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Featured Leader: Jennifer Sims with Blue Shield of California

Watching those around her grow and advance in their career is one of the best parts of leadership says our SmartBrief on Leadership featured leader Jennifer Sims.

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Our SmartBrief on Leadership readers have diverse jobs and backgrounds. We thought it would be great if we could get to know some of our readers and learn more about their jobs, their leadership philosophy and what keeps them motivated.

Our featured leader is Jennifer Sims, manager of the special investigations unit at Blue Shield of California

SmartBrief on Leadership: Tell us about something you wished you worked on in your industry?

Jennifer Sims: As a manager of the special investigations unit, I truly have my dream job, but I have always wanted to educate people outside of my industry on the in’s and out’s of health insurance.

SB on Leadership: What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned on the job?

Sims: Working as a contract manager, writing contracts, interpreting contract language and negotiating has not only helped me achieve more in my workplace, but it has also taught me the importance of listening to people’s words and to read with intent to truly understand what someone is asking, what they need, how they feel and what they want from me. Negotiations have taught me to stand my ground and how to split the difference without sacrificing what is the right thing to do.

SB on Leadership: What is your favorite and least favorite part about being a leader?

Sims: My favorite part of being a leader is watching someone grow and outgrow their current role and move up and on to even better places. This is also the bitter-sweet part that I least favor because I never want my employees and coworkers to leave.

SB on Leadership: What keeps you motivated?

Sims: I’m motivated by helping others. But to be helpful, I must grow as a human, employee, friend, sister, daughter and spouse. I am determined to make a positive difference and positive impact in any way possible. If I can see or feel that in some way each day, I’m motivated.


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