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There's a secret to mastering executive communication

When you present to executives, you want to be confident, concise, factual -- and prepared. Learn more about these key executive communication tips.

Getting unstuck in a time of flux

Feeling stuck or restless in your career? Now's a good time to explore new horizons, but make sure you know your options for career change.

3 reasons why your business needs real-time leadership

Employees are unhappy for legitimate reasons and will leave -- maybe for your competitor -- if you won't do more to meet their needs and provide equitable treatment and opportunity.

How well-being can help people get through hard times

We all know positive well-being can help us at work and in life. But how does well-being manifest, and how exactly does it help us through difficult times.

How to give a powerful presentation

Good presentations persuade, combine stoytelling and logic, and offer a clear path forward. Learn more about public presentation best practices in this article and video.

How to change people without forcing them to change

Managers have a responsibility to develop their employees, which means changing them. Peter Bregman and Howie Jacobson have a guide to making that change more successful and getting employees to buy in to change.

How to safeguard your career against proximity bias in remote and hybrid work

Remote and hybrid employees have some control over how they interact, manage up and build their careers. Here's some advice for overcoming the "proximity bias" many leaders and organizations have.

Instead of multitasking, go all in on your tasks

Multitasking doesn't work. Here's what does work for productivity, getting things done and being better at work.

Why leaders make bad decisions and how to make better ones

Leaders who understand how to make good decisions and good choices -- and the differences between them -- will do better with conflict and create better situations for employees and employers.

What's the opportunity in the problem?

What we don't like in other people is often what we're guilty of, too. How can we find the opportunity in the problem of human fallability?

5 authentic actions to guide the significance of your life and career

Where and when people work is part of their journey to "success, happiness and authenticity." Read more from Mike Horne on the five career traits you want to possess.

Understanding how to fix things when they go wrong

Things will go wrong. What you can control as a leader is how you react, respond and internalize setbacks.

The beauty of contrast

Contrast is how we discover new ideas and move forward. Embrace the contrast between you and other people in your work and life.

What 30 years of flexibility has taught me about successful hybrid workplaces

Flexible scheduling already exists, and here's one CEO's lessons from 30 years of workplace scheduling that benefits the business and employees while setting boundaries with clients.

How to build empathetic leadership teams
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Here are some suggestions for developing more empathetic leadership teams in your organization.