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8 practices to help improve preschool education

Preschool teachers can take eight key actions to help improve programs, according to a study published in the journal Child Development. Actions include reducing time spent transitioning between activities and using supportive language to create a positive climate.

Full Story: The Hechinger Report

Trump nominates deputy secretary of education

President Donald Trump has nominated Mitchell Zais to be deputy secretary of education. Zais is the former state superintendent of schools in South Carolina.

Full Story: Inside Higher Ed

Tips for creating flexible learning spaces

From what to do during state testing to how to pass inspections, Christopher Johnson of the University of Arizona answers some top questions about flexible learning spaces. Other topics covered in this blog post include ways to pay for furniture and how to keep it clean.

Full Story: Edutopia online

Study considers effects of Head Start

Can preschool programs help combat generational poverty? Two researchers have found better outcomes, including higher high-school graduation rates, among the children of students who participated in Head Start programs.

Full Story: The Hechinger Report

How have school libraries changed?

Some schools are reimagining school libraries, transforming them from book repositories to active learning spaces for students, and the role of librarian is evolving, too. One school library offers a tech bar and modular seating, and another features a student cafe and a lounge area.

Full Story: District Administration magazine online

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