Harvard study proves that conditional bonuses are more effective

Conditional bonuses -- that is, bonuses that sales reps receive when they reach a certain target -- are more effective than unconditional ones, a Harvard Business School study found. One company studied saw a 20% increase in sales when the bonus was conditional. When it wasn’t, gains fell to 10% and to a net decrease in another test.

Australian university's "flipped" instruction may provide model for U.S.
EdTech magazine online

The University of Adelaide in Australia is using technology to "flip" its classrooms and could provide a model for U.S. institutions as they continue to embrace online learning. The university has seen a rise in student retention after it replaced traditional lectures with online videos and formed groups of students who work together on projects.

Many older consumers rely on credits cards for financial survival
USA Today

Baby boomer and Generation X consumers often view credit cards as a financial lifeline, says a report by Allianz Life. Early credit card adoption has led many people to live beyond their means and to put off retirement savings, says Katie Libbe, an Allianz vice president.

Instacart teams with Zabar's on specialty food delivery

Instacart has officially partnered with specialty food store Zabar's in New York City's Upper West Side, offering customers two-hour delivery of the 81-year-old retailer's products that range from caviar and country pate to bagels and pickled herring. Zabar's joins a growing list of retailers that partner with Instacart, which plans to continue expanding its delivery roster in the coming months.

Study links consumption of sugary drinks to high diabetes mortality
Medical Economics

The consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages was responsible for an estimated 184,000 deaths worldwide in 2010, 133,000 of which were related to diabetes, according to a study in the journal Circulation. Researchers found that Mexico had the highest mortality rate from sugary drinks, with an estimated 405 deaths per one million adults, followed by the U.S. with an estimated 125 deaths per one million adults.

Nike scores with World Cup social media effort

Nike's sponsorship of the U.S. women's soccer team paid dividends during the World Cup, according to a social media analysis by Amobee Brand Intelligence. On Twitter, Nike was markedly more associated with the tournament than event-apparel sponsor Adidas.

Target brings urban-format stores to East Coast
Business Insider

Target will open its ninth CityTarget location this summer in Boston's Fenway neighborhood, following an announcement by the retailer earlier this year that it would open 15 new stores. With its other urban-format locations operating in California, Washington, Oregon and Illinois, the Boston CityTarget and another one slated to open in Brooklyn, N.Y., next year mark expansion to the East Coast for the small stores that feature product selections tailored toward urban neighborhoods.

Smart thermostat adjusts temperatures based on the weather

Honeywell and Weatherbug have released a smart thermostat that tracks local weather and adjusts indoor temperatures accordingly, Amy Ryan writes. The Internet connected device is available in Texas, and the companies say they plan to expand in the U.S.

Cephalon, AstraZeneca reach settlement deals in Medicaid rebates cases

AstraZeneca and Cephalon have reached settlement deals with the U.S. and state governments for separate lawsuits claiming the companies underpaid rebates for their prescription drugs covered under state Medicaid programs. AstraZeneca will pay $46.5 million, while Teva, which owns Cephalon, will pay $7.5 million to settle the allegations. Among the medications named in the lawsuits are Cephalon's wakefulness drug Provigil and pain treatment Actiq, as well as AstraZeneca's Seroquel antipsychotic and Crestor cholesterol medication.

Samsung offers downbeat earnings preview on Galaxy shortages

Samsung Electronics expects its second-quarter earnings to fall short of analysts' expectations, thanks in large part to production issues with the curved-screen Galaxy S6 Edge, which has enjoyed strong sales. A Q2 dip would mark the seventh consecutive quarter in which the South Korean company's profits declined from year to year.

Aluminum infrastructure could be coming to Japan

The Japan Society of Civil Engineers recently issued design and production standards for aluminum structures, and the country's aluminum industry hopes to see more use of its product in infrastructure work. The Japan Aluminium Association says that the product is more expensive than steel but notes that "repair work [is] easier, cheaper and faster as it requires less reinforcement in foundations, leading to lower maintenance cost."

Opinion: Ohio's wind industry supports schools, economic development

Ohio lawmakers should support wind energy development because the taxes paid by wind farms yield huge economic rewards for the state's schools and other areas of development, writes Jeff Snyder, superintendent of the Lincolnview school district in Ohio. The school district receives $400,000 in taxes annually from Iberdrola Renewables. "We didn't have to go ask our community to pay more in taxes. Instead we took advantage of the natural wind that has always blown in our own backyards," he writes.

Boeing sees deliveries rise in first half of the year

Boeing has delivered 39 more planes so far in 2015 than in the same period in 2014 -- 381, up from 342. Boeing's single-aisle 737 has been its most popular plane this year, with the 787 Dreamliner taking the second spot.

Gaming and hospitality execs named to Nev. tourism panel

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has appointed an 11-member committee to prioritize tourism improvement projects for the southern part of the state. "We are fortunate to have many of the brightest minds in gaming and hospitality, as well as experienced and capable community leaders who are ready to meet the challenges of a changing market and identify and embrace the potential within the industry," Sandoval said. Executives from Boyd Gaming, Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts International, Station Casinos and Wynn Resorts were among those named to the panel, which is expected to make its recommendations within the next year.