Regulation is coming for DraftKings, FanDuel
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Fantasy sports startups DraftKings and FanDuel have achieved $1 billion-plus valuations and flooded the airwaves with their advertisements. But a controversy has erupted over whether employees could have profited from inside information, and it seems likely that increased regulation will follow. "It's a trajectory that's become familiar thanks to the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and others: The more obsessed you become with growth, the more likely you are to hurtle forward, even if you're operating in the gray areas with the potential for abuse," writes Davey Alba.

Ark. lowers proficiency scores under Common Core

Arkansas, like Ohio, has chosen to redefine what it means to be proficient on exams aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers sets proficiency at level 4 or higher for participating states. However, students in Arkansas who score at level 3 or higher are now considered proficient.

SEC clawback rules for accounting called troubling

The Securities and Exchange Commission is set to establish rules requiring companies to punish problematic accounting by clawing back compensation from top executives. A critic called the moved "overbroad in its reach" because it could punish executives who had nothing to do with the errors.

New Calif. law limits antibiotics in meat production

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Saturday to ban the use of antibiotics for growth promotion in animals raised for food. The law, which is the strictest state measure limiting antibiotic use in livestock, will require veterinarian approval and limit use to sick animals and cases where there is an elevated risk of infection.

Study compares efficacy of different types of exercise
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A study at the University of Texas Health Science Center that compared people who did yoga, a gym workout or just consistent activity found all three had similar effects on body fat, fitness and physical function. Researcher Daniel Hughes said people should be active, even if it is just 10 minutes at a time, but should chose an activity they enjoy and can stick with long-term. offers location-based targeting, mobile ticket buying

Advertisers will be able to target mobile users by location and users will be able to buy tickets within the application, thanks to two recent partnerships by the company. will be working with MovieQu and Mobiquity Networks on the new offerings.

Startup helps companies make the most of warehouse space

Flexe is a marketplace designed to connect businesses holding excess warehouse space with companies that need the room. The model could help seasonal companies navigate changes in demand. "It allows you to potentially have this virtual network of facilities," said founder Karl Siebrecht. "To push your inventory further out into the marketplace, without investing tons and tons of capital."

Report: Cloud environment, app breaches increased in 2014

Attacks against cloud applications were up 45% last year as more users moved their private information to the cloud, an Alert Logic report says. "[W]eb applications are target-rich. ... But often, there's not enough security built into these applications," says Alert Logic's Rahul Bakshi. Despite the surge, the report notes that on-premises breaches still account for twice as many attacks as do cloud-based hacks.

Brain connectivity patterns act like a fingerprint, research finds

The functional connectivity patterns of the brain are unique to individuals, much like a fingerprint, according to Yale University researchers. The team used functional MRI to scan 126 people and found that the connectivity of the frontoparietal cortex appears to vary most among individuals. "We demonstrate that it is possible, with near-perfect accuracy in many cases, to identify an individual from a large group of subjects solely on the basis of his or her connectivity matrix," the researchers wrote in Nature Neuroscience.

PepsiCo will sell line of mobiles phones in China

PepsiCo intends to sign a licensing agreement to puts its brand on cellphones and accessories in China, the company announced Monday, adding that it will not manufacture its own devices. The move is similar to Pepsi's global licensed apparel deals, Pepsi said.

Country's dams need repairs
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The American Society of Engineers gave the country's dams a grade of D, noting that 4,000 of the more 87,000 need repairs. The recent flooding in South Carolina and the dam failures there highlight ASCE's finding. The Association of State Dam Safety says $54 billion is needed for dam repairs, and the Army Corps of Engineers says it will be 50 years before work on its dam-project backlog is completed if budget levels are unchanged.

Pa. governor signs bill encouraging use of mine water in fracking
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A new law signed by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf will make it more feasible for companies to use mine water during hydraulic fracturing. The bill keeps coal companies from assuming responsibility for any damages related to the offsite use of mine water. Oil and natural gas companies also won't be held responsible for whether mine water was treated before they obtained it.

United says union agreement would facilitate jet order

United Airlines reportedly has told union pilots that it plans to order a fleet of 100-seat jetliners once the two sides finalize a two-year contract extension. The new aircraft would replace the 50-seat planes being used by regional carriers.

Hilton to add electric-vehicle charging stations

Hilton Worldwide is taking advantage of a partnership with General Electric by installing electric-vehicle, or EV, chargers at 100 of its hotels by the end of 2016. Some other hotels are using green-energy storage systems, which can reduce charges on about 30% to 50% of a property's energy bill, according to a GreenBiz report.