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How often do you tap into your high school/college/etc. alumni networks to create business opportunities?

Ideas wither when people's reactions are negative. Here's some advice on being better at receiving ideas.


The planning process is what development should focus on -- from there, you'll get the plan you need.

Steve McKee

Here’s a shocker: Your brilliance might not be so brilliant, your insights might not be so insightful and your plans might not be foolproof.

What is your approach to negotiating with vendors?


As your business grows, you need to let go of things. Here's an entrepreneur's advice on how to do that.


How can address simple yet common workplace conflicts?


How can you think positively about failures and setbacks?


Great leaders are ambassadors of happy. Learn from the examples of a president, airline CEO and more.


Leaders who speak with civility and integrity bring us together. Those who speak with grievance and hatred tangle us in their web of deceit and hate.

What kind of matrixed environment are you operating in?

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper knows he's a star and the man responsible for the latest "A Star Is Born." But he also knows the spotlight belongs to many.

What opportunities can we take as a white cisgender male to face and own our privilege and to be an ally working toward greater social justice in our everyday work setting?


How would you handle a real-life technology nightmare during a presentation?

Positive energy

Why choice, connection and competence are critical to motivation.