DuPont chief steps down after share price slides

Months after blocking an activist investor's attempt to take board seats, DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman is stepping down. Kullman's sudden departure, and her replacement by board member Edward Breen as interim CEO, suggests that she was forced out, perhaps over DuPont's sliding share price. "It's best practice for a board to have a pipeline in place for top leadership. Making the chairman interim CEO is the next-best solution," says executive search expert Pat Cook.

How teachers can boost collaboration with parents

Collaboration between families and teachers is key to students' success, writes John McCarthy, an education consultant and advocate for student voice in learning. In this blog post, he suggests ways educators can reform parent-teacher conferences and turn them into collaborative conversations with shared objectives.

IMF scales back forecast for world's economic growth

The International Monetary Fund has lowered its projection for the world's economic growth this year from the 3.3% forecast it made in July to 3.1%. The change is a response to the slowing of emerging-market economies triggered by falling commodity prices. The IMF warned emerging economies to prepare for a tightening of monetary policy by the US.

Food manufacturers, restaurants cater to the breakfast crowd

Consumers have gotten the message about the importance of a healthy breakfast, and food manufacturers are offering products that make it easier to have breakfast before work or at any time during the day. Restaurants also are on board, and McDonald's this week launched all-day breakfast. NPD Group data showed restaurant breakfast traffic increased 5% in the year ending June 30, compared with a 2% increase the year before.

CMS releases final rules for EHR MU program

The CMS has issued rules covering the 2015 Edition Health IT Certification Criteria, changes to stage 1 and stage 2 EHR meaningful use, and requirements for stage 3 of the meaningful use program. Provisions include a 90-day attestation period for new participants in 2016 and 2017 and all providers in 2105, alignment of the programs with the calendar year, consolidation of public health reporting measures, and more. Stakeholders were given 60 days to comment on the rules.

Reddit launches comment-free news site

Reddit has unveiled Upvoted, a news site with videos, podcasts and original editorial content that will be closely linked to its brand parent but won't allow comments. The restriction is aimed at increasing users and creating a space for news content that can more easily secure advertisers than its more unruly counterpart.

Amazon Prime deliveries deluge university mailrooms
Business Insider

The growth of Amazon Prime's two-day shipping feature is swamping college mailrooms with textbook deliveries and other packages, spurring some including the University of Connecticut to consider creating central package warehouses. Students get Amazon Prime at no charge for six months and pay $49 a year after that.

Microsoft unleashes Band 2, Surface Book
The Guardian (London)

Microsoft has announced a string of upcoming devices, including its second-generation fitness wearable, Band 2, and the HoloLens gaming device, which lets users hold holograms in their hands. The company also debuted its laptop-tablet hybrid, the Windows 10 Surface Book, which it claims is twice as fast as Apple's latest MacPro.

Theraclone Sciences, MD Anderson form cancer immunotherapy firm

Theraclone Sciences, in partnership with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, has launched a firm that will specialize in the discovery of new cancer immunotherapies. OncoResponse, which will be based in Houston, will use Theraclone's technology and MD Anderson's resources. The establishment of OncoResponse comes after Theraclone and MD Anderson secured $9.5 million in Series A financing.

Microsoft unveils 2 high-end Lumia phones

Microsoft put hardware front-and-center Tuesday in introducing a pair of premium Lumia smartphones, an updated Surface tablet and its first-ever laptop model. The push into making devices comes as Microsoft rolls out its Windows 10 software for phones on the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL handsets, which will be exclusively distributed by AT&T in the US.

Glass walkway attached to cliff in China closes due to cracks
The Daily Mail (London)

Imaging traversing an 853-foot glass walkway suspended 3,540 feet above ground and having one of the glass panels crack. That's what happened at the newly opened attraction attached to China's Yuntai Mountain when a visitor dropped a coffee mug. Tourists scrambled to get off, and the walkway is now closed for repairs.

Report: Potential of Monterey Shale less than expected
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The most promising portion of the Monterey Shale in California holds about 21 million barrels of oil accessible through hydraulic fracturing, according to a US Geological Survey report. The report's findings are a downgrade from a 2011 study that estimated the Monterey Shale contained 13.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil. However, the recent report was only based on the San Joaquin Basin, which is one of four basins of the Monterey Shale. Future reports will focus on the remaining three basins.

Pentagon expects ULA waiver decision soon

The Pentagon says it will soon decide on whether to grant United Launch Alliance a waiver that will enable the company to continue using Russian-made rocket engines. ULA says the waiver is key to allowing the company to compete for launch contracts.

Halloween nail art on Instagram

This article includes a selection of photos from Instagram showing off Halloween-themed nail art. More than 16.5 million photos are tagged with #nailart on the social media website.