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DairyPure debuts a smooth new take on cottage cheese

Growing demand for high-protein snacks has sparked renewed interest in cottage cheese, and Dean Foods developed a new product designed to appeal to shoppers who want both protein and crave-worthy flavors.

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DairyPure debuts a smooth new take on cottage cheese

(Image: Dean Foods)

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Interest in nutritious, high-protein snacks has caused the popularity of cottage cheese to spike in recent years. In fact, sales of single-serve cottage cheese products grew 27% in 2018, while sales of single-serve yogurt were up 1%, according to sales data from IRI.

Dean Foods saw an opportunity to drive even greater growth in single-serve cottage cheese sales by changing the texture to create a snack with broader appeal. Although cottage cheese offers the sensible calories and high-protein aspects that many consumers are looking for in a snack, the chunky texture and tangy flavor of traditional cottage cheese can be off-putting to some people.

In response to this consumer sentiment, Dean Foods launched DairyPure Smooth Cottage Cheese this year. The product line, which is currently available at select Walmart stores nationwide, is the first smooth cottage cheese available in the US market.

“This breakthrough way of experiencing cottage cheese was created to expand the overall appeal to those consumers who’ve shied away from trying it in the past,” said Sindhura Polasanapalli, senior director of marketing at Dean Foods.

“We also saw the cottage cheese category in particular has suffered from a lack of innovation, something that younger generations are craving in their food decision making,” she said. “It was the perfect ‘white space’ to take a classic snack, add a twist to make it fun, and create a product that is a first within the market that consumers could truly indulge in.”

This DairyPure Smooth Cottage Cheese line creates a rich texture and creamy flavor that reads as indulgent and pairs well with fruity and sweet flavors. In addition to the versatile Original flavor, DairyPure Smooth Cottage Cheese is also available with a delicious raspberry puree on the bottom, and in a S’more variety that includes graham pieces, fudge chips and marshmallow creme to blend together for a yummy treat.

“We saw an opportunity to introduce more snacking innovation and variety for treat occasions,” Polasanapalli said. “With DairyPure Smooth, we’re giving our customers an option that tastes indulgent but is a better-for-you-snack than what’s typically desired during a mid-day sugar craving, or an after dinner sweet.”

Desire for a sweet treat or another favorite flavor is a major driver for snack occasions among US consumers, 70% of whom snack two or more times per day, according to Mintel’s “Snacking Motivations and Attitudes – US – January 2019” report. Mintel found that 62% of US consumers snack to satisfy a craving or to treat themselves.

Nutritious snack options that have crave-worthy flavor profiles appeal to consumers who want to indulge without feeling unhealthy. This dichotomy is a common one in the snack aisle, as 67% of consumers say flavor is a key purchase driver when buying snacks, and more than a quarter (26%) also say the same of protein, Mintel found.

“With 15 to 19 grams of protein, and 160-220 calories, these products were designed for the wellness-minded snacker seeking great flavors in a single-serving container, perfect for eating at home or on-the-go,” Polasanapalli said.


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