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Ed-tech survey: Competency-based education

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Conversation around competency-based education seems to be heating up in K-12, as more and more schools look for ways to personalize learning and better assess mastery of subject matter. But are K-12 schools really ready to embrace this model – or is it just another pedagogical novelty? SmartBrief on EdTech asked readers for their thoughts on competency-based learning and how this approach fits in K-12.

According to our findings, the majority of EdTech readers are in favor of competency-based education. More than half of the respondents (53%) have implemented or are considering adoption of this model at their site. Eighty-two percent report that it offers exciting potential for K-12 schools.

Here’s a quick look at what readers had to say:

Has your school considered implementing a competency-based education model?

  1. Yes, we currently have one deployed: 28%
  2. Yes, we’re thinking about it but haven’t adopted it yet: 25%
  3. No, but we want to/are investigating this approach: 15%
  4. No and we have no plans to do so: 31%

Does competency-based learning have a place in K-12? Does this model work for K-12 learners, or should it stay in higher education?

  1. Competency-based learning offers interesting opportunities for K-12 students: 82%
  2. Competency-based learning is better suited for higher education, for young adults and working professionals:18%

What are your thoughts? Is competency-based learning the next hot trend to sweep K-12 in 2015? Can it benefit all student populations or is it better suited for a specific niche of students? Tell us what you think in the comments below.