Lessons in failure from Wile E. Coyote

Few fictional characters have failed as much as Wile E. Coyote, who was outsmarted by the Road Runner in episode after episode. On the positive side, Wile E. Coyote had a big, measurable goal and a creative approach to problem-solving. But his fatal flaw was that he never asked for help from those around him, this blog post states.

Free-college supporters mull adding student work requirements

As the idea of providing free college tuition to many students gains popularity in political circles, some leaders are proposing that students be required to work while in college. Some state aid programs already require students to work, and research shows higher completion rates among students who work between 10 and 15 hours a week.

Interest-rate uncertainty, Chinese stocks contribute to weaker dollar

Uncertainty over when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates and the high performance of Chinese stocks have been contributing factors to the dollar's sluggish performance. "Slightly weaker economic growth in the US makes the dollar weaker, which in turn makes commodities stronger, which in turn makes emerging markets less vulnerable," said Oppenheimer Funds Chief Investment Officer Krishna Memani.

Staying competitive in today's complex grocery industry

Competition in the grocery industry today goes beyond direct store-to-store competition and includes online ordering, home delivery and meal services, and retailers must engage with customers and offer personalized experiences to compete in today's omnichannel age, Phil Lempert writes. "The most important thing, however, is to offer an experience that is personal, fulfilling and builds a relationship that transcends price, location and achieves a larger share of your customers' stomach no matter what the meal occasion or where it is consumed," he writes.

Study compares efficacy of different types of exercise
KFSN-TV (Fresno, Calif.)

A study at the University of Texas Health Science Center that compared people who did yoga, a gym workout or just consistent activity found all three had similar effects on body fat, fitness and physical function. Researcher Daniel Hughes said people should be active, even if it is just 10 minutes at a time, but should chose an activity they enjoy and can stick with long-term.

MovieTickets.com offers location-based targeting, mobile ticket buying

Advertisers will be able to target MovieTickets.com mobile users by location and users will be able to buy tickets within the application, thanks to two recent partnerships by the company. MovieTickets.com will be working with MovieQu and Mobiquity Networks on the new offerings.

Online retailers cope with rising return shipping costs

About 49% of online retailers now offer free shipping on returns, according to an NRF study, a perk that can take a big bite out of the bottom line. Consumers increasingly expect speedy delivery at no extra cost, while new pricing policies at UPS and FedEx have driven up shipping costs.

Elbee kick-starts voice-controlled, trackable earbuds
The Verge

Elbee has launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop a set of wireless earbuds that pair with a smartphone application to help users find lost ear pieces. The earbuds will respond to voice commands and subtle head motions.

Brain connectivity patterns act like a fingerprint, research finds

The functional connectivity patterns of the brain are unique to individuals, much like a fingerprint, according to Yale University researchers. The team used functional MRI to scan 126 people and found that the connectivity of the frontoparietal cortex appears to vary most among individuals. "We demonstrate that it is possible, with near-perfect accuracy in many cases, to identify an individual from a large group of subjects solely on the basis of his or her connectivity matrix," the researchers wrote in Nature Neuroscience.

PepsiCo will sell line of mobiles phones in China

PepsiCo intends to sign a licensing agreement to puts its brand on cellphones and accessories in China, the company announced Monday, adding that it will not manufacture its own devices. The move is similar to Pepsi's global licensed apparel deals, Pepsi said.

Country's dams need repairs
National Public Radio

The American Society of Engineers gave the country's dams a grade of D, noting that 4,000 of the more 87,000 need repairs. The recent flooding in South Carolina and the dam failures there highlight ASCE's finding. The Association of State Dam Safety says $54 billion is needed for dam repairs, and the Army Corps of Engineers says it will be 50 years before work on its dam-project backlog is completed if budget levels are unchanged.

Most Democratic presidential candidates support clean energy

With the exception of former Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, all of the Democratic presidential candidates have made clean energy an important part of their platforms. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has proposed a 10-year plan under which the nation's renewables would generate enough electricity to power every home. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said the nation should shift "away from polluting fossil fuels, and towards energy efficiency and sustainability." Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee have also expressed support for clean energy and fighting climate change.

American Airlines, US Airways become one reservation system on Oct. 17

American Airlines will fully absorb US Airways' reservation system on Saturday, two years after the companies announced their merger. Passengers who hold US Airways tickets for later dates will check-in through American's website.

Nev. casinos find ways to add skill-based games
VegasInc.com (Las Vegas)

Nevada casinos are incorporating skill-based games in a variety of ways, including the addition of space for competitive video gaming, arcade-style machines with video-game controllers and games in which performance affects the player's winnings.