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How Hotels Stay Ahead On Sustainability

Denise Naguib outlines how Marriott leverages best practices from its global portfolio of properties to make travel more sustainable.

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Denise Naguib, Vice President of Sustainability & Supplier Diversity at Marriott International, joins the show to outline what the hotel industry is doing to  make travel more sustainable. Across its 31 hotel brands, Marriott International’s portfolio includes more than 8,500 properties spanning 138 countries and territories. This huge, global footprint presents an array of sustainability challenges because Marriott’s hotels are not cookie cutter. Operating a massive hotel and convention center in a metropolis like New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney or Cape Town is very different from operating a small, boutique resort in some exotic location. The variety of sustainability challenges those different kinds of properties present is seemingly endless … and Denise and the team at Marriott work to tackle them all.

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Highlights from Denise Naguib

An outline of Marriott’s Serve 360 platform – (3:16)
Marriott’s specific sustainability goals – (5:07)
Tackling global goals at local properties around the world – (7:16)
Golf as an example of sharing best practices on a global scale – (8:56)
Sustainability as a way to attract travelers – (11:07)
How Marriott communicates sustainability throughout its supply chain – (13:39)
Collaboration within the hospitality industry – (15:53)
How the pandemic changed business travelers’ preferences – (22:39)
How Marriott is doing on achieving its sustainability goals – (26:02)
Marriott’s renewable energy portfolio – (30:37)
Innovative ways to conserve water – (31:47)
Advice on preparing to eastablish Science-Based Targets – (33:16)
The one challenge Denise spends the most time pondering – (37:20)
Denise’s bold prediction for hotel sustainability in 5-10 years – (38:55)

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