Building brand equity on social media
2/24/2017 The Huffington Post

Building brand equity in e-commerce requires advertising not just onsite, but also through social media, third-party apps and in brick-and-mortar locations. Being active on the platforms that matter the most to brand audiences will drive the most engagement.

Survey reveals online-learning trends

A survey of more than 2.5 million students and teachers in 160 countries reveals online-learning trends among high-school and college students. The GoConqr survey found, among other things, that online learning tends to be done alone.

Toshiba weighs bankruptcy for unit Westinghouse

Japanese conglomerate Toshiba is considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for US subsidiary Westinghouse Electric, a company official says. Toshiba is struggling with a loss exceeding $6.2 billion on its nuclear business, related mostly to Westinghouse.

Lidl begins hiring for 800 Va. positions

German discount grocer Lidl will begin the hiring process for 800 workers in Virginia this week, as the retailer prepares to open its first stores in the US this summer. Lidl will hire 4,000 East Coast workers within a year of its US launch, which will start with 20 stores in Virginia and North and South Carolina.

Study looks at rising average life expectancy worldwide
2/22/2017 Reuters

Average life expectancy across the world is expected to increase by 2030, with South Koreans having the highest life expectancy and the US being among developed countries with the lowest, according to a study in The Lancet. UK researchers and the World Health Organization found that men and women in the US are expected to live 79.5 and 83.3 years, respectively.

Axe, 72andSunny talk about challenging male stereotypes

Axe's Rik Strubel and 72andSunny Amsterdam's Stephanie Feeney discuss the thinking behind the brand's "Find Your Magic" campaign, which shifted creative toward male individualism and away from stereotypes. The pair also talk about the positive effects of a diverse team, with Feeney noting, "If you've got people from Barbados, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, France, the UK trying to put together a portrait of modern masculinity, you're already ahead of the game."

Carriers focus on dedicated fleets

More truck fleets are focusing on dedicated services where they provide freight-hauling to specific manufacturers or retailers. This provides predictability as trucking companies brace for continued weak demand from shippers.

AI could enhance precision of maps, autonomous cars

A New York University research team is working to develop artificial intelligence that aims to provide more precision to autonomous vehicles. The team is collaborating with Here and its cloud-based HD Live Map system to "precisely match what the car sees with what's in the cloud database," says research assistant Yi Fang.

FDA grants breakthrough status to Tocagen's brain cancer drug combo

Tocagen's drug combination Toca 511 and Toca FC has received breakthrough status from the FDA as a treatment for patients with recurrent high-grade glioma. Results from an ongoing midstage clinical study are expected next year.

FCC revises net neutrality reporting requirements
2/24/2017 The Hill

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to roll back reporting requirements that fall under net neutrality rules for businesses with 250,000 or fewer subscribers. These broadband providers will get a five-year waiver on enhanced reporting for transparency as part of Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to reverse parts of net neutrality.

Groups support legislation that invests in N.Y.'s water infrastructure

New York needs about $80 billion over the next two decades to upgrade its wastewater and drinking water systems. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature are working on $2 billion Clean Water Infrastructure Act to fund some improvements, a move supported by environmentalists, economists, unions and others.

Farmers drawn to renewable energy

Farmers are finding renewable energy a good option to power their operations. The federal government provides a tax credit of up to 30% to farmers who install a wind or solar power system, which can help cover some of the installation costs.

JetBlue sees room to grow in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
2/24/2017 Barron's (free content)

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is expanding and flights across carriers could grow by 8% this year, according to Morgan Stanley. As the largest airline at the airport, JetBlue will continue to "grow thoughtfully" in the market, a spokesperson said, and is planning to roll out its Mint service in Fort Lauderdale later this year.

Ecology meets luxury at wind-powered Brooklyn hotel
2/24/2017 Observer

Wind provides all of the power and more than half the building materials are reclaimed at the luxurious 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. A host of other green features at the Starwood-owned hotel address growing environmental concerns by guests of upscale properties.