What to know about winning over Generation Z

Generation Z is entering the workforce as entry-level jobs become more complex, if not displaced by technology, which presents challenges for them and for organizational leaders, write Carolyn O'Boyle, Josefin Atack and Kelly Monahan. HR must reassess how it recruits and onboards talent and how it provides mobility and development pathways, all while using data in new ways and having the "courage to break with tradition and historical norms," they write.

College Board releases latest SAT data

The College Board this week released the first national scores report for the revised SAT. The College Board also has published a conversion chart to help guide comparisons of scores on the revised test to its older versions.

Challenges of becoming a data-driven enterprise

Some organizations struggle with being "data rich" but "information poor," meaning they have trouble turning data into actionable insight. Coordinating technical architecture with data management is key to becoming a data-driven enterprise.

The many flavors of Mediterranean cuisine

Definitions of Mediterranean cuisine have evolved along with the US food scene, and a growing group of fast-casual eateries are exploring their own interpretations of healthy Mediterranean fare. "It can mean a lot of things and give you a lot of leeway in describing your menu, as opposed to just one country," said Datassential's Jennifer Aranas.

Graham-Cassidy bill would nix 580k jobs

The Graham-Cassidy bill would cost the US economy 580,000 jobs and $240 billion in lost economic activity over the next ten years, according to S&P Global Ratings. The bill, which aims to repeal the Affordable Care Act, would keep the US gross domestic product at about 2% or less over that time span, said S&P.

Droga5, the Y warn of a fraying America
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Droga5's new 90-second spot for the Y, formerly the YMCA, examines what it means to be "Us," showing the diversity of communities and Americans coming together. The ad then switches to depict a different, polarized America and ends with a call for people to support the organization.

Tight labor market challenges seasonal hiring plans

Retailers and logistics companies gearing up for the holiday season will be competing fiercely for seasonal employees in a tight labor market, and many are expected to keep more of their holiday hires in the new year, said Andrew Challenger of recruiting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Retailers including Target, Macy's and Toys R Us hope to hire tens of thousands of seasonal staffers this fall.

Apple chooses Google for default browser

Apple is using Google as a default browser in its Siri controlled web searches. Apple chose to do this in part to provide a more consistent service and said, "Switching to Google as the web search provider for Siri, Search within iOS and Spotlight on Mac will allow these services to have a consistent web search experience with the default in Safari."

Drugmaker agrees to pay $40.1M to settle drug misbranding accusations

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals agreed to pay $36 million to the Department of Justice to settle a whistleblower lawsuit accusing the company of illegally marketing its cholesterol drug Juxtapid for off-label uses, which allegedly resulted in the submission of fraudulent claims to Medicare and other federal health care programs. The Cambridge, Mass.-based drugmaker also agreed to enter a guilty plea to two drug misbranding violations and pay $4.1 million to resolve a related lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Latest iPhones now available for Comcast Xfinity customers

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ will be available today in Comcast stores, with a trade-in allowance available for qualifying devices. The phones will operate on the company's hybrid Wi-Fi and MVNO network and are available to Xfinity Home subscribers.

Renderings: Construction starts on Texas baseball stadium

Manhattan Construction Co. is expected to begin construction this week on a $1.1 billion ballpark for the Texas Rangers. The 1.7 million-square-foot stadium is being built on a 13-acre site and is part of the mixed-use Texas Live hotel and entertainment complex.

Energy secretary calls on oil industry to advance carbon capture technologies

Energy Secretary Rick Perry has instructed the National Petroleum Council to study carbon capture technology and explore ways for oil drillers to integrate and deploy such technology at scale. Perry said carbon capture and utilization offered "exciting potential" for the industry.

TSA announces new screening procedure at Ark., Mo. airports

The Transportation Security Administration will now require passengers at Arkansas' Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport and Missouri's Springfield-Branson National Airport to place all electronic devices larger than a cellphone into a separate bin for screening. The updated procedure doesn't apply to travelers using PreCheck lanes.

Hotelier to expand in Middle East with 6 luxury properties

Marriott International is expanding its reach in the Middle Eastern market with six new luxury hotels, the company said. Three of those properties are set to open soon in Dubai: the Renaissance Downtown, a W hotel on the Palm Jumeirah and the Bulgari.