Uber's hard-charging CEO finds risk cuts both ways

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is driven and willing to push the boundaries in pursuit of his goals, according to investors, current and former employees and others. That trait has helped the company achieve a valuation of nearly $70 billion but may have also contributed to legal and other problems, including allegations of sexual harassment and a 2015 threat from Apple to ban Uber's app.

Veterans' success in college varies
4/24/2017 The Hechinger Report

Some colleges such as San Diego State University offer extra supports to students who are military veterans and report higher-than-average graduation rates for such students. However, federal data reveal widely varying graduation rates at some public community colleges among student veterans receiving GI Bill money.

Trump reportedly wants corporate tax rate of 15%

President Donald Trump has instructed that a reduction of the corporate tax rate to 15% be a key part of a tax-overhaul outline scheduled for announcement this week, sources say. Trump reportedly is ready to proceed even if loss of revenue requires him to abandon a campaign promise to reduce the budget deficit.

New Fresh Market format focuses more on everyday items

The Fresh Market will open a store in Columbia, S.C., this week under a new format that offers more everyday and traditional groceries, local products and a Mind & Body department featuring vitamins, minerals and supplements under a store design that includes signage to make navigation easier and guide shoppers with dietary restrictions. The retailer also announced that it will close five stores in New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Florida and Illinois.

Study examines parents' views on telemedicine use for children
4/24/2017 mHealth Intelligence

While 58% of parents would use telehealth to treat their children's cold and flu symptoms and about 41% would use it for well-child visits, 53% said they would never use the technology to treat a child with diabetes and 43% would not use it for asthma treatment, according to a study by the Nemours Children's Health System. Researchers also found that more fathers than mothers have used telemedicine services for themselves or their children.

Social fame results in bizarre foods and drinks
4/24/2017 Mashable

Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino is the latest effort by food and drink brands to create wacky concoctions known as "stunt food" in hopes of forging a social buzz, Patrick Kulp writes. KFC, Carl's Jr., Taco Bell and Jack in the Box have also chased viral fame with unusual products, and consultant Aaron Allen says many brands are monitoring social chatter to come up with new food ideas.

Suppliers worry about payments from US retailers
4/24/2017 Bloomberg

More global suppliers and vendors are worried about payments from US retailers as more close stores and file for bankruptcy. Sears Holdings, for example, has warned investors it could not continue to operate, causing significant hostility between suppliers and the retailer.

Nostalgia, tech updates drive turntable sales
4/24/2017 TWICE

Nostalgia and tech updates are driving turntable sales, as this segment saw 16% sales growth between March 2016 and February 2017, per data from The NPD Group. NPD Executive Director Ben Arnold said, "The turntable market has been revitalized by a mixture of expanding colorways and form factors that appeal to design-focused shoppers, as well as updated features like Bluetooth to keep up with the wider trend towards connectivity in audio."

MHRA releases 2017-2018 post-Brexit business plan
4/24/2017 Regulatory Focus

Developing a model for the future regulation of medical devices and drugs post-Brexit is the top priority stated by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency for the coming year, according to the group's 2017-2018 business plan. MHRA is looking to pursue an international strategy with key partners and hopes for "ongoing co-operation in EU regulatory procedures," and it also intends to expand International Medical Device Regulators Forum and bilateral relationships for device regulation.

DogTV launches SVOD service for dogs on Comcast
4/24/2017 Broadcasting & Cable

DogTV has launched a subscription-video-on-demand service on Comcast for $4.99 per month. The service includes original content that is "scientifically developed and tested" for dogs to view when their owners are away.

Declining reefs lead to erosion of seafloor, study states

A US Geological Survey study shows that the seafloor around dying coral reefs is losing sand and subsiding, posing a risk to coastal communities that experience storm waves. The study, which examined reefs in Hawaii, the Florida Keys and the US Virgin Islands, states that coral reefs create sand naturally but that as they decline as a result of changing weather patterns and human-induced damage, erosion occurs on the ocean's bottom.

CVS to eliminate cosmetics lines containing harmful substances
4/24/2017 TriplePundit.com

CVS announced Wednesday it will start removing its own cosmetics lines that contain harmful parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde from its 9,700 pharmacies across the country. The company will stop shipping any store-brand products that contain those three toxic ingredients by the year 2019.

FedEx creating 200-plus jobs in Indianapolis
4/24/2017 WXIN-TV (Indianapolis)

FedEx is creating more than 200 jobs at Indianapolis International Airport, where the company is investing $170 million to expand. FedEx handled almost all of the freight that passed through the airport in 2016.

Brownfield rehabbed as base for green hotel
4/24/2017 HotelNewsNow.com

The Residence Inn Gainesville I-75 in Florida is an ecologically sustainable hotel built on a former brownfield. OTO Development used recycled steel and energy-efficient windows for the project.