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Be your best self every day in every way

It doesn’t make sense to be different “people” in different contexts. So, don’t. Be your best self.

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True north

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When you change how you think about leadership, it changes how you think about life.

I believe that effective leadership isn’t a position. It’s a choice to serve others.

Effective leadership isn’t a conversation – it’s a philosophy. And it’s not a different philosophy for work and a different philosophy at home and a different philosophy with friends or with neighbors – it’s one philosophy.

Cheri Huber’s 1988 book “How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything,” describes this philosophy of life very well.

One’s plans, decisions, and actions must be aligned across every context, every role, and every interaction. This philosophy of life offers a better path than chasing the unattainable “work-life balance.”

Work-life balance is a myth. Separating work and life, today, is more difficult than it ever was. When you act in alignment with your best self, in every situation, there is no imbalance to address. You’re fully in sync, able to help others succeed, no matter your role.

This is a calmer, consistent, compelling path: Living your servant purpose and values, in service to others, every day.

In today’s three-minute Culture Leadership Charge video episode created exclusively for SmartBrief readers, I outline how to elevate your leadership philosophy, even if you’re not a formal leader at work. Clarifying your personal servant purpose, values and behaviors will simplify your life so you can serve kindly at home, in your community, and at work.

It doesn’t make sense to be different “people” in different contexts. So, don’t. Be your best self in every role, in service to others.

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