory efforts give American Eagle a boost

American Eagle Outfitters saw a same-store sales increase of 7% in the first quarter and is in the process of shedding its reliance on sales and discounts by improving its inventory management and clothing offerings. "If we don't get clogged up in inventory, then we can really react to what's working, or what's not working," said Chad Kessler, the retailer's global brand president.

Motorola unveils large-screen Moto X, new Moto G

Motorola will release a pair of new Moto X and Moto G phones in the U.S. and a third handset that it will limit to overseas sales, the Lenovo unit said Tuesday. The new $399 Moto X Style -- which will be marketed as the Moto X Pure Edition in the U.S. -- will run on any network and feature a 5.7-inch display. A revamped Moto G, Motorola's most popular phone, will cost $180.

Merck to acquire cCAM Biotherapeutics

Merck will purchase cCAM Biotherapeutics in a deal worth $605 million. The deal boosts Merck's immunotherapy pipeline, giving it access to cCAM's monoclonal antibody, CM-24, which is in an early-stage trial as a treatment for advanced or recurrent cancers. Under the terms of the agreement, Merck will purchase all outstanding cCAM stock in exchange for a $95 million upfront cash payment, and shareholders of cCAM will receive up to $510 million in potential milestone fees.

Verizon partners with HBO Now for broadband, new mobile service
Multichannel News

Verizon Communications and HBO Now have signed a multiplatform deal that will allow the telecom to offer the streaming video service to more than 100 million digital customers, as well as to non-Verizon mobile device owners. Verizon will offer HBO on its mobile-first video service and to stand-alone broadband customers for $15 a month.

Study says nation's capital is sinking

Research by the University of Vermont, the U.S. Geological Survey and others shows that Washington, D.C., is expected to sink 6 inches or more during the next century. The study, published in the journal GSA Today, shows that the water level around the Chesapeake Bay "is rising at twice the global average rate and faster than elsewhere on the East Coast." The researchers attribute the subsidence to "forebulge collapse" -- land returning to its normal level after having been raised by an ice sheet thousands of years ago.

R.I. offshore wind farm will open the door for offshore development, Jewell says

The Block Island offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island foreshadows a clean energy future for the U.S., according to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell. "A place like Block Island, which could only burn dirty diesel fuel, now will have the opportunity for clean, renewable energy. And they're going to show the rest of the country how that can be done," she said. The success of Europe’s offshore industry was due in part to its wind-friendly tax policies, said Jewell, adding that the U.S. would likely catch up quickly.

JetBlue "excited" about revenue trends this summer

JetBlue expects unit revenue to remain flat or increase up to 1% over last year, bucking an industry trend. Because of strong demand for the carrier's services, the airline is "excited" about revenue trends this summer, according to Vice President Marty St. George.

Luxury hotels turn to specialty services to create buzz
Conde Nast Traveler

Northern Ireland's Merchant Hotel is rolling out a "water butler" service to help guests wade though the hotel's water menu. The "cigar sommelier" at The Wellesley in London and the "fragrance butlers" at The Carlyle in New York highlight the trend toward using specialized services to differentiate luxury properties.