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2 cocktails in one, and one weird burger

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This week’s roundup of offbeat food tales includes a follow-up on the fallout from one restaurateur’s decision to ban children younger than age 6 from the dining room, a peek into how one food blogger got started and cocktails that might make you feel as though you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

OK, so technically, we already told you about Mike Vuick’s decision to ban youngsters from McDains Restaurant in Monroeville, Pa., but there’s follow-up, including a flurry of international news coverage and thousands of e-mails that run about 11-to-1 in favor of the change, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Ever wonder how some food bloggers get their start? The Chicago Sun-Times told the story of rock musician Steve Albini, who has worked with Cheap Trick and Nirvana and is writing about making pasta and sushi techniques at

At iNG Restaurant in Chicago, chef and science guy Homaro Cantu has created a menu of cocktails that promise to change from one drink to another as you sip, provided you take a taste of the African “Miracle Berry” between tastes, according to Serious Eats.

New York City’s Restaurant Week promised to make fine dining affordable for the masses at 320 of the city’s top eateries, but some patrons told the New York Post that they saw more duds than deals during past promotions.

Think you’ve seen some unusual burgers? This Serious Eats slide show takes us through a DIY affair from Chalet Regain in France. The taste? Irrelevant, by the time the writer had it figured out.