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A fresh focus on fresh ingredients

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The Get Back to Scratch campaign provides a forum for food producers, sellers and consumers to share and spread their love of  “foods made with fresh ingredients and hard work.” On the campaign’s website, food professionals can promote their businesses and enter a contest for a Hobart Legacy Mixer. I interviewed Jenni Bair, segment marketing manager for Hobart, about the movement and how restaurants can get involved.

In a practical sense, what does “get back to scratch” really mean? What sets the approach apart?

The art of baking and cooking from scratch is full of passion and dedication. The tastes and smells of authentic scratch-made products are like no other. For baking and culinary professionals, it’s about the art of creating. For the customer, it’s about enjoying a rich and satisfying sensory experience — the explosion of tastes, smells, texture and memories.

The Get Back to Scratch campaign is intended to unite this passion that comes from chefs, bakers, foodservice providers, grocers, restaurateurs and consumers who support various foods made with fresh ingredients and hard work. It provides them with a unique opportunity to connect and share their experiences and knowledge with both peers and consumers.

Why is it important for restaurants to get back to scratch?

Consumers are beginning to take more of an active role in the foods that they consume. They desire high-quality foods made with fresh ingredients and want to know where the goods come from and how they are made. This increased consumer interest can be seen in the overwhelming success of the many food-related television programs and blogs out there today.

Although many restaurants, institutions and bakeries have been creating foods made from scratch for decades, now is the perfect time to truly celebrate this craft. With Get Back to Scratch, we are providing professionals with a national stage to talk about the passion that goes into their scratch-made culinary creations and to share their stories with customers and peers.

Is getting back to scratch a reaction to any particular food trend out there at the moment?

There is a growing trend upon our industry: the demand for goods made from scratch, whether savory or sweet. As a result of this trend, Hobart has initiated the Get Back to Scratch movement among independent restaurants, bakeries, schools, institutions and grocery stores.

The importance of this trend has been highlighted by the immense interest in the Get Back to Scratch movement that we have seen thus far from various culinary professionals, as well as their customers and fans. For example, we have supporters showcasing everything from soups, pastas and barbecue to French culinary masterpieces and quiches on the site.

How can restaurants get involved? What benefits are there?

The campaign offers professionals the opportunity to join the movement, spread the word and share their passion for scratch-made goods. It is an online outlet for businesses to promote their establishments and signature dishes, enhance customer loyalty, drive sales to their locations, access unique resources and connect and engage with peers and customers.

  • Once registered, a business’ information is listed in the Get Back to Scratch online directory, fully searchable by colleagues and consumers.
  • Businesses receive a welcome kit equipped with a Get Back to Scratch T-shirt, window cling, stickers and signage to help promote their business as an official supporter of Get Back to Scratch.
  • Businesses are eligible for the Get Back to Scratch contest, and the welcome kit helps them to garner votes in the Get Back to Scratch contest.
  • Supporters can participate in various content opportunities within the Get Back to Scratch online community.

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