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How can schools improve writing instruction?

Data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show three-quarters of 12th- and 8th-grade students lack proficiency in writing. Some experts say reversing the trend depends on teacher training, while others emphasize developing "student voice" in writing.

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Ideas to boost early language development

Modeling proper grammar is one way to help early learners develop language skills, asserts Devin Walsh, a kindergarten and first-grade teacher in Mississippi. In this commentary, she shares strategies, games and interventions to support language development.

Full Story: The Hechinger Report


Why aren't more girls mathletes?

Data show girls generally are underrepresented in math competitions. Researchers from MIT looked at gender trends in math competitions and found that peer pressure may be one reason for the gender gap. Other experts suggest outdated stereotypes also contribute to the trend.

Full Story: Science News


Which early indicators predict math success?

The ability to estimate and recognize written numbers at an early age may help predict a student's success with math later in life, asserts Kristy vanMarle, associate professor at the University of Missouri. In this interview, she highlights research and how the finding could help teachers and parents create early interventions.

Full Story: National Public Radio


Education Dept. proposes rules for direct grants

The US Department of Education this week published proposed rules for direct grants under the Education Department General Administrative Regulations. The goal is to align EDGAR with the tiered standards for evidence outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Full Story: Education Week (tiered subscription model)


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