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How COP26 might change climate finance

Simon Puleston Jones outlines what finance execs can expect from COP26

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How COP26 might change climate finance


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Finance is gonna play a key role in how the world tackles climate change — so much so that an entire day at the United Nations COP26 will focus on nothing but Finance. We thought our first show should feature someone who knows the ins and outs of Finance and the ins and outs of the UN’s climate and sustainability agenda.

Simon Puleston Jones has spent years working in finance – both inside individual firms and as a representative for the wider industry – but he also paused his financial services career to launch a social platform that focused specifically on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Simon recently helped found a new company, Climate Solutions, so he is now operating at the intersection of finance and climate investing. Simon explains how COP26 might influence the flow of capital aimed at tackling the climate crisis. Simon also explains the educational journey taking place around ESG and impact investing.


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