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4 ingredients of world-class job descriptions

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Today’s guest post is by Ethan L. Chazin, an executive recruiter and employment professional with nearly 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, financial services and publishing.

When hiring managers and business owners are faced with a tremendous glut in available talent, you would think that finding the right candidate would be a breeze — and you’d be wrong.

When there is a tremendous wealth of highly talented candidates to choose from, writing job descriptions to find the right person (or people) to fill your company’s vacancies becomes all the more critical.

The best job descriptions are much more than a compilation of that job’s roles and responsibilities. Here’s what they should also include:

  • A quick summary of a company’s origin. This is critical for companies in business for less than five years.
  • A plain-English pitch for the company’s “unique selling proposition.” A USP is what makes your company a unique place to work. Use descriptive prose to set the candidate’s level of understanding. Can they accurately picture what it would be like to work for you? You should also provide information about salary ranges and benefits.
  • The company’s key historical landmarks and partnerships. Possibilities include the number of clients and any special contracts and partnerships.
  • The core competencies that you are seeking in the ideal candidate. Be very explicit about the experience you want. Are there any special academic requirements required for success in this role?

What are some of your tips for writing great job descriptions?

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