Should sustainability be top-down or bottom-up?

Workers need strong leadership if they're to take sustainability seriously, but they also need the freedom to formulate their own sustainability goals in relation to their work, says Kathleen Shaver, Cisco Systems' director of supply chain sustainability. "It's a top-down, bottom-up approach," she said.

Duncan to launch back-to-school bus tour this month

Education Secretary Arne Duncan's back-to-school bus tour kicks off Sept. 14. The theme is "Ready for Success." Officials say the tour will focus on early education and higher education, including college affordability.

CFPB's emphasis on dealer markups could raise consumer costs

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's focus on auto dealer markups -- which it says can lead to discriminatory pricing for minorities -- is pushing some lenders to create new price structures that may make auto loans more costly for consumers.

Craft beer, wine and spirits win over Gen Y

Millennials on a mission to find new local, authentic and artisan products are fueling annual increases in craft beer sales and encouraging the rise of indie distillers and wine makers, said NPD Group's Warren Solochek. "If you ask me if I think it's a trend or a fad, I think it's a trend. I do think it will continue into the foreseeable future, because people love to try something new," he said.

Research explores heart attack treatment, mortality differences by gender
The Guardian (London)

Women are less likely to undergo angioplasty after a heart attack, and when they are treated, they are more likely to die than men, according to research to be presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress. Women may be at higher risk, but the researchers said physician attitudes likely also play a role. Survival among female patients was 18%, compared with 26% among male patients, while 26% of women were treated with angioplasty, compared with 36% of men.

Which brands won MTV's VMAs?

Apple Music was the brand consumers most associated with MTV's Video Music Awards, followed by Taco Bell and Stuart Weitzman, based on an Amobee Brand Intelligence review of digital content engagement. Apple Music tapped The Weeknd and John Travolta in its campaign, Taco Bell used Periscope to live-stream a pre-show gig and Stuart Weitzman's shoes were worn by Gisele Bundchen in the brand's first TV ad.

Staples, Office Depot move closer to merging

Staples and Office Depot have certified substantial compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's request for additional information on Staples' planned $6.3 billion acquisition of its rival, the companies said. The deal has won approval from regulators in Australia, China and New Zealand, and it still needs OKs from Canada and the European Union.

Razer's next Xbox One controller targets pro gamers

Razer is bringing a "pro-gamer-validated, tournament-grade" Xbox One controller to market next month to compete with Microsoft's $150 "Elite" controller, the company confirmed. The "Wildcat" will tout two extra bumpers and two extra removable triggers, and each button can be configured by the player.

Biotech potato from J.R. Simplot gets USDA nod
The Washington Times

J.R. Simplot's Russet Burbank biotech potato variety, which is resistant to late blight, generates less potentially cancer-causing chemicals and can be kept at colder temperatures for an extended period, has been cleared by the US Department of Agriculture. Approvals from the FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency are expected within a year. The firm intends to start commercial planting by 2017.

T-Mobile's Legere issues unlimited data plan abuse warning

T-Mobile US will pursue subscribers who are circumventing unlimited data plans by downloading applications that allow them to escape the carrier's 7-gigabyte limit on tethering their phones to other devices, CEO John Legere wrote in a blog post Sunday. He said the "small group" of customers are using up to 2 terabytes a month of data.

$1.6B transmission line project is planned for N.M., Texas

Southern Public Service will invest $1.6 billion by 2020 to enhance Xcel Energy's transmission lines in New Mexico and Texas to support wind energy and maintain grid reliability. The Power for the Plains project involves building substations and adding new lines. "We see this as a great opportunity for additional renewables," said Xcel Director of Strategic Planning Bill Grant.

Obama argues for approval of Shell's Chukchi oil drilling

President Barack Obama last week defended the federal authorization of Royal Dutch Shell's oil drilling program in Alaska's Chukchi Sea. The activity is conducted "at the highest standards possible with requirements specifically tailored to the risks of drilling off Alaska. We don't rubber-stamp permits," Obama said. He added that domestic oil and natural gas production is vital to the U.S. economy, as the nation reduces its reliance on imports and moves toward realizing climate change goals.

United Airlines aims to bolster on-time performance

United Airlines plans to take steps to improve its on-time performance through investing in technology and training.

Delta debuts Sky Club at SFO with wall of windows

Delta Air Lines opened a Sky Club last week at San Francisco International Airport that features a wall of windows to watch aircraft departures and arrivals. The 9,000-square foot lounge also features Vietnamese-inspired food such as pho.