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What it takes to select and integrate new marketing technology

Marketers can be daunted by the overwhelming amount of the technology options available to date. MediaNet’s Julia Amorim details a three-step approach for marketers to evaluate the right martech opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

Top-clicked headlines in marketing and advertising: Social media, consumer privacy and novel promotions

Read SmartBrief's marketing & advertising editor's take on the latest trends in the news.

Top-clicked headlines in retail: Brick-and-mortar in 2019, homing in on innovation and unique brand stories

Read SmartBrief's retail editor's take on the latest trends in the news – from how brick-and-mortar is shaping up in Q2, to how retailers are approaching innovation so far this year.

Signal conditioning for DOCSIS 3.1-compliant network performance upgrades
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Drop signal conditioning is a key part of delivering quality service to customers. Read about why plug-ins are a cost-effective option that allow operators to meet customer demand, and what plug-in options you should be considering.

Design for the experience economy: Buying the brand experience

ultimate challenge for experience designers is to connect ecosystems, capitalizing on the increased speed of personalized search, choice and transaction that mobile devices allow.

Customer retention: The next frontier for CMOs

Customer retention can be a small change with major impact. And yet, many CMOs don’t champion retention as a top priority even though it plays a large part in their long term success.

5 tools to create engaging content with automation

Sam Meensian of USA Business Insurance looks at five tools marketing automation tools that can help you create better content – faster.

It’s not personal. It’s private.

Thunder Experience Cloud’s Ka Mo Lau explores common notions of how much ownership we have of our personal data, including a word of caution: “We cannot continue to expect control over data we’re giving away freely.”

Playing the community game

How marketers and developers can create, guide and find advantages in mobile gaming communities


Invoca’s Gregg Johnson explores the importance of emotional intelligence when using automation.

What Amazon and Alibaba can teach other retailers about investing in offline retail expansion.

Q&A: How 10G will bring cable broadband to the next level
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In this Q&A, Antronix's president discusses the evolution to 10G, its challenges and benefits and how this technology platform will be more cost efficient and scalable.

Leighton Interactive’s Travis McGinnis narrows an expansive list of SEO tools down to the three powerhouses most effective for organic search strategy.

AUDIENCEX’s Lauren Hutton explores the process and questions to ask to find the right DSP partner.

Azoya USA’s Franklin Chu looks into the Chinese retail market and offers lessons and tips that US retailers can use, including use of QR codes, social commerce and the role influencers.