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ICYMI: Most read by educators

What’s trending? From discipline to student retention, don’t miss these most-read stories.

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Tips to help students remember what they read

Students often say they find it difficult to retain what they’ve read, writes neurologist, teacher and author Judy Willis. In this blog post, she shares how sticky notes and writing prompts can help boost engagement, understanding and retention of information.

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Tips for giving students more time to respond

Some research shows that teachers pause for 0.9 seconds after asking a question. In this blog post, John McCarthy, an education consultant and advocate for student voice, makes a case — and offers tips — for providing more processing time when asking questions.

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How is the school discipline landscape changing?

Some schools in Washington state and New York City have adopted disciplinary practices that aim to reduce suspensions and expulsions. Such efforts have yielded positive results, but concerns about teacher training and program rollouts have surfaced.

Colo. school focuses on “culture of perseverance”

Leaders at a Colorado school adopted personalized learning to help turn around poor performance. The program includes student-led goal-setting and replaces traditional grades with a mastery-based system, a move that has prompted a focus on creating a “culture of perseverance,” principal Dawn Hillman said.

La. charts new course on student retention

Research shows that students who are retained in earlier grades may be at higher risk of dropping out of school. Education leaders in Louisiana are working to reverse this trend by offering more support instead of retaining students who fail standardized tests.

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