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Goal-setting doesn’t have to stress you out

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Jan. 1 is coming fast! If you’re like most of us, you’re knee-deep in year-end closing reports, next year budgets, family holiday planning — and stress!

Life is at the end of the year is just crazy  — largely because we’re scrambling to meet so many goals we set for ourselves (and those set by others). Even though it feels nutty, this is actually a good time of the year to take a deep breath and think strategically about how we set our goals — for meetings, days, weeks and years — to help us reduce stress and increase productivity. In this three-part video series (view part 1 and part 2) and December webinar on the subject, we’re looking at the power of intention-setting (a strategic goal-setting strategy) to do just that.

Intentions are goal-statements formatted to describe success holistically. This provides you and others more information about the success being sought, which helps you and others working to achieve it be more creative in your strategies. Intentions also enable flexibility and rapid response when “life happens” and reality intervenes to muck up your plans. Intentions work on both the professional and personal level and are a leader’s best friend for staying sane and accomplishing more.

Watch the video below for more and to receive a quick exercise you can do right now to help you think more strategically about your goals for 2013.


Register now for the complimentary webinar next month on 2013 goal-setting to view the whole video series (15 min.), and happy holidays!

Dana Theus is president and CEO of InPower Consulting, creating business cultures by design, and a regular contributor to SmartBlog on Leadership. Follow her on Twitter at @DanaTheus and on LinkedIn.