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Innovative assembly offers protection against hurricanes, blasts
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Hurricanes and explosions present major threats for the petrochemical, government and military sectors. This product thwarts both threats simulatenously.

Q&A: Coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on tolling industry
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SmartBrief caught up with Tracey Trexel, tolling solutions lead for IBM Global Business Services, to learn more about how the pandemic has changed traffic volumes, transit ridership and tolling revenue.

A look ahead to ICMA’s UNITE: A Digital Event

A look ahead to ICMA’s UNITE: A Digital Event

ANS CEO Craig Piercy discusses the nuclear industry's pandemic response
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ANS CEO Craig Piercy discusses the nuclear industry's pandemic response.

How a design-build model can help win major projects
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Learn how Superior Construction's design-build model helps them win large infrastructure projects

The future of offshore wind energy in the US

Here we discuss the challenges, recent trends and areas for improvement for the offshore wind energy sector

Understanding civil aviation authority manufacturing requirements
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Learn about the Federal Aviation Authority Production Approval Holder designation and what it means for your business

Coronavirus pandemic creates challenges for building departments

As we inch closer to a hurricane season, many local building departments don't have the means to conduct inspections remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The chemical industry is playing a key role in supplying the materials needed to fight COVID-19

Q&A: IBTTA President Samuel Johnson discusses tolling industry's coronavirus response

Samuel Johnson, 2020 president of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, discusses the tolling industry's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

AGC addresses 2020 policy landscape for construction

During the Associated General Contractors' annual convention, legislative and regulatory experts provided an update on a wide range of issues, including a highway bill, labor relations and deregulation.

How the 2020 economy is shaping up for construction, other markets

The coronavirus outbreak has implications for every industry.

The future of drones and where the market currently stands

Many drone startups are failing despite robust demand for the technology. That juxtaposition has experts wondering if drones are part of a waning fad or a promising revolution with a tangible business ROI.

AGC 2020 Convention presents learning opportunities for contractors

What contractors learn at the 2020 AGC Convention in Las Vegas doesn't have to stay there. The event will help contractors develop business plans, manage risk and navigate the technology landscape.

Wearable tech has implications for construction safety, productivity

Triax Technologies CEO Robert Costantini offers insight into how wearable devices are making inroads in construction.