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With the loss of big in-store player Toys R Us, and more of a digital reliance, here are the trends to expect in retail this holiday season.

A quarter of all holiday shipping is now taking place in November before Black Friday.

For data to provide real value, it needs to be on-demand and fresh, and enable accurate decision-making.

This will be the year of the holiday marketing video.

People are growing increasingly accustomed to seeing digital ads for items that appeal to them, to the point where some people are even starting to feel frustrated if an ad doesn’t apply to them. That is evidence of the power and value of programmatic.

The fact is, loyalty has no rules; it only has leaders and followers. And followers will always be two steps behind.

The so-called duopoly is a lazy narrative that describes a narrow and outdated snapshot of ad tech, circa 2015. The reality is that the idea of a duopoly faces three systemic challenges that aren’t going away.

Since the majority of TV-driven searches take place in the minutes after spots air, it’s crucial that advertisers secure the top search ranking in those moments to take advantage of this response. When they do, the results can be dramatic.

News streaming services are cutting through fake news issues with technology and a different approach to news delivery

To communicate strategically during a high-pressure moment in a way that provides value quickly, you must start planning now -- in the calm moment in which you don’t yet need to enact your plan.