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Goal-setting strategies for 2013

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2013 is right around the corner, so it’s time to start evaluating our success for 2012 and setting goals for next year — professionally and personally. In this three-part video series and December webinar on the subject, we’ll look at ways to format and set goals that will make them more achievable.

Traditional business goal-setting uses simple, measurable statements — “In 2013, we will increase revenues 10%.” There’s nothing wrong with a goal like this, and it makes it easy for the organization to determine progress, but it lacks the information necessary to support the people who have to achieve it. It also lacks the kind of information necessary to help employees deal with surprises. Goal-setting like this in our personal lives has the same limitations.

Watch the video below for more and to receive a quick exercise you can do right now to help you learn to set more successful goals.


Register for the complimentary webinar next month on 2013 goal-setting to view the whole video series (15 minutes), and watch for upcoming SmartBlog postings, too.

Dana Theus is president and CEO of InPower Consulting, creating business cultures by design, and a regular contributor to SmartBlog on Leadership. Follow her on Twitter @DanaTheus and on LinkedIn.