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Losing a great employee? Here's your best chance at retaining them (and understanding why they’re leaving)

You might not be able to keep a departing employee, but you can learn from why they're leaving.

Leaders: How mentoring can help your communication skills

Being a mentor requires trust, which can only be built with intention. Here are some tips to build trust in your mentoring conversations.

Do you know how to boost your willpower?

If we rethink what we know about willpower, we'll find it's a more plentiful and helpful resource that we previously thought.

Improve retention: Raise the visibility of your most overlooked talent

Most people want to be offered new challenges as they move through their career. If you don't offer such opportunities, those people will go elsewhere.

How agile thinking helps me succeed outside of the office

The principles of agile marketing can help you be organized at work, and they can help you maintain a better home and personal life, too.

Individual development planning: From isolated to inclusive

Instead of siloing individual development, make it collaborative.

Becoming the new sales boss

New leaders have a steep learning curve. This is especially true for newly promoted sales managers.

 How global is your immediate team?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How global is your immediate team?

What does "most valuable brand" really mean?

What does it mean that 3 reports list Amazon's brand value differently? And why should you and your company care?

Breaking the traditional business model with technology
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Michael Voegele, Philip Morris International’s Chief Technology Officer, shares his insights into the company’s transition to a smoke-free future and explains how PMI is leveraging technology and digital pathways to deliver consumer-centric solutions.

Connectedness matters for reversing the rise in suicides in America

The US continues to experience higher rates of suicide. What can be done to connect people and reverse this trend?

A lesson In decision-making

Here is some presidential advice for decision-making.

Having a team of optimists requires more than wishful thinking

Change takes time, but we can overcome our tendency toward negative self-talk. Here's how.

Why your succession plan is failing

Succession planning isn't easy, and if you don't prepare, it's even more difficult.

Building a healthy workplace goes beyond "wellness"

Research suggsets we're not thinking deeply enough about workplace wellness should actually look like.