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How great bosses inspire traction when issues arise

How leaders react when bad things happen sets the tone for the whole team.

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How great bosses inspire traction when issues arise

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Our workplaces don’t always show us at our best.

It’s not always smooth sailing. Other people screw up. We screw up. Plans go awry. Customers change their minds. It’s all a part of the imperfect world we live in.

How leaders react when these things happen sets the tone for their whole team.

The boss’ behavior creates a powerful example, for better or worse. If the leader blames and denigrates others, peers will do the same: they’ll blame and denigrate others. The work culture takes on a “survival” mode — people try to be invisible, off the boss’ radar, and hope that others are the target of their leader’s anger.

And, if the boss listens, learns and coaches others to needed results and to respectful treatment in daily interactions, team leaders and team members relax. They’re able to focus on resolving issues and misses, rather than protecting or insulating themselves.

The work culture takes on a purposeful, positive, productive mode — a much healthier and more rewarding environment to hang out in.

Sometimes, though, a leader’s best coaching efforts don’t close gaps or fix issues. Listening and learning alone doesn’t always lead to desired results.

In today’s three-minute video episode just for SmartBrief readers, I share how leaders can teach team members and leaders how to not only recognize a gap when it presents itself but also create a solid action plan for addressing the gap — and then implementing their plan.

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