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Digital helps for your classroom

Tips on classroom management, tech integration and using HyperDocs, Google Maps and Nearpod.

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Digital helps for your classroom


This month we are running a roundup of the year’s top Tech Tips from our Tuesday column in SmartBrief on EdTech. Below are ideas for using digital tools to manage the classroom, craft interactive lessons, take students on virtual field trips and create stories across multiple subjects. Also included here are ways to assess how well teachers are incorporating tech into their instruction.

Tips for addressing classroom-management issues with technology

Knowing the biggest pain point in your classroom is the first step to integrating technology into learning and instruction, writes Robert Provonost of Ravenswood City School District in California. In this commentary, Provonost reveals his biggest classroom headache and the solution he used to resolve it.

How to use HyperDocs to create interactive lessons

HyperDocs allows teachers to create digital lessons with interactive elements, writes Lisa Highfill, an instructional technology coach. In this blog post, she offers ways teachers can use HyperDocs, including for group work and blended-learning environments.

Teacher: How to assess teachers’ technology integration

In this blog post, educator Katie Chirhart shares three ways to encourage teachers to apply the SAMR — substitution, augmentation, modification and redefinition — model in the classroom to assess how well technology is being integrated into instruction. Among other things, she writes, it’s important to acknowledge that the process “is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Teacher: Use Nearpod to take students on virtual field trips

The digital tool Nearpod allows teachers to facilitate virtual field trips that enhance learning, asserts Joanna Beck, a middle-school science teacher in Georgia. In this blog post, she shares how she uses Nearpod to take her students on trips worldwide without ever leaving their classroom seats.

How to use Google Map tools

Google Map has tools that can help students create stories across multiple subjects, instructional technology consultant Will Kimbley suggests. This blog post details what Google Earth, Google Tour Builder and Google My Maps can do and offers tutorials teachers can access to get acquainted with these tools.


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