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COP26 and Energy: A Supercharged Transition

Why net-zero goals need to shift to net-negative

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COP26 and Energy: A Supercharged Transition


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COP26 is finally here!

With many countries and companies announcing net-zero goals that target 2035, 2050 or 2060, Tej Gidda joins the show to talk about why the next decade is critical for the energy transition. Tej, a vice president at GHD and also the firm’s Global Lead for Future Energyshares his thoughts on COP26 and what the people gathered in Glasgow need to do to make the next 10 years count. Tej also explains the concept of “The Missing Middle” … and why policymakers and industry leaders must work to make the missing middle disappear.

Tej also shares the details of a paper the team at GHD released this morning — A Supercharged Transition — that puts forth 3 key ambitions for the next 10 years: 

  1. Doubling down on renewable energy production and grid integration
  2. Leveraging the transitional importance of carbon capture
  3. Turning small-scale energy storage into a big business

PODBRIEF: Energy accessibility and affordability tops the agenda for building a more resilient Africa.

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