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Food, blogging and the Internet: Some statistics

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In advance of the fourth annual BlogHer Food conference, BlogHer released its first food-focused study, focusing on the intersection of women, social media and food. Below is a quick summary of some statistical highlights.

The Internet guides food decisions. Whether it’s finding a recipe, searching for a restaurant or engaging with food blogs, the Internet is a primary place for food information for the general population. Almost 90% of the general population sampled said they go online for recipes.

Get what you give. For those online, there is sharing as well as searching — 29% of the general population reported posting photographs of their food online.

People trust food-focused websites. For food or recipe information, the focus is on established, food-focused online entities. Ninety-one percent of the general population trust online recipe sites, and 73% trust food blogs. Seventy-two percent say they trust food mobile apps. More general online properties did not earn as much trust in their recipe or food-related information. Facebook was listed at 53%, Pinterest at 41% and Twitter at 33%.

Food in. There is an emphasis on home cooking, with 81% of the general population cooking dinner “all or most of the time.”

Food out. While most of us may want to be cooking at home, more than 50% of the general population say they dine out or get take-out one to two nights a week.

Popularity contest. The top-five food personalities named by the general population: Rachel Ray (59%), Bobby Flay (42%), Emeril (41%), Paula Deen (39%) and Anthony Bourdain (35%).

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