All Articles Leadership HR How COVID-19 forces companies to create fairer HR policies

How COVID-19 forces companies to create fairer HR policies

During this unique crisis, don't let out-of-date HR policies stifle your culture and teams.

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How COVID-19 forces companies to create fairer HR policies

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The coronavirus pandemic is not the flu. Social distancing, travel restrictions and business closings are huge burdens for owners, employees, customers and economies around the globe.

Hopefully these efforts to reduce infections and not overburden our health care system will have the desired effect: flattening the curve.

However, these efforts also have created workplace uncertainty and lost opportunities as well as halted progress on work projects and services.

If there is one good thing that this new virus is doing, it is that company leaders must make policy changes that should have been done decades ago.

For example, companies must either close or allow the majority of their workforce to work virtually. Remote workers allow many workforces to continue operating, so companies have been forced to change their policy regarding remote working. The good news: A 2017 Stanford University study found that remote workers have been proven to improve employee performance to a huge degree.

In today’s 3.5-minute episode of my Culture Leadership Charge video for SmartBrief, I outline two other opportunities for companies to address unfair HR policies and boost employee performance and engagement at the same time.

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