Chipotle accused of wage theft in class-action suit

Almost 10,000 workers have joined a class-action lawsuit alleging Chipotle Mexican Grill forces employees to work after punching out. The lawsuit also says the restaurant's time clock can punch out employees automatically, even if they are still working.

Long-term benefits linked to free college
8/31/2016 MarketWatch

Students in West Virginia who participated in the state's scholarship program were more likely be homeowners and to have better credit scores than peers who did not receive the scholarships, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. However, many recipients had higher student debt than non-scholarship peers because they pursued graduate degrees, researchers found.

Fed vice chairman touts job numbers
8/31/2016 Reuters

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer has reinforced remarks that the central bank is closer to raising interest rates, saying the country "is very close to full employment." The job market shows the economy has been strong enough to resist the damping effects of a rising dollar, he says.

Tops boosts frozen storage capacity in expansion effort
8/31/2016 Progressive Grocer

Tops Markets has upgraded its frozen food facility to a 200,000-square-foot space from 95,000 square feet as part of a bigger plan to expand its operations. The facility will allow the retailer to end its dependency on third-party storage facilities and expand its frozen offerings.

CMS proposes ACA changes to mitigate insurer risk
8/30/2016 Business Insider

The CMS has released 14 proposals to address challenges with the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges that have contributed to the enrollment of sicker-than-expected populations. The proposed changes include improving outreach to young adults, adding flexibility for bronze plan offerings, tightening rules for special enrollment periods and accounting for prescription-drug use in assessing patients' health status and risk profiles.

Video creators get share of ad profits from Twitter

Twitter is expanding its Amplify Publisher initiative from big publishers such as BuzzFeed and Time Inc. to all video creators. As a result, the platform will share a slice of profits generated by pre-roll video ads with approved creators.

Sears to bring back paint sales at 23 stores

Sears Holdings will start selling paint at 23 of its stores after discontinuing the category in 2012, and it will introduce a line of paints under its Craftsman brand. The rebounding housing market has spurred sales growth at home-improvement chains Home Depot and Lowe's.

IDC: Tablets sales to rebound in 2018
8/31/2016 CNET

IDC predicts that tablet sales will dip 11.5% this year, then bounce back in 2018 and grow through 2020. Demand will be driven by business users shifting away from laptops and computers and looking for detachable options they can work with outside the office.

Novartis' Enbrel biosimilar wins FDA approval

Erelzi, or etanercept-szzs, Novartis' biosimilar version of Amgen's Enbrel, has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for plaque psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. The decision comes after the drug received a unanimous advisory committee vote in July supporting the approval.

FX execs talk programming strategy
8/31/2016 Variety

FX's plan to add two new comedies to its lineup is just part of its long-term strategy to diversify, Programming Presidents Eric Schrier and Nick Grad say. In addition to adding "Better Things" and "Atlanta" to its programming, the network is also working to bring additional comedy series to viewers and exploring animation options that follow in the footsteps of "Archer."

EPA concerned about sewer overflows in Houston

Houston has about 840 sewer overflows a year and is negotiating with the Environmental Protection Agency over which and how many improvements to make. Repairing and upgrading pipes, maintaining the system and educating the public on clog-avoidance could cost $5 billion.

Report: Wind, solar generation grew by 24.8%

Wind and solar generation increased by a record-breaking 24.8% during the first half of 2016 year-over-year, while coal generation fell 20.1% and nuclear remained flat, said nonprofit SUN DAY Campaign, citing a report from the Energy Information Administration. "The data thus far is swamping EIA's earlier forecast of just 9.5% growth by renewables in 2016," said SUN DAY Executive Director Ken Bossong.

Southwest discusses Pittsburgh growth strategy

This year, Southwest capped 11 years of steady growth, becoming the primary carrier out of Pittsburgh International Airport. The airline added flights to Los Angeles this month, and CEO Gary Kelly said he expects continued growth in the years ahead.

Alaska Airlines uses mobile devices to help crew better serve passengers

Alaska Airlines' flight crews use mobile technology to enhance the customer experience and generate revenue during flights. Hand-held devices tell crew members who is traveling together and help them identify passengers who may require special attention.