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Hybrid events: A marketer’s best practices guide

Nearly two years into the pandemic, it’s clear that hybrid events have become a lifeline for marketers. Read these tips for planning a successful hybrid event or meeting.

How to engage and delight customers with audio-optional streaming TV entertainment  
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Here’s why businesses with TV screens should switch to a streaming TV platform designed for public viewing.  

Commentary: Why the ICCO World PR Report is a wake-up call

Sarah Evans looks at how public relations pros typically measure earned media – and makes a call to action for new metrics that don’t use ad value equivalents.

Video measurement must evolve with changing privacy regulations

As behavior-based tracking options gradually disappear, measurement models are not keeping up. We have already seen platforms such as Facebook impacted by changes made by Apple last year. Find out how are these changes impacting video marketing?

People are not spoils of war

Lupine Creative CEO Kate Wolff says the time of seeing agency employees just as “talent” or a “commodity” are over. To build healthy employee cultures within agencies, “we need more empathy, transparency, and authentic curiosity.”

5 marketing experts share their 2022 trends

SmartBrief reached out to five experts from across the marketing communications spectrum for five key trends you should watch for in 2022 as you plan your marketing moves.

How algorithm updates impact your SEO

LinkGraph’s Manick Bhan takes a deep dive into Google search algorithms – and four steps to take after an algorithm update.

4 ways marketers can prepare for 2022

As 2022 gets underway, marketers must understand these shifts and be prepared to shift strategies to address them. Here are four trends to watch.

How to launch a video marketing plan

Marketers know they need a video marketing strategy, but you still may still have some questions about how to execute such a strategy. Get your answers.

How marketing associations see 2022 shaping up

Representatives from Refersion, Anvil Media, Attock, as well as trade groups OAAA, MMA, IAB and AAF offer their take on what marketers can expect in 2022.

Can Meta help millennials express themselves authentically?

SmartBrief connected with AJ Rowe, is a creative producer based in Brooklyn, N.Y., and head of content and culture at Hogarth Worldwide, to gain insight into millennials, not only how they interact with brands, but to discuss how Facebook’s parent Meta ca

TikTok? Pinterest? How to choose the right social platform

Choosing which social media platforms are right for your brand is the biggest challenge marketers say they face in social marketing, a recent HubSpot survey found. Find out how to determine which social plaform is right for you.

Benefits and pitfalls of thought leadership

Thought leadership is a powerful way to cement your reputation as an expert and a trustworthy influencer. These strategies can give your business that competitive edge needed to stay top-of-mind with consumers, generate sales leads and close deals.

3 challenges to overcome with self-serve digital conversion tools

As marketers have turned to self-serve ad platforms, they’ve found that these tools can lack connection to actual purchase results. AdAdapted’s Molly McFarland shares how marketers can respond to the top challenges of self-serve digital conversion tools.

Is Facebook too big to fail?

Lotame’s Mike Woosley examines the effect Facebook’s October 2021 outage and answers the question: Is Facebook too big to fail?