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Frozen beer and cocktail slushies are a cool addition to summer menus

Frozen drinks reach peak popularity in summer, and Taylor Company’s Zamboozy Adult Slushie Freezer gives operators a way to give a beer and cocktails a refreshing frozen spin.

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Frozen beer and cocktail slushies are a cool addition to summer menus

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Frozen cocktail sales heat up in the summer months, and the frosty drinks are gaining popularity with bars and restaurants as a way to bring in customers and build social media buzz. Inspired by the frozen drink trend and the enduring popularity of craft beer and cocktails, Taylor Company created the Zamboozy Adult Slushie Freezer. The machine allows operators to turn any draft beer or cocktail into a frozen beverage. In this interview, Taylor’s Vickie Sims describes the inspiration behind the Zamboozy and the benefits it offers operators — from unlimited creativity to rapid recovery that enables more sales.


How did current beverage trends inspire the creation of the Zamboozy?

Beer has been a rapidly growing segment. Creating a slush form offers operators another avenue to excite customers and maximize their existing draft menu. So, we thought it could be a big hit.

The biggest challenge was to solve the riddle: Can we actually turn draft beer into slush? Our R&D engineers worked their magic and the Zamboozy was born. We’re able to make any draft beer into a slush and any mixed cocktail into a refreshing frozen delight.

What types of beverages can foodservice operators create with the Zamboozy?

We haven’t come across a draft beer or mixed cocktail that can’t be turned into its frozen doppelganger. That’s what makes the Zamboozy so exciting — it’s a playground for all the mixologists out there. It gives them another tool for experimentation and recipe development.

Any beer keg or pre-batch cocktail tank can be connected using draft beer lines and quick-connect fittings. There’s no need for a water or drain connection. You just need a propellant, such as CO2, to push the product into the freezing cylinders.

With its double barrel design, you can run both draft beer and frozen cocktails from a single Zamboozy. It’s totally product flexible. You can even do dairy-based cocktails.

Why are frozen drinks a great vehicle for summer LTOs, and how can foodservice operators use frozen cocktails to build summer buzz?

Frozen drinks command a higher price point, so they are great revenue drivers as well as destination magnets. During the summer months, who doesn’t love a refreshing frozen version of their favorite cocktail? And for holidays, local celebrations and events, a special drink is always a fun idea.

Better yet, take it to the masses. Outdoor summer events are among the best venues to show off and use the Zamboozy. The iconic wooden barrel design is a real attention-getter and a row of Zamboozy dispensers is a showstopper.

In addition to creating drinks with the ideal consistency and effervescence, the Zamboozy also boasts rapid recovery. Why is this an important feature for the busy summer months?

Two words: more sales. If the slush isn’t ready, there’s nothing to sell.

The Zamboozy has two 7-quart cylinders with an initial freeze-down time of under 7 minutes. After that, the Zamboozy is continually working to freeze more product. When a beer or cocktail is drawn from the front, the system auto-fills by pumping new product into the freezing cylinders. You’re able to serve customer after customer without missing a beat.

Vickie Sims is the global marketing manager for Taylor Company. Taylor Company manufactures commercial foodservice equipment to serve frozen desserts, frozen beverages and grilled specialties.


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