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How are schools, parents partnering in preparing students for the future

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How important is the parent voice when it comes to preparing students for college and career? Are parents participating in these programs, or are they spectators? And what resources are families relying on to get information and make decisions? We posed these questions to SmartBrief on EdTech readers this month to get a sense of how this is working in their schools and districts.

Thirty-eight percent of readers’ schools and districts actively involve parents in these programs, while 18% work exclusively with parents. Forty-four percent have hybrid programs — some that include parents, others that are geared just at students.

Teachers and school resources and events are the top information sources used by parents and families, according to our poll. Fifty-three percent of respondents rely on teachers for direction while 24% rely on school events and resources.

Take a look at the full poll results:

Does your school or district actively involve parents in college- and career-readiness programs?

  • We believe it’s important to partner with parents. 38%
  • Most of our programs are directed at students only. 18%
  • Some of our programs involve parents while others are geared just at students. 44%

Are college- and career-readiness programs a priority for the parents of the students in your school or district?

  • College and career readiness to our parents, even those with younger students. 37%
  • Some of our parents see the value and support the programs. Others don’t. 41%
  • Many parents don’t participate or encourage their children to take advantage of these programs. 22%

Which resources do parents or families in your school or district find most helpful in preparing their children for college and career?

  • Teachers: 53%
  • School leaders: 3%
  • School events and resources: 24%
  • Community resources (local companies or organizations): 2%
  • Internet resources: 12%
  • State-provided resources: 2%
  • Other parents and families: 5%

How are you involving parents in your college- and career-readiness programs? What other tools are your students using to get guidance for their futures? Let us know your thoughts. Drop us a line at [email protected]