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A Bright Future For Battery Swapping

Gogoro founder and CEO Horace Luke explains how battery swapping technology is revolutionizing urban transportation.

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Horace Luke, the Founder and CEO of Gogoro, has a vision. It’s a vision that involves tackling a huge energy challenge the transportation sector is facing. While companies like Tesla, Rivian and BYD are electrifying four-wheel vehicles, less attention is being paid to electrifying two-wheel vehicles. That’s where Luke sees opportunity because two-wheelers account for billions of commuter miles around the world every year.

In this episode, Luke explains the basics of battery swapping and outlines how Gogoro’s network of charging stations is revolutionizing urban transportation. However, Gogoro’s platform doesn’t just change how riders get from Point A to Point B, it also works to enhance grid resiliency by working with power companies to manage two-way load.

Luke also sees a use for Gogoro’s batteries beyond vehicles. From stoplights and parking meters to in-home use and glamping, Luke sees a wide range of sustainable uses for batteries. Luke isn’t the only one who sees opportunity in the lanes Gogoro is occupying as the company recently went public on the NASDAQ after receiving early backing from the likes of Al Gore, Temasek and Engine No. 1.

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