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ICYMI: Most read by educators

What’s trending? From flexible classrooms to student data, don’t miss these most-read stories.

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N.Y. district adopts flexible-classroom designs

Some classrooms in a New York school district are being redesigned to create flexible-learning environments and boost instructional innovation. Redesigns include an Apple-style “genius bar,” furniture on wheels, and sofas and chairs.

5 pillars for sustaining change

There are five pillars to sustaining change in schools, says Diana Laufenberg, executive director of nonprofit Inquiry Schools. The pillars are accountability, community engagement, permission, support and staying the course.

How to make the most of student data

Educators at a Florida school use data to drive student achievement and instruction. In this commentary, principal Cheryl Beauchamp and reading coach Melinda Chemin share strategies educators use to make the most of student data.

How pop culture can increase engagement

Some educators are using pop culture to boost student engagement. Lessons include using Twitter to teach Spanish vocabulary words, using Skype to connect with contemporary bands and dissecting music lyrics to learn about history.

Full Story: Education Dive

Educator: Autonomy adds to student success

Offering self-directed learning opportunities to struggling students is an important part of their long-term success, asserts high-school English teacher Jennifer Bartell. In this commentary, she shares how she adopted a self-directed, personalized learning model.

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