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The 3 great boss secrets to recognizing employees

Few employees get enough praise and encouragement. Here's how to change that.

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How many of you get enough praise on the job? I ask this question at nearly every keynote I deliver. The results are astounding. Less than 10% of audience members raise their hands!

My informal social research mirrors that of Tiny HR’s 2014 Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Report, which found that only 21% of employees feel strongly valued at work.

It is clear that there is too little praise and encouragement that happens in our organizations today.

My 25 years of research and experience leads me to believe that humans crave validation, trust and respect.

When team members feel appreciated, validated, trusted, and respected, significant benefits occur. My culture clients experience increased employee engagement — it goes up by 40% or more. They experience increased customer service — by 40% or more. Results and profits improve by 35% or more.

How do great leaders — servant leaders — recognize their employees? They do three things consistently.

Watch this short episode of my Culture Leadership Charge video series to learn those three secrets.

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