Activity does not equal productivity
12/8/2016 Kellogg Insight

Don't mistake activity for productivity, and remember to set aside time for self-reflection about your values and direction, advises Harry Kraemer, former CEO of Baxter International. Self-reflection can help leaders know their priorities and anticipate where they'll fall short, as well as help team members take stock of their journey.

Neb. students learn German with native speaker

Some Nebraska high-school students are getting daily practice of the German language with a native speaker who assists in their class. The assistant also is teaching the students about German culture.

IMF says Lagarde can continue to lead agency

The International Monetary Fund's executive board is confident that Managing Director Christine Lagarde can continue to carry out her duties, despite being ordered to stand trial in Paris over a dispute that dates back to her time as a minister in the French government, spokesman Gerry Rice said. The executive board is being briefed regularly on the matter, he said.

CEO: Ahold Delhaize outlines plan for post-merger growth

Ahold Delhaize is merging some central operations as it looks for ways that the combined grocery company can live up to its "Better Together" strategy, company officials said Wednesday. The retailer needs to share best practices on both sides of the Atlantic, including strategies for handling competition from discounters such as Wal-Mart Stores, CEO Dick Boer said.

NPs use drones to deliver meds to rural outreach event

The nurse-run Health Wagon clinic serving rural southwest Virginia used drones to deliver medicines to its annual medical outreach, writes nurse practitioner Teresa Gardner, who helped start the event more than 17 years ago. "The use of drones for medication delivery provides a great opportunity to address the medical needs of underserved communities," Gardner writes.

Companies that show the way on social media
12/8/2016 Marketing Land

The kind of marketing strategy you pursue on social media can make all the difference. Jordan Kasteler looks at eight companies -- including Pampers, Cisco and Staples -- that stand out on social media and how they achieved their results.

Wal-Mart to spend $1.3B on logistics, jobs in Mexico
12/8/2016 Reuters

Wal-Mart's division in Mexico will invest $1.3 billion over the next three years in its logistics systems. The spending will include the construction and expansion of distribution centers, and the company expects to create 10,000 jobs, said Wal-Mart de Mexico CEO Guilherme Loureiro.

Everysight to launch AR glasses
12/8/2016 Engadget

Everysight is putting the finishing touches on its new augmented reality Raptor glasses designed for cycling. Cyclists will be able to view data, including speed, heart rate and navigation, on the transparent lens display, as well as record their rides for later review.

UK levies heavy fine on Pfizer for price hike
12/8/2016 Reuters

The UK Competition and Markets Authority fined Pfizer $107 million for large price increases for phenytoin sodium capsules, an epilepsy treatment. Pfizer sold the drug's marketing rights in 2012 to another firm, which debranded it, leading to deregulation of its price.

Republican FCC commissioners call on Trump to reverse rules
12/8/2016 Reuters

Republican Federal Communications Commission Commissioners Michael O'Rielly and Ajit Pai are calling on the Trump administration to reverse policies enacted under the Obama administration. The commissioners are especially critical of cross-ownership rules, increased privacy regulation and what O'Rielly calls a micromanaging of the internet economy.

US airport upgrades could amount to $13B a year by 2019
12/8/2016 Governing magazine

Los Angeles International Airport is in the middle of an ongoing $14 billion overhaul, and the massive project is prompting other cities to upgrade their airports as well. By 2019, it's expected that spending on airport improvements nationwide could amount to $13 billion a year.

Tar balls on the beach help fingerprint the ocean's ecosystem
12/8/2016 The Atlantic online

Naturally produced black tar balls that appear on beaches can feed microorganisms and help sustain the oceanic ecosystem. "It's part of the natural environment, but it clearly structures that environment, so it's useful to know about this, because oil production could change the amount of natural seepage," says Dave Valentine, a petroleum researcher.

Culture sets Southwest apart, CEO says
12/8/2016 CNBC

Southwest's long-term success and the fact that the airline has never laid off a single employee are attributed to company culture, according to CEO Gary Kelly. "Our people are fantastic, it really is what sets us apart competitively in the industry and they are the ones that have made Southwest so successful," he said.

Micro-hotel coming to NYC neighborhood in 2017
12/8/2016 Curbed

Generous amenities and public space will complement the 100-square-foot modular rooms of BD Hotels' Pod Brooklyn, which will open in 2017 in the New York City borough's Williamsburg neighborhood. Room rates will start at $125 a night in the company's third micro-hotel.