Do job skills matter more than job titles?
4/24/2017 BBC

People entering the workforce or transitioning in their career should consider skills they want to use, rather than the profession they want to enter, says career coach Jean-Philippe Michel. Understanding skill sets helps people better target their job search and leads to a career that is more satisfying, Michel says.

8th-graders build prosthetic hand for 6th-grader

Eighth-graders at a Louisiana science and technology school used a 3D printer to create parts and assemble a prosthetic for a sixth-grader who was born without a right hand. Elkhan Akhundov, the school's science, technology, engineering and math coordinator, said the project motivated students to learn and help others.

Trump to outline tax reform this week
4/24/2017 ReutersReutersBloomberg

President Donald Trump will unveil broad principles and priorities for tax reform this week, with a complete proposal likely in June. The plan would pay for itself when analyzed under "dynamic scoring" but would create short-term issues under "static scoring," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says.

New Fresh Market format focuses more on everyday items

The Fresh Market will open a store in Columbia, S.C., this week under a new format that offers more everyday and traditional groceries, local products and a Mind & Body department featuring vitamins, minerals and supplements under a store design that includes signage to make navigation easier and guide shoppers with dietary restrictions. The retailer also announced that it will close five stores in New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Florida and Illinois.

Amendment might bring AHCA back to House floor for a vote

An amendment to the American Health Care Act proposed by Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-N.J., would retain the Affordable Care Act's essential health benefits at the federal level but allow states to request approval to replace the EHBs with their own list. States could also let insurers charge higher premiums to people with preexisting conditions if they create high-risk pools for those patients, according to the amendment, which has been billed as a tool for resurrecting the legislation for a vote the White House would like to see happen next week.

Social fame results in bizarre foods and drinks
4/24/2017 Mashable

Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino is the latest effort by food and drink brands to create wacky concoctions known as "stunt food" in hopes of forging a social buzz, Patrick Kulp writes. KFC, Carl's Jr., Taco Bell and Jack in the Box have also chased viral fame with unusual products, and consultant Aaron Allen says many brands are monitoring social chatter to come up with new food ideas.

Amazon expands in N.J. with new center

Amazon opened a 1 million-square-foot fulfillment center in Carteret, N.J., to expand its reach in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company also announced three additional fulfillment centers in the state, in Cranbury, Edison and Logan.

Nostalgia, tech updates drive turntable sales
4/24/2017 TWICE

Nostalgia and tech updates are driving turntable sales, as this segment saw 16% sales growth between March 2016 and February 2017, per data from The NPD Group. NPD Executive Director Ben Arnold said, "The turntable market has been revitalized by a mixture of expanding colorways and form factors that appeal to design-focused shoppers, as well as updated features like Bluetooth to keep up with the wider trend towards connectivity in audio."

MHRA releases 2017-2018 post-Brexit business plan
4/24/2017 Regulatory Focus

Developing a model for the future regulation of medical devices and drugs post-Brexit is the top priority stated by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency for the coming year, according to the group's 2017-2018 business plan. MHRA is looking to pursue an international strategy with key partners and hopes for "ongoing co-operation in EU regulatory procedures," and it also intends to expand International Medical Device Regulators Forum and bilateral relationships for device regulation.

DogTV launches SVOD service for dogs on Comcast
4/24/2017 Broadcasting & Cable

DogTV has launched a subscription-video-on-demand service on Comcast for $4.99 per month. The service includes original content that is "scientifically developed and tested" for dogs to view when their owners are away.

Retractable roof on Atlanta stadium reaches milestone
4/24/2017 WXIA-TV (Atlanta)

The 27,000-ton steel roof being built on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the National Football League's Atlanta Falcons reached a milestone when it opened for the first time last week. Thousands of people are working 24 hours a day to get the project in place by Aug. 26.

US oil rig count continues to increase
4/24/2017 Bloomberg

The number of US oil rigs climbed by five to 688 in the week ended Friday, representing the smallest increase in almost two months, according to Baker Hughes. "If commodity prices persist here, we expect the rig count to flatten out fairly soon," Capital One Securities analyst Luke Lemoine said.

FedEx creating 200-plus jobs in Indianapolis
4/24/2017 WXIN-TV (Indianapolis)

FedEx is creating more than 200 jobs at Indianapolis International Airport, where the company is investing $170 million to expand. FedEx handled almost all of the freight that passed through the airport in 2016.

Brownfield rehabbed as base for green hotel

The Residence Inn Gainesville I-75 in Florida is an ecologically sustainable hotel built on a former brownfield. OTO Development used recycled steel and energy-efficient windows for the project.