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PIM Brands on industry trends, Gordon Ramsay as new chief fruit officer

At the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2024, PIM Brands' shares insights about its Welch's Fruit Snacks portfolio strategy and the new campaign with Gordon Ramsay.

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Welch's Fruit Snacks Chief Fruit Officer Gordon Ramsay

PIM Brands

PIM Brands‘ CEO Michael Rosenberg and Director of Integrated Marketing Lauren Rosenberg discuss at the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2024 in Indianapolis the company’s new “Wholly Fruit” campaign featuring Chief Fruit Officer Gordon Ramsay and how it continues to innovate even after 45 years in the business.


Video transcript

Michael Rosenberg: 00:11

Some of the most interesting trends that we’re seeing are people definitely looking to indulge. They’re looking for delicious, they’re looking for mouth watering, but they want to eat healthy. So they’re looking for things they can buy that have clean ingredient labels that they can feel good about eating, and we call it guiltless snacking.

So we keep our finger on the pulse of the market and we innovate by having not only some of the smartest people in R&D that are looking at not just American trends but global trends. But there are many of us at the company that have the good fortune to travel across the world. We walk retail stores on all continents, and we try to identify directions that we see the market going in, and those are really good thought starters for us in terms of things that we might be able to make and innovation that we might be able to bring to American consumers and consumers across the world.

So our newest product here at Sweets and Snacks Expo is our new Fruitful Fruit Strips, which are made with fruit as the main ingredient and are a delicious, great choice for a quick on-the-go portable snack.

And we’re also very excited about our new Sour Jack Blue Raspberry, which is on the indulgent side, but gives people a real mouth puckering zing with a boost of flavor that they can enjoy almost any time.

Lauren Rosenberg: 01:31

We at Welch’s Fruit Snacks are really excited about our new Wholly Fruit campaign where we have hired our first ever Chief Fruit Officer, Gordon Ramsey, to be the voice of the brand and help communicate how we are wholly committed to whole fruit and take whole fruit so seriously that we’ve made it the main
ingredient in all of our fruit snack products and how this is different than fruit flavored snacks from other brands who use a little bit of juice or minimal fruit to call themselves fruit flavored snacks. Whereas we at Welch’s Fruit Snacks use whole fruit as the main ingredient throughout all of our fruit snacks to offer consumers real fruit snacks that they can feel good about getting.

We have a really important message that we want to deliver consumers, and we have brought on a voice such as Gordon Ramsey to help us deliver that message, and we couldn’t think of a better time to use the massively reaching medium of TV to advertise on and really put a stake in the ground for our brand and the message that we want to communicate than with this new campaign.

Gordon Ramsey is a well-known 17 Michelin star chef and an excellent person in the culinary space. He commands excellence in the quality of the ingredients that he uses in across everything that he touches, and we couldn’t think of anybody better to be our new Chief Fruit officer and really help communicate how in the fruit snack category, we similarly stand for quality and commitment to quality ingredients using whole fruit as our main ingredient.

And we don’t want to just put a little bit of fruit. We want to use the whole fruit. So that’s the peel, the skin, the pulp, everything that you would consider to be edible within fruit we use across all of our fruit snacks because it comes back to our commitment to quality and offering delicious ingredients and that comes forward in the taste of our products. You can really taste the difference when you eat a fruit snack made with whole fruit as the main ingredient. Then when you’re eating a fruit flavored snack that just is a little bit of juice or fruit, concentrate in it to kind of deliver that fruit flavor

Michael Rosenberg: 03:24

At PIM Brands, better-for-you means simplifying the ingredient legends of the products that we bake. It means using whole fruit as a main ingredient in our Welch’s Fruit Snacks, and it means making sure that people can understand what’s in the products that we make and feel good about eating them and being able to live a lifestyle that they can be proud of.

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