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How Wendy’s Cooks Up More Sustainable Dining

Liliana Esposito, chief corporate affairs and sustainability officer at Wendy's, discusses the company's annual Corporate Responsibility Report and outlines numerous sustainability initiatives the Queen of QSR has embraced.

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Liliana Esposito

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In the quickservice restaurant industry, Wendy’s is known as the ‘Queen of QSR.’ But as Wendy’s continues to serve up tasty burgers and yummy Frostys, the company is also working to be the Queen of ESG. Guiding the company’s efforts on that front is Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer Liliana Esposito. Esposito joins the show (21:41) to outline the details of ‘Good Done Right’ – which is the name Wendy’s has given to its ESG strategy. Esposito also offers insights from Wendy’s 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report, shares her experience establishing the company’s Science-Based Target goals and details numerous other sustainability efforts Wendy’s has embraced.

Show Segments

Sustainable or Suspicious – (1:45)
Should whales be monetized as carbon offsets?

Top Headlines from SmartBrief on Sustainability – (8:11)
The ‘Cardboard washing’  of consumer products
Creating bioplastic pellets from seaweed
Is ‘Sustainable Fashion’ just a trend?

Here and There  – (15:28)
Copenhagen leads the way on sustainable fashion shows

Highlights from Liliana Esposito

The origins of ‘Good Done Right’ – (22:10)
Highlights from 2022 Corporate Responsibility report – (23:20)
Responsible food sourcing – (27:47)
Sustainability as a factor in food safety – (29:10)
How sustainability shapes menu innovation – (30:44)
Responsible packaging – (31:52)
Science-Based Targets – (34:55)
Wendy’s environmental footprint – (38:43)
New ‘Global Next Gen’ restaurant design – (40:12)
Partnering with Duke Energy Florida on community solar power – (42:09)
Tying executive compensation to ESG performance – (43:22)
Liliana’s bold predictions – (47:27)

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