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App supports special-ed students

A voice-messaging app helps educators manage crises with students in need.

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Using Voxer to support special-education students


Voxer, a messaging app with live voice functionality, is a great tool for supporting students in your building.

On our campus we have a few classes of students who receive special-education support. Sometimes, during the day, those students have a crisis and the teacher or paraprofessional is not near a phone or unable to ask for help. With Voxer, we can set up a crisis team group so that when an adult texts or “voice voxes” for help, another team member can respond. The rest of the team can be on call if needed.

Voxer has replaced the phone tree we used, which relied on staff members being by their desk. All staff now have Voxer on their computers and phone so when they hear the notification, they know someone needs help.

Jessica Cabeen is the principal at Woodson Kindergarten Center in Austin, Minnesota. She is also a presenter with the Minnesota Pre-K3 Principal Leadership Series and a facilitator for the Minnesota Principal Academy at the University of Minnesota. Connect with Jessica via email or on Twitter at @JessicaCabeen.


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