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Why your next project needs an approval workflow

Projects go better when there's a clear path to approval. This Jotform exec offers a guide to creating such a workflow for your team or company.

How mindfulness can help you become more efficient and effective

Mindfulness is a powerful, science-backed tool. Are you using it to your advantage in your career growth?

What you say matters: Bring executive presence to your presentation

When you present to leadership, you belong. Act like it, and don't rush.

What does the future of work look like?

SmartBrief and TechRadar Pro surveyed over 1,200 US-based professionals.

The 6 talent futures

How can you continuously develop talent for the moment? It starts with a clear, data-driven understanding of the talent groups you have and their futures.

How to remove distractors from your workday

Distractions are your enemy. Here's a guide to understanding those distractions and forming a plan against them.

What is the Georgia Defense Exchange?
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The Georgia Defense Exchange offers a suite of tools to identify contract opportunities from federal and State of Georgia agencies, research previously awarded contracts, analyze Defense spending data and trends and access training resources.

How to do CSR right and build stakeholder trust

How can an effective corporate social responsibility program build trust?

This is not a forever virtual business world

Work won't remain virtual forever, and there are good reasons for that. Here's a look at what to expect next.

To cope with labor shortages, raise emotional compensation

Compensation is top of mind as organizations try to retain employees. Along with pay and benefits, emotional compensation will mean the difference between retention and turnover.

The ABCs of responding to the Great (or not so great) Resignation

Resignations recently hit an all-time high. You can't prevent every employee departure, but proactive leadership can retain more people and make for smoother offboarding.

Leadership is a bumpy journey, but that's the job

Leadership can be a series of starts and stops, but that's how it is. Great leaders understand that and focus on "ensuring all your key players arrive."

Common workplace conflicts and their solutions

Mismanagement of conflict is often the bigger problem than the conflict itself. Here are some common examples and how to address them.

Why limiting mental shifts helps you at work

Multitasking isn't the solution many people think it is. Here's a better way to prioritize and actually get done what needs to get done.

Trends to expect when transitioning back to the in-person workforce
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What are companies doing to return to pre-pandemic normalcy? And what operational items have changed for good?