"House of Cards" was a data project for Netflix

Producing original entertainment was a big risk for Netflix, so the company used data analytics before giving the green light to "House of Cards." Netflix has many more series in production, but it hasn't lost its focus on data. "What is Internet TV and how does it differ from linear TV -- the questions around that are what we use analytics for," said Dave Hastings, Netflix's director of product analytics, data science and engineering.

Colleges turn to short-term counseling programs to help students

Some colleges and universities are turning to an employee assistance program to provide short-term counseling to students who are stressed out by the demands of academic life. The University of Wisconsin Colleges and programs such as the Dell Scholars Program offer the service mainly to low-income and other high-risk students to keep them on track to graduate.

US gained 173,000 jobs last month

Employers added 173,000 jobs to the US economy last month, according to data from the Department of Labor. The job gain was slightly below analysts' expectations, but the unemployment rate still fell from 5.3% to 5.1%, the lowest mark since 2008.

Millennials make their mark on the snack industry

The average US consumer eats 2.6 daily snacks and 41% have three or more, a trend that's growing with the spending power of millennials, said IRI's Sally Lyons Wyatt. Snack trends include plant-based proteins, fair trade products and raw chocolate.

CDC reports on prevalence of ADHD in young children
HealthDay News

A CDC report showed 31% of US children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder were diagnosed before age 6 and almost 50% received their diagnosis before age 7. The findings, based on interviews of about 3,000 parents of children with ADHD and 115 parents of children with Tourette's syndrome, also revealed that more than 50% of the children were diagnosed by a general pediatrician or family doctor, while only 25% of those diagnosed before age 6 received their diagnosis from a psychiatrist.

Facebook goes back to school

Facebook has teamed with a California charter school to develop software that individualizes education and is being offered to schools for free. The project echoes CEO Mark Zuckerberg's philanthropic focus on education. "[W]e all wanted to find a way to help make an impact by doing what we do best -- building software," Facebook's Chris Cox wrote in a blog post.

Sam's Club teams with TrueCar to offer an auto-buying program

Sam's Club has partnered with TrueCar to offer its members guaranteed discounts on new and used autos from 10,000 dealers nationwide. The warehouse club sees the partnership as a membership perk rather than a sales generator.

Skimmers for ATMs get more sophisticated
Krebs On Security blog

ATM skimmers are becoming more sophisticated, with insert skimmers becoming the latest criminal trend, writes Brian Krebs, a security blogger. Insert skimmers are installed inside the card-acceptance slot, making them difficult to spot.

335,000 cases of cheese slices added to Kraft Heinz recall

An initial recall of about 36,000 cases of Kraft Singles products was expanded by Kraft Heinz to add 335,000 cases of the cheese slices after two more choking incidents were reported. The company said when the product is unwrapped, a thin section of packaging film may remain on the cheese, causing a choking hazard. Shipments made to South Korea, Belize and several Caribbean islands are included in the expanded recall. The initial recall included retail establishments in Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico and the US.

T-Mobile enables video calls on pair of Samsung phones
CNETWireless Week

T-Mobile US will allow video calling directly from Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. Also, T-Mobile announced it does not plan to offer the Sony Xperia Z5 phone.

Report: $13.3B of flood damage is averted with Corps' projects

Flood prevention projects in the south-central and southwestern US saved the country from $13.3 billion worth of damage during flooding in May and June, according to a report from the Army Corps of Engineers. May was the wettest month on record in Texas and Oklahoma. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone, $6.7 billion in damages were averted, while Arkansas River Basin projects saved the area from incurring $350 million in damages.

AWEA: US wind industry is committed to wildlife conservation

The American Wind Energy Association is working to cut the amount of turbine-related bat deaths in the US by about 30%, showing that the industry "is strongly committed to producing one of the safest and cleanest forms of energy, for people and wildlife," CEO Tom Kiernan said in a statement. John Anderson of AWEA writes that a new protocol for protecting bats "is the best 'bang for the buck,' as it strikes a balance between protecting and preserving bats when they are most at risk, while allowing wind energy to continue producing reliable, zero-emissions electricity the rest of the year."

Airbus CEO calls for ATC reform
Air Transport World

Airbus Chairman and CEO Allan McArtor says it is time the nation's air traffic control system is "free from political shenanigans" and placed under control of a stand-alone organization. "I want the safest ATC system in the world, but I also want the most efficient system in the world," he said. "We have the safest system in the world, but that's not the issue. It's about efficiency."

Christmas in London: 10 hotels worth a visit

If you are planning to spend Christmas in London and are looking for a hotel that embraces the holiday season, this article has 10 suggestions. The list includes The Dorchester, which features extensive Christmas decorations.