When "thank you" isn't enough
3/30/2017 SmartBrief/Leadership

One form of employee recognition is the polite use of "please" and "thank you," but there is also a need to display more tangible forms of appreciation, writes Cord Himelstein of Michael C. Fina Recognition. "Keep in mind the terms are only the beginning of gratitude, and specific rewards beat out generic rewards any day of the week," he writes.

Selection of instructional materials evolves

The ways teachers choose instructional materials are changing with the adoption of the Common Core State Standards and the shift toward digital and open resources. Officials in a New York district are among those who have adopted educator-created open educational resources.

Lawmakers might block state-sponsored IRAs
3/30/2017 Financial Advisor online

Republican lawmakers are thought to be moving toward a block on state-sponsored individual retirement accounts proposed by California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and Oregon. Such IRAs could burden employers, result in high fees and contravene federal law on retirement plans, opponents say.

Bananas have many colors, and all of them are fine
3/30/2017 The Verge

A greener banana often has slightly more resistant starch, which is good for gut bacteria within humans, but you're generally OK eating a banana at the color and ripeness you prefer. The general preference for a bright yellow color is most likely the result of decades of marketing.

Report outlines goals to reduce threat of hepatitis B, C by 2030
3/29/2017 HealthDay News

A report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends enhanced methods of screening, treatment and prevention to help eliminate hepatitis B and C as a public health concern in the US by the year 2030 and save almost 90,000 lives. The report says a coordinated federal effort is needed, such as expansion of needle exchanges, free access to the hepatitis B vaccine and unrestricted treatment for patients with hepatitis C.

Continuing surge is forecast in consumer app spending
3/30/2017 MediaPost Communications

Consumer spending in mobile apps has doubled over the past two years, and total spending on apps is likely to rise to $139 billion globally by 2021, according to App Annie. As for operating systems, consumers are projected to spend more in Android app stores this year than in Apple's store.

Coach could be close to buying Kate Spade
3/29/2017 Glossy

Coach is reportedly nearing a deal to acquire Kate Spade & Company, which said last month it would explore options including a sale. Coach has reversed sales declines with a focus on millennials, and it could help lead a similar revival for the Kate Spade brand, retail analyst Jessica Ramirez said.

AI becoming a bigger part of cybersecurity
3/29/2017 CSO

The use of artificial intelligence to battle cyberattacks is expected to grow enough to partly offset the shortage of qualified professionals, but it's not a panacea, particularly if companies don't use basic defense tactics, writes Doug Drinkwater. Intertek executive Dane Warren said, "Through enhanced automation, orchestration, robotics, and intelligent agents, the industry will see greater advancement in both the offensive and defensive capabilities."

Roche gains FDA approval for multiple sclerosis drug
3/29/2017 Reuters

Roche Holding's injectable Ocrevus, or ocrelizumab, has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for the primary progressive form of multiple sclerosis. The approval was based on a clinical study that showed patients being treated with Ocrevus were 47% more likely to have no disease progression than patients taking a placebo.

House votes today on elimination of FCC privacy regulations
3/28/2017 The Hill

The House will vote today on eliminating a Federal Communications Commission privacy policy that affects internet service providers. The bill, which is widely expected to pass, would nullify rules that require broadband providers to obtain permission to use or share consumer data.

Commentary: BIM will lead to efficient use of transportation funding
3/30/2017 Engineering News-Record

Jim Lynch, a vice president at Autodesk, says building information modeling can help state and federal governments wisely invest in infrastructure projects. The projects can be designed virtually before construction starts, allowing planners to understand the viability of a project before its built and "validate the approach and costs."

Costs continue to fall for shale oil producers

Companies drilling for oil in active US shale fields have seen their break-even costs drop 6% on average in the past year to about $46 per barrel in the Permian Basin, $47 per barrel in Oklahoma's SCOOP and STACK and $48 per barrel in the Eagle Ford Shale, according to a Dallas Fed survey of 150 oil producers and service companies. Half of the oil producers reported an improved business outlook for the next six months, and executives said they expect oil prices to increase to $53.49 per barrel on average by the end of 2017.

JetBlue, Boston Red Sox partnership to remain through 2030

JetBlue and the Boston Red Sox have extended their relationship through 2030, marking the commitment by giving away 43,000 co-branded hats to students at 104 Boston public schools. JetBlue is the largest airline in Boston and the official airline of the Red Sox.

Digital keys available for loyalty program members
3/30/2017 SuccessfulMeetings.com

Hilton Worldwide has made digital keys available at 1,000 hotels since introducing the technology in 2015. The technology allows loyalty program members to use a smartphone as a room key.