How to make your PowerPoint presentations less boring

If your audience's eyes glaze over when you fire up PowerPoint, you're doing something wrong, writes Stephanie Scotti. A good PowerPoint presentation is tailored to its audience, with plenty of images, not too much text and careful pacing. "Time and time again I see my clients experience an 'aha' moment when they realize how effectively they can engage with their listeners using these techniques," Scotti writes.

Head of House education committee will not seek re-election
Minnesota Public Radio

US Rep. John Kline, chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, will not seek re-election in 2016. Kline said he will continue his work to overhaul and replace No Child Left Behind and expand access to higher education while still in office.

Construction loan balances up 3.9% in Q2

Construction loans by Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.-backed financial institutions rose to $255.8 billion in the second quarter, a 3.9% increase from the previous quarter. It was the fifth quarter in a row of year-over-year construction-lending growth since the market bottomed out at $201.5 billion in 2013.

Hillary Clinton, gefilte fish hero

The release of a new batch of Hillary Clinton's State Department e-mails raised eyebrows when sharp-eyed journalists noticed a cryptic message with the subject line "Gefilte fish." The message, which sparked plenty of online speculation, turned out to relate to an effort to facilitate a plus-sized shipment of carp to Israel. "It's hard not to find this e-mail funny, because gefilte fish is nothing if not funny," writes Roberto Ferdman.

CDC reports on prevalence of ADHD in young children
HealthDay News

A CDC report showed 31% of US children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder were diagnosed before age 6 and almost 50% received their diagnosis before age 7. The findings, based on interviews of about 3,000 parents of children with ADHD and 115 parents of children with Tourette's syndrome, also revealed that more than 50% of the children were diagnosed by a general pediatrician or family doctor, while only 25% of those diagnosed before age 6 received their diagnosis from a psychiatrist.

US Open taps data to offer fans mobile features
Mobile Marketer

The US Tennis Association is using IBM data to drive a mobile application that will give fans real-time statistics, information on matches and players -- including social sentiment -- as well as an interactive social experience during the US Open. The tournament's website,, is also mobile-friendly for Web-enabled mobile devices.

Sources: Equity firms may bid to buy Petco

Petco Holdings is initiating talks with possible buyers including private-equity firms Carlyle Group LP and KKR & Co., in addition to moving forward with plans to go public, sources said. The 1,400-store retailer and others in the pet supplies and services industry are benefiting as consumers spend more on their pets. In its filing to go public last month, Petco projected that American spending on pets will reach $76.6 billion in 2015.

Skimmers for ATMs get more sophisticated
Krebs On Security blog

ATM skimmers are becoming more sophisticated, with insert skimmers becoming the latest criminal trend, writes Brian Krebs, a security blogger. Insert skimmers are installed inside the card-acceptance slot, making them difficult to spot.

335,000 cases of cheese slices added to Kraft Heinz recall

An initial recall of about 36,000 cases of Kraft Singles products was expanded by Kraft Heinz to add 335,000 cases of the cheese slices after two more choking incidents were reported. The company said when the product is unwrapped, a thin section of packaging film may remain on the cheese, causing a choking hazard. Shipments made to South Korea, Belize and several Caribbean islands are included in the expanded recall. The initial recall included retail establishments in Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico and the US.

T-Mobile enables video calls on pair of Samsung phones
CNETWireless Week

T-Mobile US will allow video calling directly from Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. Also, T-Mobile announced it does not plan to offer the Sony Xperia Z5 phone.

Report: $13.3B of flood damage is averted with Corps' projects

Flood prevention projects in the south-central and southwestern US saved the country from $13.3 billion worth of damage during flooding in May and June, according to a report from the Army Corps of Engineers. May was the wettest month on record in Texas and Oklahoma. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone, $6.7 billion in damages were averted, while Arkansas River Basin projects saved the area from incurring $350 million in damages.

Sen. Rubio vows to allow crude exports, stop CPP

Presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said Wednesday that if elected, he would end the ban on crude oil exports and stop the federal Clean Power Plan.

Southwest CEO: Raising the airport tax costs customers money

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly highlights why raising the Passenger Facility Charge, the airport tax, hurts customers. "When the government wants more money, it often looks at airline passengers as its piggybank," writes Kelly. "Most people are surprised to learn that about 25% of an average airfare on Southwest Airlines is made up of government-imposed taxes and fees."

N.Y. considers smoking ban in hotel rooms
USA Today

New York's state legislature is considering a bill to ban smoking in hotel rooms, ending an exemption for the industry. "I'll be honest, I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms," said Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski. "One of the things I've noticed is if you are above, below or next to a smoking room -- even if you’re a nonsmoker -- it comes right through the vents."