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How dietitians help propel KIND Snacks’ nutritional goals

KIND Snacks has developed its Nutrition Collective to ensure that dietitians and consumers work together toward wellness.

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How dietitians help propel KIND Snacks' nutritional goals

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It has become increasingly clear that consumers are on the hunt for healthier food options, and from Whole Foods to Wal-Mart, shoppers are looking for products that can help them meet their nutritional goals. In some cases, however, it can be hard for brands to get the word out about their better-for-you options.

KIND Snacks has made dietary science a high priority, and the brand established the KIND Nutrition Collective to forge relationships with registered dietitians to ensure that consumers have access to healthy foods. SmartBrief sat down with Stephanie Perruzza, MS, RD, CDN, health and wellness specialist at KIND, to get more information about how the program propels the brand’s commitment to wellness.

Can you describe the essentials of the KIND Nutrition Collective and how it benefits dietitians and consumers?

We launched the KIND Nutrition Collective last year as a way to bring together passionate, like-minded dietitians across all settings to collectively advance health and wellness efforts. Members of the program receive information to support the important work they do, including nutrition education materials, coupons, product samples and invitations to in-person events.

They also have direct access to KIND’s in-house registered dietitian team to ask questions about our snacks or request support for their individual health and wellness programming. Since we equip RDs in this program with a variety of tools and resources, consumers who work with these practitioners benefit from their expanded knowledge and ability to provide a range of snacking solutions to meet their needs.

What types of resources do you offer the community from a dietitian’s perspective? 

We share nutrition education materials with dietitians in the Nutrition Collective to use when counseling clients and patients or at events like health fairs or nutrition talks. We develop these on topic areas that we know are relevant to the dietitian community, such as smart snacking, increasing fruit and vegetable intake and building balanced breakfasts. Additionally, we provide them with samples of our products, including our newest innovations, to share with their clients and patients.

If a dietitian has an idea for how a KIND product can benefit their patient population, do you have an interactive community where they can discuss that, or is that something they typically should just share within their patient base?

Our Nutrition Collective members are always encouraged to share feedback with the KIND team and we love hearing from them! We value our community’s thoughts and opinions about our products, health and wellness initiatives and ideas on how we can best support them.

How can a dietitian get involved with the Collective?

We invite all US-based registered dietitians to apply to join the Nutrition Collective. They can learn more by reading our official announcement on the program launch and they can apply to join on the KIND Snacks website.   


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