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Human resource solutions to help select today’s top talent

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One of the biggest societal norms upended by the COVID-19 pandemic came from the corporate world. Companies pivoted, and fast, utilizing technology that three years later now enables workforces to operate effectively while in a hybrid mode or fully remote. This seismic shift also brought attention to the value and importance of employees to a business’ existence. Without a reliable team, many companies struggled, or simply had to shut their doors. It is more critical than ever to select the right employee to achieve performance goals, drive cultural alignment, and ensure cohesion within the business.

Being selective equals success

As talent is a company’s most precious resource, selecting the right people impacts both a company’s daily operations as well as its long-term success. Cost-per-hire is an HR metric that measures the costs associated with filling an open position, including sourcing, evaluating, selecting and onboarding activities. According to SHRM research, the average cost-per-hire for a new full-time employee is $4,700. 

The wrong candidate can make a workforce less productive, reduce quality of work product, and lower customer satisfaction. Selecting the right employee can boost morale, organizational performance, and even give your company a strategic advantage. The role of an HR professional has never been so vital to an organization’s success. It is imperative companies use all the tools in their arsenal to attract the best talent and assure they are selecting the candidate who has the greatest likelihood of adding value to the company. It can be challenging to compare candidates in an equitable and objective manner, when those seeking a role have unique and varied experiences and backgrounds. 

One of the best ways of determining a candidate’s likelihood to succeed in a role is through the use of valid and reliable selection assessments, like those offered through the SHRM Talent Assessment Center (TAC). The SHRM TAC, powered by Talogy, features highly valid and reliable selection assessments for all roles and industries to help HR professionals evaluate and select the talent best suited for a given role. The single web-based platform allows a company to deliver as few or as many different online assessments as they need, with instant results. Post-hire, choose from the many additional assessments and tools also available within the TAC to onboard, develop, and retain a resilient, agile, and motivated workforce. 

Asking the right (and legal) questions

While selection assessments are a powerful candidate evaluation tool, many companies rely heavily on interviews to evaluate potential candidates. When done right, candidate interviews can be an excellent selection tool; when done wrong, conclusions made from them can be invalid, unreliable, and even open companies up to potential legal troubles. Competency-based, behavioral interviewing is the gold standard in interviewing practices, and companies like SHRM and Quintela partner to make designing such interviews quick and easy for HR professionals and hiring managers. The Interview Guide Builder is an online tool that allows you to create competency-based interview guides in minutes that accurately assess the competencies associated with performance of the job. The Interview Guide Builder is the only platform designed by industrial-organizational psychologists to ensure HR professionals are conducting standardized and legal interviews. Think of it as a road map for objective and equitable candidate interviews. 

You can build a guide for multiple interviewers at once, utilize scientifically-designed competencies and questions, and upload your own content. The guide can be created using a template from an extensive library and then assigned to interviewers to download as a PDF which captures notes and scores online. This allows pros to easily track each interviewer’s progress and completion. Companies can even customize the platform to integrate with its applicant tracking system.

How do you know what to evaluate in a competency-based interview? A clear, accurate job description isn’t just an opportunity to provide candidates a transparent and true picture of what the role they are applying for entails; it’s also the foundation of every talent process, including selection. Using a Job Description Manager to create, update, and share job descriptions can make maintaining accurate and clear job requirements and responsibilities much more manageable for those tasked with this comprehensive process. When interviews are designed based on the requirements and responsibilities of the job, interviewers can make hiring decisions based on factors tied to the job versus subjective factors often relied upon when we don’t have more objective data. 

Gain insight into new team members

One of the biggest delays in the hiring process is during the background screening and verification process. Usually completed post-offer, it is important to ensure a secure and smooth path to welcome a new employee to the team. Vetty, a modern background screening platform, is another invaluable resource to ensure candidates are accurately representing themselves without infringing on privacy or legal concerns. A simple typo can derail the anticipated start date of a candidate, so Vetty utilizes mobile ID to capture and populate important details for faster activation. A customer dashboard allows all screening details, scheduled checks, and signatures on onboarding materials to be collected and tracked from one central spot.

Finding success in today’s ever changing talent market can be a challenge. Talent tools and solutions such as those SHRM offers can make that experience seamless and stress-free so all involved can focus on what is important–the start of a beautiful workplace connection. 

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