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How to Grow the Green Mortgage Market

The housing finance system could be tweaked to make homes energy efficient and deploy more renewables

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Renewable Energy

How to Grow the Green Mortgage Market


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The upfront costs associated with residential renewables and energy efficient technologies often act as a roadblock to deployment in millions of US homes. Greg Hopkins, a Manager within RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings Program, joins the show to talk about how green mortgages can play help put those expensive home improvements within the reach of millions of homeowners. Just how much potential is there for green mortgages? Well, as Hopkins explains, tweaks to the housing finance system could grow the single-family green mortgage market from $170 million to potentially $2.2 TRILLION. Oh yeah … and along the way green mortgages could save homeowners $12 billion, enhance the comfort and resiliency of 8.7 million homes and generate 650,000 jobs.

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