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Hamburger-fueled runner, Elizabeth Taylor’s diet and beer tipping

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Every week, Restaurant SmartBrief editors scour the Internet for the breaking news and best-practices stories that restaurant owners and managers need to make their businesses smarter. However, every week, hundreds of fascinating food, beverage and restaurant stories don’t make the cut. Here are a few of my favorite stories from the past week that didn’t make the newsletter:

  • Will Yelp’s elite members be banned due to “feeding frenzies” at events? Eater has the scoop.
  • RIP Elizabeth Taylor. Bill Daley elaborates on the late actress’ relationship — and sense of humor — with food for the Chicago Tribune.
  • How one marathon ran his personal best time — after 30 days of McDonald’s, NESN Newswire reports.
  • Show your appreciation for your waiter by tipping with beer. profiles several restaurants that have experimented with the concept.

What other stories caught your eye this week?