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Disrupting the classroom

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Disruptive innovation is not a new concept. Education conferences buzz with discussions around this theory; schools and districts are anxious to hear how others are implementing these practices. So are we. We polled SmartBrief on EdTech to find out how far down the road they are with their disruptive approaches.

Online learning leads the way in this category. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of respondents are in schools and districts that offer distance learning to their students on a full-time or individual course basis. Twenty-one percent of respondents have students taking online courses full time; 38% have students taking individual online courses.

Personalized learning also found merit among EdTech readers. Nearly half of respondents (46%) are in schools are districts that have adopted or are moving toward a personalized learning model. Fifty-four percent of respondents acknowledge the value of this approach but are not able to implement at this time.

Flipped learning and social media as an instructional tool are rolling out at slower paces. Roughly one-third (32%) of respondents are practicing flipped learning; 68% of respondents, though, consider this a novelty approach and not a priority at this time. Thirty-five percent of respondents have integrated social media into classroom practice; 65% do not use it as part of instruction.

Here’s a complete look at the findings:

Is personalized learning and instruction a priority for your school or district?

  • Yes. We have (or are moving toward) a personalized approach. 46%
  • No. This is a good idea but unrealistic for us right now.                   54%

Is flipped learning a priority for your school or district?

  • Yes. We have a number of teachers who implement this approach.                         32%
  • No. It’s a novelty approach and not something we emphasize in our classrooms.               68%

Is distance learning a priority for your school or district? Do you offer online courses to your students?

  • Yes. We have students enrolled in online courses, full time.        21%
  • Yes. We have students taking individual courses online.                                38%
  • No. We don’t have the resources or it’s not on our priority list.   41%

Have you integrated social media into your instruction? Does your school or district encourage you to make social media part of your classroom practice?

  • Yes, I/we use it as part of instruction.                     35%
  • No, I/we do not use it as part of instruction.        65%

Are these data consistent with your school’s practices? Let us know or leave a comment in the space below.