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AriZona Beverage and the art of the can

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Modern technology makes it possible for beverage companies to get pretty creative when it comes to the designs on their cans, and few companies have taken advantage of that ability as much as AriZona Beverage. Even if you’ve never tasted the teas and other soft drinks inside, it’s hard to miss the distinctive, colorful art that decorates the brand’s oversize cans and bottles.

Global Communications Director Jackie Harrigan got a chance to share some of the company’s newest flavors and designs at the recent National Restaurant Association show in Chicago. She took some time to speak to SmartBrief about the brand and its packaging.

AriZona is sold in cans and bottles. Is one type of packaging more popular than the other? Does the mix vary depending on the type of retail outlet or are there other variables that influence whether people opt for cans over bottles or vice versa?

We’re known for our big 23-ounce cans, though you’re correct in that the mix varies by retail outlet. Our 20-ounce “tall boys” or our glass bottles are also prevalent in the marketplace. Additionally, packaging availability is different from region to region. For instance, most of our products on the West coast are only available in the 23-ounce cans. By offering consumers a variety of packaging sizes, we can cater to different needs: the 23-ounce can for someone who wants bang for their (just under one) buck, the tall boys for someone who likes to cap their drink on the go.

AriZona also offers many packaging options abroad, including 500-ml, fully-wrapped PET bottles for our European market. In Mexico, AriZona products can also be found in 200-ml cartons. Our big cans and tall boys are available in different parts of the world.

We’re proud to announce a new Fountain BIB (bag-in-a-box syrup) product, which will allow consumers to enjoy AriZona drinks as a fountain beverage. The new product attracted a lot of attention at the NRA show.

AriZona’s cans and bottles are distinctive in size, color and design. Can you talk a bit about how the look came about and what goes into designing new looks to go with new products/flavors?

When AriZona first broke into the market 20 years ago, our co-founder Don Vultaggio was inspired by the Southwestern motif of his home. His wife, Ilene, designed the first AriZona logo.

Designs are influenced by the flavors within the packaging and Don has a clear idea in his head about what the packaging should incorporate and embody. He spearheads this effort by giving creative instruction to execute beautiful packaging with unique design that draws attention globally within the marketplace. AriZona takes pride in creating quality products both inside and out.

How do consumers primarily perceive the AriZona brand? Is it seen as a healthy beverage? An indulgence? Are there other qualities that sell the brand to its fans?

Due to the large spectrum of AriZona products — teas, waters, sports drinks, coconut water and diet products — AriZona captures many market segments. Many view AriZona, which is 100% all-natural and uses no preservatives, as the perfect alternative to sugary sodas that use chemicals. Our coconut waters, organic teas and RESCUE Waters are favored by health-conscious consumers.

AriZona is seen as a high-quality and yet affordable product. AriZona does not partake in media spends — instead, the company invests its dollars directly back into its products to provide the very best to our consumers.

What are some of the latest trends in flavors and how do they fit in with the way consumers perceive/use the brand?

We have seen a huge trend in lemonade-based products as well as in more functional beverages (e.g. coconut water). AriZona has responded with a range of new products: CocoZona and CocoZona Espresso coconut water and Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Lemonades — including Lemonade with Mango, Strawberry Lemonade, and Lemonade with Honey and Ginseng.

Consumers know that they can turn to AriZona for delicious, unique flavors that taste good and are affordable, keeping brand loyalty among the AZ consumer base.

What were some of the topics, trends, concerns, etc., that came up in conversation with attendees at the NRA show? 

This was the second time in the past six to 10 years that AriZona was present at the NRA show. The new Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Lemonades and the new AriZona Fountain drinks were very popular. The Jack Nicklaus Lemonades were a huge hit with all different walks, from businesses to the end consumers, including many hospitality and culinary students at the show. Of course, the AriZona Arnold Palmers were also a huge draw — many commented on the brand’s popularity in quality and taste.