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Brooke blogs “The Office”: Things get real

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I’m happy to report that this week’s episode of “The Office” managed to make me laugh. Good job, guys!

My favorite part was Darryl pranking Andy in an attempt to get revenge for a long-ago incident when Andy blamed his mistake on Darryl and almost got him fired.

It all starts when Andy gets a call from a customer who says his Sabre printer caught on fire while he was trying to do a large print job. Sweet Andy is extremely concerned and takes his worries right to Gabe, who says he’s never heard of such a problem, but will check with corporate to see if they know anything.

Darryl overhears this conversation and knows it’s his chance for revenge, so he starts messing with Andy’s mind by asking him if he thought Gabe was acting funny — like maybe he was trying to hide something. Gullible Andy takes the bait and runs with it.

Next, Darryl tells Andy he was walking past Gabe’s office and overheard him on the phone. He couldn’t hear all that well, but made out Gabe saying “Andy .. .problem … eliminate…”

Andy can’t believe Darryl didn’t realize that clearly what Gabe was saying was, “Andy is a problem and we must eliminate him.”

Then, Darryl convinces Andy that they should do a test with a printer and get it on video as proof, in case Sabre tries to cover up the problem or eliminate Andy. They set up the trial in the now-empty office of the defunct Michael Scott Paper Company, and the scene is pretty funny until there’s a loud pop and smoke starts pouring out of the back of the printer.

Later, in the interview room, Darryl looks freaked out as he says, “I don’t want to prank anymore. Things get real. It’s not funny. I’m just gonna be good. Stay in my room. Go to church. Try to do one nice thing per day. I — do — not — want — to — prank —  any — more.”


Pranks can be really funny — even at work — when they’re kept within reason. But no matter where you prank, you have to allow for the possibility that the prank might backfire and get you instead of the target.

Another good lesson: Don’t block the vents on your printer!

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