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How AT&T Stays Connected For Sustainability

Shannon Thomas Carroll outlines the numerous sustainability efforts AT&T is undertaking to enhance its own performance and the performance of its customers.

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Shannon Thomas Carroll, AVP of Global Environmental Sustainability at AT&T, joins the show to outline some of the numerous sustainability initiatives underway at the telecommunications giant.  Obviously, AT&T has a massive infrastructure footprint and a huge fleet of vehicles, but as Shannon explains, the company’s efforts to enhance sustainability and resiliency stretch far beyond its own operations. For example, AT&T is partnering with FEMA and Argonne National Laboratory to help communities prepare for and respond to natural disasters. Through its Connected Climate Initiative, AT&T is collaborating with other organizations on a mission to eliminate a gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2035. Just like AT&T’s expansive network. Shannon covers a lot of ground in this interview. Get ready to learn a lot about how AT&T is tackling sustainability.

Key highlights

Overview of AT&T’s climate and sustainability goals – (2:54)
What is the biggiest piece of AT&T’s carbon footprint? – (5:27)
Key steps to making early progress on Scope 1-3 goals –  (7:02)
Examples of AT&T helping large organizations increase their sustainability – (10:51)
How AT&T manages its infrastructure with an eye on sustainability – (12:24)
AT&T’s role in disaster preparedness and resiliency – (16:01)
Progess report on AT&T’s own sustainability goals – (18:28)
Data-driven partnership on reducing landfill waste – (20:32)
Lessons learend that can be shared across industries – (23:42)
The biggest sustainability challenge on Shannon’s mind – (28:41)

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