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Health care must-reads: Industry transformation, CBD at the drugstore and more

What’s trending? From defining success to homeless patients, don’t miss these most-read stories.

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Everywhere you look in health care you’ll find evidence of an industry in transition, and the reading habits of health care leaders are no exception. SmartBrief for Health Care Leaders caught readers’ attention last week with new thinking about health care outcomes from Humana CEO Bruce Broussard, who has been a leader in the movement to redefine value in health care. Also of interest was a story about the headaches certain hospitals face in the journey toward a value-based system, and a list of the CEOs who are leading the charge for industry transformation.

Also in the news was CBD, which CVS Health and Walgreens are bringing to drugstores, shining a spotlight on questions about marketing of CBD products. And readers were interested in hospitals efforts to manage care transitions for homeless patients, whose transient lives complicate efforts to ensure care coordination and continuity. 


Humana CEO: Definition of success in health care is changing

The definition of success in health care is changing to a focus on helping people live their lives through better health, Humana CEO Bruce Broussard told Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference. The key will be using technology to bring together primary care, behavioral health, social determinants of health and pharmacy, Broussard said.

Full Story: Fortune

Value-based care presents challenges for academic medical centers

A Moody’s Investors Service report says academic medical centers have some unique characteristics, related to medical school affiliation, research capacity and high-end clinical care, that can be obstacles in the transition to value-based care. The report suggests academic medical centers work with community hospitals to increase their physician networks and diversify revenues, but warned that this could add to their credit risks.

Full Story: Healthcare Dive

Gottlieb wary of CVS, Walgreens sales of CBD products

Outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb expressed concern about Walgreens’ and CVS’ recent announcements that they would market CBD-infused topical products in some stores. “So you now see big-box stores seeking to market CBD products for some uses where the claims seem to be potentially over the line, for the treatment of pain for example,” Gottlieb said at a hearing.

Full Story: CNBC

The CEOs who are transforming health care

CEO Forum Magazine’s “10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America” list for 2019 includes leaders and health systems with innovative ways to deliver care, structure their business and use new technology. The list includes the leaders of Sentara Healthcare, Stamford Health and Cleveland Clinic.

Full Story: Forbes

Hospitals confronted with homeless patients’ care transitions

California has increasing numbers of homeless residents, and state hospitals are seeing more homeless patients who can end up back on the street after discharge, even though hospitals are required by a new state law to try to find them a safe destination and a bed. Wellspace Health offers respite care to homeless patients in the Sacramento area, and Skyline Healthcare Center has 15 beds set aside for patients who are homeless or have no one to care for them at home.

Full Story: Kaiser Health NewsKaiser Health News


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