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5 tips for recruitment, retention

Emotional intelligence, rethinking hiring procedures and other tips for recruitment, retention.

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5 tips for recruitment, retention


From what to listen for—and avoid!—during job interviews, how to vet remote workers and why it’s time to rethink your hiring protocols, five tips to help sharpen your recruitment and retention strategies, from stories in SmartBrief on Workforce.

Screen for emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence has been linked to job success and retention but it’s commonly overlooked during the hiring process, writes Kellie Brown of Humantelligence. Brown recommends you add three questions to your vetting process, including one focusing on areas needing improvement.

Watch for these clues during job interviews. Job candidates often give clues on whether they are right for a position as they tell an interviewer about themselves. Miranda Marquit discusses what to look for, including schemes interviewees use to come off as compatible.

Consider hiring remote workers. Companies can reach a wider, richer pool of talent by expanding their search to remote job seekers. But success depends on several factors, and Alexis Bruemmer of DigitalOcean advises managers to ask four questions, including whether remote work truly fits the position.

Ditch outdated hiring practices. Some hiring procedures are long overdue for change, according to a recent conversation among Reddit users. Four stand out: the cover letter, “ghosting” a job candidate after an interview, ambiguity about salaries and stalking potential hires on social media.

Avoid these questions when interviewing. Asking job candidates insightful questions is an understandable focus for interviewers, but you should be cautious about certain questions that might cross a legal line. Marci Martin outlines a long list of topics that questions must not explore.

Kanoe Namahoe is the editorial director for SmartBrief Education and Workforce.


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