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Capital comes together to combat climate change

Jane Stricker from the Houston Energy Transition Initiative details a whitepaper that's all about attracting capital to combat climate change.

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Jane Stricker

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you’ve probably heard about all the money that’s either already been deployed or is on its way toward funding the energy transition.  When there are billions and billions in play, it’s not surprising that groups are coming together to lure capital to not only certain technologies, but also certain geographic regions.

Jane Stricker is the SVP for Energy Transition at the Greater Houston Partnership. She also serves as the Executive Director of the Houston Energy Transition Initiative. Jane and the team at HETI recently released a report from their capital formation working group, which includes some big time banks and investment firms – we’re talking Blackstone, Bank of America, Citigourp, EnCap, JP Morgan and more. The report is all about capital formation and what it will take to turn Houston – yes, Houston, which of course has a long history in oil and gas – into THE destination for climate capital to fund the energy transition.

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Key Highlights

2:40 – What is the Houston Energy Transition Initiative?
3:30 – Details about the whitepaper from HETI’s Capital Formation Working Group
5:11 – Current levels of energy transition capital flowing into Houston
5:45 – How much capital will it take to make Houston the center of energy transition capital?
6:32 – The role of oil and gas majors
7:56 – What will it take to unlock all that capital?
10:25 – The role of universities and other R&D centers
12:21 – Key questions investors are asking
13:55 – Surprises the whitepaper revealed
15:44 – What are the preferred decarbonization technologies?
18:30 – The effort in Texas to maintain an investor-friendly environment
20:26 – Other ways Houston is looking to lead the energy transition
21:55 – Jane’s bold predictions


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