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How emerging leaders can find their True North

Leaders who can find their True North are more effective leading themselves and others, says former Medtronic CEO Bill George.

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How do you create a fulfilling life through your leadership?

That’s the question that former Medtronic CEO and long-time Harvard Business School faculty member, Bill George will help you answer in his new book, co-authored with Zach Clayton, True North: The Emerging Leader Edition

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Bill about his book, career and life. 

Among the topics that Bill and I cover in this video interview are:

  • How to find the North Star purpose of your leadership.
  • The societal inflection point that emerging leaders are dealing with and why their work of leadership is more challenging and complex than what the Baby Boomers of Bill’s generation dealt with.
  • Why you have to learn how to lead yourself to effectively lead others.
  • How to develop the self-awareness you need to lead with your heart and not just your head.
  • How to stay true to yourself by balancing extrinsic pressures and rewards with your intrinsic values and intentions.

Bill shared a lot of practical and engaging wisdom with me in 30 minutes.  Take some time for yourself and your leadership to listen in on the conversation. If you like what you hear in the interview, you’ll love reading True North: The Emerging Leaders Edition.

Scott Eblin is president of The Eblin Group, a leadership development firm committed to building better leaders who are leading better lives and creating a better world. Scott’s work and experience is captured in two best-selling books: “The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success and Overworked” and “Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative.”


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